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    “ernest, you’re from chicago. you know how it is. those three days in june and july seem to have a special feel to them. the air smells different, people act different, and your day centers around that final score The only problem is trying to explain this kind of downtown rivalry to anyone else, because they just don’t get it. In those six days in Chicago, we played for bragging rights for the rest of the year.” /p>

    This is the fourth time I’ve tried to write this column. It’s been hard because every time I start, I end up forgetting something huge and I have to start from scratch.

    I messaged a bunch of my oldest friends and acquaintances about trying to tell the story of the cubs and the white sox. Originally, it was just supposed to be a friendly look at the pups/socks series, a look at upcoming pitcher matchups, and some pranks at the pups’ expense, all very funny.

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    what I received from them let me know that I cannot tell this story alone. so I won’t.

    “to me cubs versus white sox is a battle between good and evil. it’s a cultural battle, a lifestyle battle. it’s a political battle, a social class battle and an environmental battle” .

    “these aren’t just two very close teams. we’re not in the same leagues and these six games don’t make much sense in terms of the season. cubs and cards and sox and twinkies should be much more serious rivalries, but this is an all-out civil war. is literally what happens when you take a city full of stereotypical chicago bears fans, split them down the middle, and pit them against each other. the sox/cubs series shuts down the city, literally. in the mayor’s case Daley locking up City Hall to get the three of them to jail, and he’s got some of the most passionate athletes in the country at his neighbor’s throat (the same one he’d fight to the death against Red Wings or Packers fans). “

    Where does it come from:

    loyalty is a fun thing. for many people I came up with and their parents, they haven’t seen much recently. some of them have been fired from jobs they were loyal to for years. maybe it’s more than that. I wanted to know what makes them fans of their respective sides.

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    first? a northerner:

    “cub fans love their team, the lovable losers, no matter what, and it’s only to their advantage if the cubs are good. part of it is because cub fans were raised with no expectations cubs were good so cub fans just enjoyed the summer because god knows chicago is miserable in the winter they enjoyed having a few beers outside listening to the cubs on the radio and making out with friends because of Because of this, there is a common misconception that cub fans are “just partying instead of watching the game.”

    a good point. south side?

    “yeah, it’s definitely about my dad, uncles and grandpa having the best seats in the house at an affordable price and sharing the games with my friends and family. I’ve had some of the best times of my life at old and new comiskey. it’s that tingle you get when you see big frank or konerko just balled up, knowing he’s on the dan ryan now.”

    I think you understand what I mean. this series is about family and tradition. It’s all about bragging, snow on the ground on opening day, 1906, and mike royko talking all that jazz.

    I mean, we’re talking about mullets versus chads. William Ligue Jr. against Steve Bartman. “We don’t get the attention we deserve!” vs. “Cub fans don’t care about the White Sox as much as White Sox fans care about the Cubs.”

    Dare I mention the events that took place on May 20, 2006?

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    This is deep stuff, kids.

    When it comes to actual games, the series is tied at 33-33. both teams are in purgatory right now, so there is an added emphasis on trying to get out of the basement of both central divisions.

    Instead of trying to hit you over the head with this, I offer you this:

    If the following quote doesn’t get you interested in this series, then I’ve got some lovely fashion blogs and a sweet ed hardy t-shirt for you to check out.

    “to me, the rivalry between the white sox and the cubs is more than baseball within the limits of a city. it’s more than a difference of 12 stops on the red line. it’s about hyde park versus rogers park. it’s about the south side irish, morgan park, mt greenwood and beverly it’s about the vineyards and hearing ernie banks say “let’s play two” step forward it’s about union stockyards and union station it’s about From Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and Earl Weiss. It’s about the Poles, the Irish, the Italians, the Hispanics, and the African-Americans, each contributing their own pieces to the city’s rivalry. It’s about politics. from chicago, and while it looks legit to the untrained eye, real chicago area folks know why the wind is blowing so’s about living in the new york spotlight.and trying to make a name for ourselves and a city. It is about constant and the exposure of a team in front of to the minimal exposure of the other. honestly, it’s about two different forms of the game together: against nl. It’s about tattoo-covered fans who love their team even though they live in the spotlight, and it’s about fans who have waited 100 years and never seen their team parade down Michigan Avenue. it’s about the distaste each team has for each other they come in June and July of each year. those six times we play, the real feelings of animosity and spite come out.

    it’s about 35th and shields versus addison and sheffield. it’s about drunken barbecue brawls between friends defending their teams. They are Luke Appling, Nellie Fox, Charles Comiskey and the White Stockings, and Ed Walsh. It’s about Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, Santo and Maddux. it’s about how you were raised and how you stick to the core values ​​you were raised with regarding your baseball team. it’s about standing up for your team, even while others spit in your face for it. it’s about having hope when your team is losing and celebrating wildly when your team is winning. it’s about sticking to your core values ​​as a Sox or Cubs fan, and defending that against each other. it’s about football season coming, let’s drop our animosity towards each other and let the bears become our team. But until then, it’s a battle for your side of town.”

    Sounds good to me.

    (note: all quotes in italics come directly from my beloved friends, with whom I do not deserve the honor of being associated. I wish I could sit here and name everyone, but if you contributed in any way, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. oh, and forward!)

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