What Happened to the Cat at the Miami Game? Football Fans Saved a Stray That Fell From Upper Deck

    Fans heading to a soccer game expect to see some exciting plays and heart-wrenching shots. But those who attended the University of Miami vs. Appalachian State matchup on September 10. on January 11, 2021 he got more than he bargained for when a stray cat decided to taste his nine lives. After the harrowing escape, many wonder what happened to the feline and if he made it out alive.

    there was a near catastrophe at a miami college football game

    While the Hurricanes and Mountaineers played furiously on the hard rock stadium field, not many eyes were on the game. as the first quarter wore on, fans noticed a black and white cat dangling dangerously from the upper deck of the stadium. the cat was certainly about to fall and suffer serious injuries, even death.

    Reading: Cat dropped at football game

    Spectators throughout that part of the stadium were anxious, thinking of ways to help. many recorded the incident and posted it on their social media accounts, making it go viral. Luckily, a group of fast fans came up with an impromptu idea to help the feline.

    what happened to the cat in the miami game?

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    As the cat struggled not to fall, onlookers gasped, but two fans below quickly sprang into action. During each game, season ticket holders Craig and Kimberly Cromer hang an American flag on the railing in front of them. As they watched the dangling cat, holding on tight with both paws, then one, the Chromers grabbed their flag and made a makeshift net to help break their fall.

    craig told the miami herald that it “seemed like it took forever.” after a few minutes, the cat broke free and scrambled to the lower deck. the flag helped break her fall and allowed students in the nearby section to grab her and lift her up to show fans that she was alive. As for Cromer, she referred to her heroic action with her humor. “This is my first catch.”

    What happened to the cat at the Miami football game?

    A cat dangles from an upper deck during a football game at the University of Miami. | YouTube

    After the incident, many wondered what happened to the cat. The Hard Rock Stadium took to Twitter to confirm that the cat did indeed survive the fall. “We are happy that due to the heads up nature of fans in sections 107, 110 & 208 the cat landed safely after a harrowing fall. We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives.” They went on to encourage everyone to donate to the Humane Society of Miami.

    As for the cat, its whereabouts after the fall were unknown. the cat reportedly scratched the student who was holding it and then ran off.

    there have been other animal outages over the years

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    While a cat dangling from the rafters is certainly newsworthy, it’s not the only time an animal has stolen the limelight at a sporting event. In 2020, a gray cat got loose at a Dodgers-Rockies game in Denver. the feline prowled the field and hissed at players who tried to help him.

    However, cats are not the only animal annoyance. In 2009, a bat entered the arena where the San Antonio Spurs were playing the Sacramento Kings. The bat flew around the players until Manu Ginobili hit the creature and caught it. What’s even creepier is that the bat attack on the loose happened on Halloween night.

    In 2014, a black dog wanted to join the action during a soccer match against two Argentine clubs. the confused dog ran out onto the field and finally stopped the game. one of the players on the field tried to comfort the frightened dog by giving him a good belly rub. another picked him up and carried him aside for his safekeeping. the dog did not help either side: the match eventually ended in a 1–1 draw.

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