College football playoff rankings predictions michigan enters top …

    Tuesday night, the college football playoff selection committee released its fifth edition of the cfp rankings for the 2021 season, reflecting games played through week 13, giving college football fans a window into how the best teams in the country stack up. in the eyes of the committee entering the conference championship games.

    the official playoff field will be announced next Sunday, Dec. 5 especially.

    Reading: College football playoff rankings predictions michigan enters top …

    These are the latest cfp ratings for the 2021 season.

    College Football Playoff Standings: Week 14 Top 25




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    here are the top four

    The top four teams in the week 14 college football playoff standings are no. 1 georgia, no. 2 michigan, no. 3 alabama and no. 4 cincinnati. All four teams will play in a conference championship game this weekend, including Georgia and Alabama meeting in the sec championship game.

    Two of the top four ranked teams have never made it to the cfp: no. 2 michigan and no. 4 Cincinnati.

    A team with two losses has never made it to the college football postseason in the first seven years of the postseason.

    where is cincinnati ranked?

    After beating East Carolina on the road in Week 13 to finish the regular season undefeated, Cincinnati kept their No. 4 classification. while michigan beat then-no. 2 from Ohio State, the Wolverines effectively switched places with the Buckeyes at No. 2.

    cincinnati will face world no. 21 houston in the aac championship game on saturday.

    the most important of the week

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    texas a&m was the week’s biggest mover, dropping 10 places from no. 15 to no. 25 after losing to lsu. Ohio State dropped five places to No. 7 after losing to michigan and oklahoma dropped four places to no. 14 after losing to Oklahoma State.

    The two Big Ten Championship Game entrants (Michigan and Iowa) each improved by three points.

    this is why it might matter who is ranked in the top 20

    kentucky returned to the cfp rankings this week at no. 23 and now, no. 1 Georgia has three wins in the top 25, according to the selection committee, because the Bulldogs have also beaten Arkansas, now ranked No. 22, and no. 20 clemson.

    Despite losing to unranked LSU in their regular season finale, Texas A&M remained in the top 25 at No. 25, meaning Alabama’s loss was to another top-25 team.

    Teams ranked in the top 20 obviously won’t make the playoffs, but they will impact the resumes of the teams that do.

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    here’s the stakes in the conference championship games

    here are the conference championship games to watch this week:

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    • Big 12 Championship Game: 12 p.m. m. et on Saturday, Dec. 4 – no. 5 state of oklahoma vs. No. 9 baylor
    • second championship game: 4 p.m. et on Saturday, Dec. 4 – no. 1 georgia against no. 3 alabama
    • aac championship game: 4 p.m. et on Saturday, Dec. 4 – no. 4 Cincinnati vs. No. 21 houston
    • big ten championship game: 8 p.m. et on Saturday, Dec. 4 – no. 2 michigan vs no. 13 iowa

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