March Madness 2022 – What ESPN’s experts got right and wrong in Final Four picks

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    Remember the halcyon days of March Madness 2022? it was the glorious moment between selection sunday and the first round of the ncaa tournament. Before the surprises and Cinderellas swept our stands, we were all college basketball geniuses.

    Our supports were perfect. The same goes for ESPN’s panel of experts who chose their final four before the tournament began.

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    • duke enters the final four as the favorite for the national title

      March Madness 2022 - What ESPN's experts got right and wrong in Final Four picks

      NBA mock draft: How the road to the Final Four shaped our latest updates

      then came the games.

      check your parentheses

      espn college basketball writers, commentators and analysts made their predictions shortly after the tournament field was announced on Selection Sunday. here’s how the 54 respondents did it: what they got right and what they missed:

      weekend of destruction, part 1

      the first weekend saw one no. 1 seed (baylor bears), two no. 2 seeds (kentucky wildcats, auburn tigers), two no. 3 seeds (tennessee volunteers, wisconsin badgers) and two no. 5 seeds (uconn huskies, iowa hawkeyes) lose. that’s a lot of damage. the peacocks of san pedro, a no. 15 seeds, strutting through everyone’s picks.

      Of the 54 experts, 37 had the wildcats winning the East region. four had kentucky winning it all. To be fair to our pundits, the Peacocks, in beating Kentucky, must have shattered a lot of supports. Of all the groups in the ESPN Tournament Challenge, 6.9% chose the UK to win it all.

      seems right.#strutup🦚

      Auburn was picked by 11 experts to make it to the final four, but the Tigers fell short of No. 10 Miami in the round of 32.

      weekend of destruction, part 2

      let’s call the pigs, okay?

      The early elimination of two sec powers and baylor, the current national champion, prevented many of our experts from achieving a perfect final four. but it was the first night of the sweet 16 that prevented most collectors from getting two correct teams.

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      The Arkansas Razorbacks 74-68 victory over world no. 1 overall gonzaga bulldogs was the third-biggest upset (+9.5) in the sweet 16 since 1985, according to espn stats & information research the zags were chosen by 88% of the experts (48 out of 54) to reach the final four. among espn’s brackets, 22.8% had gonzaga winning the title, best for any team.

      This makes it 23 consecutive ncaa tournaments for the zags without winning a title. Gonzaga’s streak is right up there with extremely long postseason title droughts in all sports. The Chicago Blackhawks made the playoffs 28 consecutive seasons (1971-98) without winning a Stanley Cup. The Stanford Women’s Basketball team attended 27 consecutive NCAA Tournaments (1993-2019) without a title. However, unlike Gonzaga, the Cardinal ended his drought with championships in 1992 and 2021.

      The first night of the sweet 16 also saw a third no. 1 seed expelled. he does not. 5 strewn houston cougars crushed arizona wildcats. it is the fourth time since the tournament expanded in 1985 that three no. 1 seeds were eliminated before the elite eight. twenty-nine experts had a zone in the four finalists.

      The second night of sweet 16 saw the back of San Pedro to deal more damage. This time, with a 67-64 victory, the Peacocks eliminated the Purdue Boilermakers, who were chosen by six panelists to be part of the final four. two had purdue winning the title.

      2022 media destruction power rating (number indicates expert picks removed)

      1. arkansas razorbacks (48, eliminated gonzaga)

      2. st peter’s peacocks (43, eliminated kentucky, purdue)

      3. houston cougars (29, eliminated arizona)

      4. miami hurricanes (11, auburn removed)

      duke an unpopular choice?

      The Duke Blue Devils: If you haven’t heard of them, they are the underdogs of this tournament. an unpopular choice among our experts. duke was chosen to make it to the final four by just one of our panelists. With a win over Arkansas in the Elite Eight, Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski reached his 13th Final Four in his last NCAA tournament before retiring.

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      villanova, the winner of the southern region, was chosen by only five experts.

      thanks to the jayhawks

      Many of the experts might have been quite nervous. he does not. 1 seed Kansas Jayhawks fell behind in the Miami half, a No. 10 seed, in the elite eight. it was the first time the Jayhawks had trailed since February. 12.

      However, Kansas went on a 25-7 run in the first 10 minutes of the second half and ended up busting the batons. The 76-50 win gives Kansas a spot in the final four, as 27 panelists predicted.

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      for all but four experts, kansas was the only team to get it right.


      The North Carolina Tar Heels are a blue blood in the sport, but they entered the 2022 tournament as no. 8 seeds. san pedro was, again, a no. 15 seeds! The Peacocks have only had four alumni who played professional basketball, the most recent being Rich Rinaldi in 1974. Pundits should probably overlook missing any of these teams. They’ve had it hard enough already.

      The most hurtful oh-fors are the 25 panelists who didn’t get a single choice right. however, four pickers can still achieve their national champion prediction.

      hail jay alter

      The play-by-play announcer is the undisputed king of the 2022 selections. He is the only panelist to correctly pick three of the final four teams.

      but even he was bitten by the malaise of st pedro kentucky.

      “I should be happy, especially with all the upsets we’ve seen, getting three out of the last four is great,” said alter. “But I had unc-kentucky in the elite eight in my east region. If I had picked unc to go one more round, it would have been a perfect final four.”

      the duke of alter election to win it all was called an “island” election.

      “I guess the weather is pretty nice on the island,” alter said.

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