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    You’ve probably seen hundreds of haircut memes, but do you know what they’re about? time to find out what it really means and what the heck is a yee yee ass haircut. read on for more information.

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    memes sometimes explode with popularity when no one expects it. the yee yee ass haircut meme is a great example. comes from a brief scene in the 2013 playstation game grand theft auto v between the characters lamar and franklin.

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    In the iconic scene, Lamar tells Franklin, “Maybe if you got rid of that old haircut of yours, you’d have some bitches on your b*tch.” The idea is that Franklin’s bad haircut, also known as the yee yee ass haircut, is so bad that it literally turns women off.

    It’s a pretty funny roast on its own, but now the meme has seen a resurgence in popularity years later. Suddenly we’re seeing yee yee ass haircut memes when the topic seemed to have faded in the mid-2010s.

    That’s thanks to the scene’s original voice actors, Gerald “Slink” Johnson (Lamar) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin), who recreated the scene in early 2021. The memes started pouring in and they really haven’t stopped. .

    As a result, there is a new generation of parodies and modifications of this popular scene. And whether you remember the original scene from the video game or not, they’re pretty hilarious.

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    There are tons of different memes now featuring the yee yee ass haircut. Plus, we’ve seen a variety of unexpected characters swapped into Lamar’s incredibly tough role, like Kermit the Frog, Darth Vader, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

    pro tip: you can easily fall down an internet rabbit hole and waste a perfect afternoon watching all the different versions. not that we would recommend it.

    what is a yee yee ass haircut?

    After diving into hundreds of different versions of this delicious barbeque scene, we’re beginning to wonder what exactly makes a yee yee ass haircut. and we believe that we have finally reached a conclusion.

    urban dictionary wasn’t very helpful: user input is pretty vague. this is how some users defined a yee yee ass haircut:

    • something you should get rid of if you want to get some b in your d
    • a haircut notable for the shy look of your appearance

    Others tried to define what yee yee ass means as an adjective:

    • something that looks extremely horrible
    • when something just isn’t attractive or good enough
    • super white and/or just plain horrible

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    and some tried to define exactly what yee yee means:

    • an exclamation used by hunters, fishermen and other country dwellers when almost anything happens
    • a really amazing haircut
    • someone who is or acts like a redneck; redneck (noun) or redneck in the wild; emulating redneck culture (adjective)

    so, as far as we can tell, a yee yee ass haircut is an awful haircut (poorly cut, unpopular style, or considered redneck) that repels women and makes anyone who wears it cringe. wears look ridiculous.


    the idea is that any bad haircut can be considered a cut ass. In this case, Franklin (the roast) is sporting a $25 low-skin fade haircut from one of the “low-end” barbershops in the game.

    For reference, in-game haircuts can range in price from free to $450 at the in-game high-end bob mulét hair salon. So Franklin’s poor choice of haircut is what leads Lamar to grill him and recommend that he change it.

    how to avoid haircut yee yee ass

    If you want to avoid a haircut of the yee yee ass variety (not all of us do), always go to a professional and make sure the cut or type of fade suits your face shape. Franklin’s low skin fade doesn’t suit the shape of his rounded face; she should have opted for a medium or high fade to visually lengthen her face.

    so the next time you see a yee yee ass haircut meme, you’ll know the full story behind it. and together we’ll laugh and laugh at lamar’s epic franklin’s fade barbecue.

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