Was Christian Laettner&039s Buzzer-Beater the Greatest Shot in NCAA Tournament History?

    the 2020 ncaa tournament was last canceled due to the spread of coronavirus across the country. the march, unfortunately, will not have any madness this year.

    Instead of a full list of games starting this Thursday, we’ll have to find another way to entertain ourselves. All we can do is reminisce about tournaments from the past: the best Cinderellas, the biggest upsets, and the best shots in March Madness history.

    Reading: Christian laettner game winning shot

    Since then, christian laettner’s game-winning goal against kentucky in 1992 has been called “the shot.” It may be the most iconic moments in NCAA tournament history, but was it the best shot in college basketball?

    “the shot” by christian laettner

    Nearly 30 years ago, Laettner outpointed Duke in Kentucky with one of the most famous shots in basketball history. Each Marching Madness montage features his 15-foot jump shot that capped a landmark game in NCAA Tournament history.

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    it was the eastern regional final between duke and kentucky. coach k vs. rick pitino. Jamal Mashburn vs. Christian Laettner. it had everything a basketball fan could ask for: drama, physical activity, extra time, and of course, a buzz that was heard around the world.

    duke and kentucky went back and forth throughout the game and ended in overtime after bobby hurley missed a floater late in regulation. Kentucky took a one-point lead with 2.1 seconds remaining on a hook shot by Sean Woods. All hope seemed lost for Duke to reach his fourth straight Final Four, but Laettner was not going to be denied.

    grant hill sent a perfectly placed football-style pass to the opposite free throw line and straight into laettner’s hands. laettner faked with his left, dribbled with his right and turned left to hit a jump shot that vanished when the buzzer sounded. nothing but network.

    duke won the national title.

    what are some of the other iconic shots in the march madness story?

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    bryce draw’s winning play against mississippi in 1998 had a similar feel to laettner’s win. With 2.5 seconds remaining, Valparaíso lobbed the ball down the court. somehow it got into the hands of drew and he hit a game-winning 3-pointer. No. 13 seeded valparaiso knocked down no. 4 ole misses in the first round, 70-69.

    Perhaps the biggest buzzer-beater in the biggest moment came in North Carolina State’s miraculous upset against Houston in the 1983 national title game. Jim Valvano led the Wolf Pack on a miraculous streak. of victories, but the winner of the game crowned it all. Dereck Whittenburg hit a long 3-pointer as the clock ticked down, and Lorenzo Charles grabbed him at the rim and sank him just as the buzzer sounded to win the championship.

    Recently, Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit a 3-pointer to win the 2016 national title. Marcus Paige’s game-tying 3-pointer was perhaps even more impressive on the previous possession, but it wasn’t nearly as decisive. Jenkins received a shovel pass from well beyond the 3-point line with the clock ticking down. he caught and fired in one motion and drained the shot to give the Wildcats the title.

    “i hate christian laettner”

    Laettner was so controversial as a college basketball player, he even made an ESPN movie 30 for 30 about the hate he received from fans and opponents. Whether they hated his attitude, his antics on the court, or just his ability to win, everyone in 1992 had a reason to hate Christian Laettner.

    that’s what makes laettner’s shot against kentucky the best in ncaa tournament history. As the entire world cheered for him to miss, Laettner got up and drilled the game-winning shot. he not only beat kentucky that day. he beat all his haters who couldn’t stand to see him succeed.

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