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    chelsea hasn’t always been the “good girl” she seemed to be. Introducing herself as Abby’s sweet and innocent best friend, Chelsea surreptitiously encouraged her to smoke, drink and lie. Meeting Abby’s friend, Patrick Lockhart, gave Chelsea a new mission in her life: to get Patrick for herself! With Abby’s help, Chelsea worked hard to keep Patrick out of Jennifer Deveraux’s clutches and then to keep him away from Billie Reed.

    her dogged pursuit of patrick led her to drug him, hoping he would sleep with her, and then to drug billie’s drink, an act that backfired, leading to billie and patrick getting together.


    on abby’s 17th birthday, tragedy struck as a car accident claimed the lives of chelsea’s parents. Billie stepped in and took in the orphaned Chelsea, and the two moved in with Patrick.

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    Shortly after moving in and still grieving the loss of her parents, Chelsea was shocked to learn that the parents she was grieving for were not her real parents. Her real parents were actually bo and billie! It appears that the stillborn daughter, Georgia, that Billie had suffered from years before, was actually alive and well…and she was stolen by the Dimera.

    this new development was a problem for chelsea, who was not friends with billie, his biggest obstacle to getting his hands on patrick! but eventually chelsea found out when it came to billie, who had taken her so much for her, so much so that chelsea sent hope a fake email, pretending to be bo, and saying she wanted a divorce, just so billie and bo could have together again. This turned out to be a mistake, as a livid bol disowned Chelsea when he found out.

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    chelsea’s problems extended behind the wheel, as she has so many moments of reckless driving that she had her driver’s license revoked. He took driving lessons to appease Bo and was finally given car privileges on New Year’s Eve. That would turn out to be a fatal mistake, as Chelsea, looking away from the road while texting, “hit something.” He later found out that the “something” he hit was his half-brother, Zack. Zack died from the accident and Chelsea was sure that he would be in serious trouble. but billie took the blame and chelsea got away with it.

    chelsea later found herself involved in an online affair with someone calling himself dr. shane patten falling in love with dr. patten, chelsea asked nick to find out who the guy really was, but she found out that “dr. patten” was really nick, trying to get into the heart of chelsea. Chelsea was so hurt by this betrayal that she ended her friendship with him. Later, when she found out that Nick had slept with her mother, Ella Chelsea moved out and went to live with Bo. her mother has tried to mend the relationship, but things are still icy between them.

    In another dramatic turn of events, Bo’s house is burned down by Willow Stark, who used Chelsea’s hairbrush to frame her for the fire. Scared, Chelsea turned to Ella’s good old friend Nick Ella to steal her hairbrush so Bo wouldn’t find out about her. Nick, afraid Chelsea was lying, went to Willow, who tried to steal Nick’s hairbrush and was eventually killed in the ensuing fight.

    since then, chelsea moved on and, although nick promised to get her back, jett carver caught his eye, whom he almost kissed. When she witnessed Jett get shot in the back at a Las Vegas casino, Jett made a confession in the ambulance: He told Chelsea that he loved her!

    jett recovered from his gunshot wound and got a job in security with billie, his mother. Chelsea and Nick reunited, but their relationship hit some bumpy roads. Stephanie convinced Chelsea to join a sorority at Salem University and they became close friends with her sorority sisters. When rape crimes occurred on campus, Chelsea learned that one of her sorority sisters, Cordy, was raped by campus rapist Ford Decker. She and Ella’s Theta sisters hatched a plan to frame Ford Decker. Chelsea lured him to the sorority house where Ford tried to rape her. In a struggle, Ford fell down the stairs and died. Worried that they would be framed for murder, Chelsea and her sorority sisters decided to hide Ford’s body (with the help of Max Brady) and deny anything happened. visions of ford and chelsea’s feelings of guilt haunted her and tested her and nick’s relationship. Ford’s father suspected that Chelsea and the girls were responsible for Ford’s disappearance. The truth eventually came out, but Chelsea’s grandfather, Victor, convinced Ford’s father not to press charges.

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    nick and chelsea met once again and when the story in ireland ended, chelsea learned that her grandfather, shawn senior, had died a hero on the plane from ireland. She also learned that Bo was in grave danger when his pancreas began to fail. Chelsea was desperately afraid of losing her father. Unaware that she was the matched donor for Bo’s pancreas surgery, she ended up drunk in the park, where she met Daniel Jonas. Chelsea was found in time, taken to the hospital and went through detox before undergoing risky surgery to donate a part of her pancreas to save Bo. While she was in the hospital, Chelsea found out that the guy in the park was her doctor, Daniel Jonas, and she fell in love with him. Bo’s transplant was a success and this brought Chelsea and her father much closer. meanwhile, with nick’s physics project taking up a lot of her time and attention, chelsea felt distant from nick. she finally broke up with him because she could no longer deny her attraction to daniel. Chelsea chased after Daniel, who first rejected her. To everyone’s dismay, Daniel couldn’t deny her feelings for Chelsea any longer and they started dating.

    chelsea continued her studies at salem university and got a job at the hospital that works with children with disabilities. She enjoyed her rewarding work and grew closer to Theo Carver, Lexi and Abe’s autistic son.

    chelsea finally found out that daniel and kate had slept together before she and daniel had a relationship. Disgusted, Chelsea broke up with Daniel and began to resent Kate. To take her mind off her problems, Chelsea met up with Stephanie, Max and Nick, who were in France to find Max’s missing sister, Melanie Layton. there, chelsea was upset to see that nick approached melanie.

    back in salem, chelsea decided she couldn’t forgive and forget what had happened between daniel and kate. When Kate fell ill and was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer, Chelsea did her best to be there for Kate, despite her strained relationship. Chelsea continues her work at the hospital. she has tried to fix her relationship with nick, but nick is worried about melanie. Chelsea worries that Melanie is taking advantage of Nick. Turns out Nick was the one she should have been worried about. Nick began to stalk Melanie and when he took her away, against her will, he admitted to killing her father and was jailed. Chelsea was supportive throughout and she and Max began to grow closer during this time. they shared a kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve and again on February 18. Chelsea told Stephanie, who Max had broken up with months earlier, and she took it well and gave him her blessing. Chelsea and Max tried to forge a new relationship. This worked out well and they both moved to England together.

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