Sun Dream Team 2015/16 tips – FFG league winner Simon Rowley&039s final team (hopefully!)


    here’s another great article from the 2014/15 fantasy football geek sun dream team league winner. he also finished in the sun dream team 14/15 in the overall position of 1,039 out of 750,000 teams, which is pretty outstanding. in this article he goes so far as to finalize (at least for now!) his team and outlines it along with a rationale for each player. thanks for the articles and information simon and good luck for tomorrow.

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    sun dream team tips 2015/16: ffgeek league winner simon rowley’s final team (hopefully!)

    With the season starting tomorrow, I think/hope I’m done playing with my team, though things may still change when there’s more news from the team. I’ll give you my team and my thoughts on why each player. you need to choose.

    first here is my team chart:


    pantillimon: I originally had adrian, with a european football perspective, but once west ham was eliminated I decided to switch. I have opted for pantillimon, in the first place because of his first games, but also because of his 13 clean sheets last season. Stekelenberg was my other option, and he’s actually on my other team. I play on the dream team but would rather not have to use a transfer on a goalkeeper if possible but will have to do it with him once forster is fit.

    ivanovic – i think the chelsea defender is a must, and it came down to ivanovic or terry. I expect both of them to play practically every game, both of them to score goals, but I think that ivanovic will provide more assists than terry. terry is on my other team.

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    clyne: It was a direct choice for me between clyne and darmian. although darmian has additional accessories i have opted for clyne as i know what clyne can do while darmian is a bit unknown. with van gaal saying degea will not play this weekend either, i have some doubts about how utds’ defense will hold up. darmian is on my other team.

    bellerin – with the signing of cech, an arsenal defender is definitely a must this year. bellerin is easily the choice of defense in the arsenal, due to its price, assuming it is the first choice. I feel like he will be, based on his performances last season and with the start of the Community Shield.

    caulk – the fourth defender has caused me more problems in the selection. rose and trippier are looking good this year, but uncertainty over the lineup meant I ruled them out. so i decided i wanted a defender from southampton, but i couldn’t decide who, until caulker came on loan. he has a solid performance, he scores goals and I think he will be the first choice for the whole season.

    danger: no explanation needed. anyone without it is at great risk.

    Silva: Wanted a forward from the city of men, and with Augero probably won’t play right away, Silva is the other obvious choice. goals, assists and solid performances almost assured. Last season he played almost as a striker when Aguero was injured, hopefully the same thing will happen again.

    mane: the fact that southampton is in europe means that a southampton attacker needs serious consideration. I have opted for mane over pelle, just because I like the way he plays, and I think there are better strikers to have than pelle. but pelle is on my other team.

    walcott: I usually play 4-4-3 on the dream team and originally had costa on my team. however, with his ongoing hamstring saga, I decided an Arsenal striker would be a better fit. Giroud was an option, but I think Walcott’s versatility will mean he will play more games than Giroud, if he stays fit. depay at utd was also a consideration but i wanted to distribute my attacking players. giroud and depay both on my other team.

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    rooney: he should play in his favorite striker position, he is the team captain and van gaal has challenged him to score more than 25 goals, which means it is a no brainer for me to have him. he could easily end up as the dream team’s leading scorer this year.

    benteke: came down to a direct choice between benteke and kane. I don’t think there is much to choose between them, but I feel that players like Firmino, Coutinho, Lallana and the like play behind Benteke, I think the goals could flow for him.

    In the first transfer window, I’ll look to sign Aguero, but I’ll see how the season starts before I decide who he replaces.

    My other team, just for reference, that I use to see how players perform is: stekelenberg, terry, darmian, lescott, gomez, hazard, depay, walcott, rooney, kane, and pelle.

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