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    Community Rookie Rankings

    poll results are shared here in the form of these 2020 rookie rankings from the dynasty fantasy football community.

    first round

    1.01 – clyde edwards-helaire, rb kc

    The first pick in most dynasty 1qb rookie drafts usually comes down to a choice between two top-tier players: clyde edwards-helaire and jonathan taylor. In a stacked draft class loaded with talent at the RB and WR positions, an argument could be made for one of the top WRs or perhaps a different RB. but the reality is that most people who select first in their drafts will want to choose the most secure option available. eh, that’s definitely it. while not the biggest talent in the class, his landing spot suits his skill set perfectly. In addition to being picked first here in these 2020 Community Rookie Rankings, at the time of writing, Ceh is also the #1 Overall Rookie in our Dynasty Rookie Rankings and our Dynasty Rookie ADP. read our clyde edwards-helaire post-draft update for a more in-depth look.

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    1.02 – jonathan taylor, rb ind

    in an unsurprising result, taylor got 1.02% of the vote, getting more than 76% of the vote. while there are many in the dynasty community who no longer see him as the 1.01 rookie, he’s still solidly in the discussion as a possible top pick in the draft, and clearly he’s almost certainly going to be a top two pick . in Rookie Dynasty drafts. Taylor will be running behind one of the best offensive lines in the league, and while he has a few issues to work on, he checks all the other boxes with ease. He hopes Taylor quickly takes over the RB1 duties ahead of Marlon Mack and enjoys a productive rookie season. Be sure to check out our pre-draft profile of Taylor to fully appreciate his skill set. A more complete analysis of Taylor can be seen in his post-draft rookie update.

    1.03 – jk dobbins, rb bal

    Selected as the third overall rookie draft pick by the dynasty community, dobbins finds himself in an interesting situation. In the short term, he faces competition from veteran RB Mark Ingram, who projects as the Ravens’ leading running back. but looking at the long game, his future is bright. Ingram is an RB on the wrong side of 30, dealing with an injured calf. never an inspiring situation. The rest of the backfield, made up of Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, pose little threat. jk dobbins will emerge as a leader in this dynamic ravens offense, if not this year, then next. Until then, confidently pick him near the top of your rookie draft. then just sit back and enjoy watching a movie about this dynamic and well rounded future bell cow fantasy stallion. Find out more about Dobbins in his post-draft rookie profile.

    1.04 – d’andre swift, rb det

    swift comes off the board with the fourth overall pick in our community rookie ranking poll. A favorite of Jeff Haverlack himself, who (at the time of this writing) has ranked him the best overall rookie, Swift is a dynamic and versatile racer. His Detroit landing spot is not known for producing great runners (one obvious exception will be noted). But Swift might be the best RB talent Motor City has seen in recent years. swift is capable of some outstanding runs. he is slippery, can catch the ball well and is devastating in space. While Detroit may not be the ideal place, he has the skills to be a stud for years to come. you can find more excellent swift analysis in his post-draft rookie profile.

    1.05 – lamb ceedee, wr dal

    Currently ranked fifth overall in our rookie dynasty rankings, Lamb lands on a somewhat crowded receiving corps in Dallas. But while he will face some competition early on, the lamb could quickly become the alpha wr. he has the talent to outshine gallup and cooper, who could be gone by 2020. while he’s not a generational talent, he’s a very solid, well-rounded physical player who is one of the safest picks you can make early picks in a draft rookies. Read more about Ceedee Lamb in his post-draft rookie profile.

    1.06 – cameras, rb lar

    In one of the closest finishes we’ve seen in these polls, the cam akers narrowly edge out jerry jeudy by 1.06 in our dynasty community rookie rankings. With over 3,000 votes cast, Akers beat Jeudy 1,296 votes to 1,261. It’s easy to see why any of these players would make an excellent seventh-place pick in a rookie (non-Superflex) draft. But focusing on the Akers, he’s in a great spot with the Rams, who parted ways with Todd Gurley earlier this offseason. He will join Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown in what is now a crowded backfield. Akers has more talent than either of those running backs, and should rise to the top of the depth chart. While he may not be a true three-down workhorse, and he doesn’t have the college résumé of the running backs drafted before him, Akers has the ability to become a leading running back for the team and an RB1 in fantasy. This is reflected in the May Dynasty start ADP data, where he is being drafted 30th overall, just ahead of the likes of Kenny Golladay, Aaron Jones, and Allen Robinson. A much deeper analysis of akers can be found in his post-draft rookie profile.

    1.07 – jerry jeudy, wr den

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    hey jerry! Given the tight race for 1.06 between Jerry Jeudy and Cam Akers, it’s no surprise that Jeudy takes the vote at 1.07. it’s possible to look at these results and conclude there’s a natural level here, seven picks in a non-superflex rookie draft. juedy consistently comes in at 6th or 7th in our rookie rankings and rookie ad data, so that’s where we expect him to go. However, even at this depth in the first round, Jeudy could still be one of the safest picks in the entire draft. An accurate route runner, student of the game, and highly productive player against the best cornerbacks in the country, Jeudy should create a huge upgrade for young quarterback Drew Lock and make a seriously lethal receiving set with Sutton. jeudy is a perfect pick for teams in need who want to mitigate risk with their rookie picks while enjoying significant upside potential. Be sure to check out our recent Dynasty Fantasy Football for Rookies update on Jerry Jeudy for an in-depth look at this promising young player.

    1.08 – jalen reagor, wr phi

    ray garvin, a favorite dlf rookie target, ray has ranked reagor his best rookie wr and explains why in this video segment. reagor certainly landed in a great situation in philadelphia, where he won’t face much competition. With Jackson wishes getting older and always hitting Alshon Jeffery at the top of the depth chart, Reagor could be a perfect fit for Carson Gonez and this offense. After all, Jackson and Jeffery won’t last long and the rest of the depth chart is filled with the likes of Greg Ward, Robert Davis and Deontay Burnett. Reagor should go straight into game time early and while Dynasty owners may have to show some patience in the short term, his future is bright and he should be a first-round rookie pick in Dynasty drafts. Delve into Reagors post-draft rookie profile for a deeper look at his college production and overall profile.

    1.09 – justin jefferson, min.

    jefferson wins handily in 1.09th place. The super productive Jefferson lands in a great spot here with the Vikings. After a season in which he recorded 111 receptions and 1,540 receiving yards against elite competition in the second division, Jefferson may be the most professionally prepared receiver in this draft. this is a solid spot for him and should solidify him as a mid-to-late first-round pick in Dynasty rookie drafts. Jefferson may not have the ceiling of some other elite wide receiver prospects in this class, but his floor seems as secure as anyone at the position this season. Be sure to check out our full post-draft rookie analysis of Jefferson for a much deeper look at this exciting player.

    1.10 – ke’shawn vaughn, rb tb

    is what amounts to the first big upset in the result of this 2020 dynasty community rookie rankings, ke’shawn vaughn wins in 1.10th place. Vaughn is currently ranked 17th overall in our dynasty rookie rankings, but oddly enough he’s ranking 11th in our myfantasyleague-powered mfl rookie announcement for may (looking specifically at 1qb, 12 team leagues without idp). this suggests that the general dynasty community may have a bit more vaughn than our rankers. Vaughn is primarily a two-down player, but he should represent an improvement over the ineffective tandem of Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber. he tampa was bound to add a running back and most thought they would target one of the biggest names in the draft. Instead, they took care of other needs and left with Vaughn later. This is going to be an explosive offense and Vaughn will be away from the focal point of a defense, making him a very interesting pick in the rookie draft.

    1.11 – henry ruggs iii, wr lvr

    ruggs comes off the board in 1.11th place on the draft. pretty consistent with where it has gone in the rankings and adp. it’s fitting that the Raiders selected the No. 1 receiver in the draft with everything that franchise has historically valued them. it’s also appropriate for them to take ruggs, which is a big play waiting to happen. With a depth chart that includes Tyrell Williams, Hunter Renfrow and Nelson Agholor, the path to fast playing time is there for Ruggs and he should be a perfect fit. The Raiders are known for taking fast wide receivers and they only caught one who runs a 4.27 40. There are questions with Ruggs as he just didn’t produce amazing numbers. however, he is a serious athlete and should go to the bottom of the first round of dynasty drafts. let’s hope his athleticism outweighs his lack of production. he could be really special or the next jackson wishes.

    1.12 – laviska shenault, wr jac

    We finished the first round with a very interesting selection. Shenault is currently ranked 15th in our dynasty rookie rankings and, during the month of May, he was selected 18th overall in non-idp, ppr 1qb rookie drafts on mfl (according to our mfl adp tool). therefore, it is difficult to judge whether this choice is an anomaly or a reflection of some sudden increase in perceived value. jaguars are an intriguing landing place. While Jacksonville DJ Chark emerged as an innovative receiver last season, they also saw Dede Westbrook take a step back. As such, they selected Shenault in the second round of the NFL draft to pair with Chark and Westbrook, hoping that at least two of them would play at a consistently high level. Shenault is a tough and physical player, but also a bit of an enigmatic player. the talent is there, but the production hasn’t always matched. but is he really a more intriguing and valuable dynasty asset than some of the other similar wr that are selected in this rank?

    second round

    2.01 – brandon aiyuk, wr sf

    We kick off the second round of our community poll-driven rookie draft standings with the selection of brandon aiyuk. The 49ers invested a first-round pick in the Arizona State WR, looking to fill the void left by the late Emmanuel Sanders. that capital project combined with the opportunity in san francisco indicates strong upside potential. aiyuk may take a few years to fully develop (which is true for most wr novices), but his long-term prospects are encouraging. check out brandon aiyuk’s full post-draft rookie update here.

    2.02 – denzel mims, wr nyj

    There is a clear cohort of wrs in this part of the draft who bring a value proposition similar to a rookie dynasty draft. mims is solidly in this mix. he’s a high-potential, low-floor, boom-or-bust type of player. His athletic profile is intriguing, his landing spot is devoid of any real competition, but he’s clearly a raw wr and it will take some time to develop. Our May Dynasty ADP has him in the same neighborhood as Christian Kirk, Michal Pittman, Marquise Brown and Michael Gallup – all the WR’s would have me take over Mims in a heartbeat. But it’s hard to deny his talent and his advantage, which is why at the 14th pick in a rookie draft, he can’t be blamed for going for the fences. Do you want a much smarter and deeper look at mims than mine? Read our post-draft rookie profile on Denzel Mims.

    2.03 – tee higgins, wr cin

    Picked 15th overall in our community poll, higgins would be a very valuable pick at this point in any rookie draft. He currently ranks 10th overall in our Dynasty Rookie Rankings and 12th overall in our MFL Rookie Draft ADP. Higgins was selected with the first pick in the second round of the NFL draft. He is in line to eventually secure a lead role from WR once AJ Green moves on. he should form a solid wr duo with tyler boyd. Patience will be required as he adjusts to the NFL game, but that patience should pay off, especially for a rookie pick midway through the second round. Get a much deeper look at Higgins in his post-draft rookie update.

    2.04 – michael pittman, ind. writing

    another excellent value right now in a rookie comp. pittman lands on a vertical spot with the runway inside for an initial gig. He will have an improving offense around him and a veteran quarterback in Philip Rivers throwing the ball. pittman may not be the fastest receiver in the draft, but he is a gifted, physical receiver who can win contested passes and was very productive at usc. Be sure to get the full scoop by reading Pittman’s post-draft newbie update.

    2.05 – tua tagolvailoa, qb mia

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    Seventeen picks in our community rookie ranking poll, first qb off the board. In these polls, Tua has recently been ahead of fellow Ella QB rookie Joe Burrow. However, our overall rookie rankings, rookie QB rankings, and more importantly, the MFL rookie ADP, have all borrowed before from Tagolvailoa. of course, in a 2qb or superflex league, youra will almost certainly be a top 5 pick. a case could be made for anyone. tuae is an exceptional passer with great mobility and is a natural leader. but his injury history makes him a high-risk, high-reward player. As the Dolphins’ fifth overall pick, he will be given every opportunity to succeed, though he’ll likely be sitting behind Fitzpatrick his first year. If he stays healthy and isn’t rushed into a starting role, he may very well end up being the most successful NFL QB in this class. Read Tua’s full post-draft rookie roundup for a much deeper look at this exciting young QB.

    2.06 – antonio gibson, rb was

    gibson, one of the most interesting players in this year’s draft, was selected early in the third round by the washington redskins and, in fact, was advertised as a running back, not a receiver. Gibson is really a hybrid player who can play running back or wide receiver. he’s a legit home run hitter and threatens to score every time he touches the ball. he needs time to refine his game as he is still raw and a true one year old wonder. if he can find a job in the nfl, he has an electric ability to create plays. Gibson is a sleeper in this year’s draft, as many receivers will overtake him in rookie drafts. If you’re looking for low-tier, high-potential players, this could be your guy. The Redskins aren’t exactly full of playmakers and Gibson will get a chance on him soon. Be sure to read the full post-draft rookie update on Gibson.

    2.07 – bryan edwards, wr lvr

    Edwards ended up being the 16th wide receiver picked and the 3rd pick by the Raiders in the 2020 NFL Draft. The position was insanely deep this season, but that has yet to come as a huge disappointment to Edwards. Still, he’ll get a chance to prove himself eventually when he joins Henry Ruggs III and Lynn Bowden in a revamped receiving corps. he has to stay healthy and it’s a long-term project, but he’s still worthy of a rookie pick in the second or third round. Bryan Edwards Rookie’s full post-draft update is worth reading.

    2.08 – claypool chase, wr pit

    the steelers are known for finding gems in pass catching and they obviously liked what they saw with claypool as they selected him first in the 2020 nfl draft, 49th overall. it’s a bit late, but the metrics are there. Since 2003, Claypool is only the second wide receiver who is 6’4″ and 235 or taller to run a sub-4.45 40. The other? calvin jhonson the steelers have juju smith-schuster and maybe james washington entrenched in the lineup, but the rest of the depth chart features players like diontae johnson, deon cain, ryan switzer and amara darboh, not exactly star-studded . Claypool is a project he could play at wide receiver or tight end, but the Steelers liked him enough to risk developing him.

    2.09 – anthony mcfarland, rb pit

    Second straight steeler is selected with the 21st overall pick. mcfarland was selected by the pittsburgh steelers in the fourth round of the nfl draft. It’s a good landing spot for McFarland, who has battled injuries and has very little experience. Surprisingly, the Steelers didn’t address the position in the first three rounds, instead deciding to go with the duo of James Conner and Jaylen Samuels next season. however, mcfarland has real talent. If and when Conner gets hurt (an almost absolute certainty), he could open a door for him to have some short-term value. you can see his entire post-draft rookie update here.

    2.10 – darrynton evans, rb ten

    Coming off the board as the 22nd top pick in our readers’ poll, Evans was selected by the Titans in the third round of the NFL Draft. The small school prospect should help fill the void left by the late Dion Lewis and be a change of pace off the field for workhorse Derrick Henry. There is some appeal here with Evans and he was one of the fast-moving projects. With Henry on the franchise tag, this backfield isn’t set in stone for the long haul. While Evans is unlikely to be more than a third down or a change of pace in the NFL, he is worthy of a pick at this spot in the Dynasty rookie drafts. Be sure to check out our full post-draft rookie roundup on Evans.

    2.11 – aj dillon, rb gbp

    aj dillon came through with a narrow victory and landed at the 23rd overall pick, right in line with our current rookie rankings and a value compared to current live mfl adp data. AJ Dillon was a total workhorse for Boston University and should be a good weapon for Green Bay’s offense. The Packers are notorious for using multiple running backs and he should help put together a nice 1-2 hit with Aaron Jones. Jones is entering a contract year and, although he led the league in touchdowns, he only signed for one more season and only $735,000. If the Packers like what they see from Dillon this season, he could be the future workhorse in the backfield if the Packers decide they don’t want to pay Jones a lot of money. read more about dillon in his post-draft rookie update.

    2.12 – devin duvernay, wrbal

    To complete the second round, we have a player whose value has been increasing in recent weeks. Duvernay was selected by the Ravens in the third round of the 2020 draft. He’s quick off the line and brings another speedy wr skill set to the team, but his ability after the catch has drawn some gold comparisons. he will likely see the field this season and a ravens beat writer is even predicting that he will start at wr. But there are going to be plenty of mouths to feed in Baltimore this year, and playing time could present a challenge. however, in the long run, his advantage is intriguing, especially late in the second round. Get our full take on devin in his post-rookie draft update.

    third round

    3.01 – kj hamler, wr den

    Ahead of the picks in the third round, kj hamler is a serious speed threat. They took him a little higher (#46 overall) than most would have expected, so he’s in line for early opportunities at Denver. The Broncos now have a young receiving corps of Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler to surround Drew Lock. Hamler will have trouble finding targets in this offense, limiting his overall advantage. Get a full read on Hamler in his post-draft rookie profile.

    3.02 – burrow joe, qb cin

    26 picks, joe burrow finally comes off the board. obviously this would be a very different story for a superlflex league where he is usually in the top two or three picks, if not top overall. however, even in a 1qb league, this is significantly later than you’d expect to see him drop in a typical rookie draft. if you look at our recent live mfl rookie adp data (pulled from real world 1qb dynasty league drafts), burrow is selected near the 11th overall pick and typically no later than the 20th overall pick. so yeah, this is not indicative of where he would normally be selected. but then, that’s how drafts go sometimes, right? every once in a while, a player who shouldn’t be going down does. it’s up to you to see that opportunity and take advantage of it! oh, also… joe burrow is pretty good.

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