Fantasy Football Money Leagues /w the Best Payouts [2022]

    With Fantasy Football Money Leagues, you get all the fun of a seasonal fantasy league, but with guaranteed prize money. we’re talking about big guaranteed payouts like the $2 million grand prize in underdog fantasy.

    In this article, I take a look at the best money leagues of 2022, what makes them unique, and how much money you can earn if you take home the championship.

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    comparing money leagues with the best payouts

    Some money leagues have hundreds of participants and huge prize pools. other leagues use a standard single league structure and distribute a percentage of entry fees to the top teams.

    Let’s look at each of these scenarios in detail, along with where you can sign up for the various leagues.

    big money leagues with huge payouts

    If you’re looking for the highest possible payouts, you’ll want to enter a money league with a significant jackpot. Although the entry fees for these cash leagues are also quite significant, you can enter a much cheaper satellite to win an entry into the bigger contests.

    In these types of leagues, you’ll need to finish well in a standard league (usually champion or runner-up) in order to enter the championship round. in the championship round (weeks 14, 15 and 16), the team with the most points wins the grand prize.

    *strict limit of one per user.

    high stakes money leagues

    high-stakes fantasy leagues follow the traditional format of a regular season and playoffs (no championship round). they have high entry fees and substantial payouts.

    Here I compare the highest stakes contests for some of the most popular money league sites. these sites offer links that are less expensive (see below).

    low stakes money leagues

    If you’re looking for a lower priced prize league, one of these should suffice. These are the least expensive links offered by the most popular sites.

    best fantasy football money leagues of 2022

    In preparing this article, I spent considerable time researching and analyzing the best fantasy football money leagues. below, I review my favorite paid fantasy leagues for 2022.

    Remember that each fantasy money league has a unique angle that sets them apart. as such, it’s essential to understand what each has to offer before signing up.

    underdog fantasy offers the largest prize payout of 2022

    In 2022, the distinction of hosting the highest paying fantasy football money league goes to underdog fantasy. is a relatively new player, but has made quite a splash by offering low buy-in, high payout leagues in various sports.

    This year, their best ball mania iii contest offers the biggest grand prize in the industry: $2,000,000 for first place. And best of all, it’s only $25 to get in on the action.

    but you don’t have to finish first to win big money in this contest. here are the prizes for other featured players:

    • Top Scorer: $1,000,000
    • 2nd Place: $1,000,000
    • 3rd Place: $500,000

    Right now, they’re even offering a deposit match of up to $100 if you use the promo code: cheatsheet. you’ll also win a free entry to one or two contests. be sure to check them out.

    ffpc has every money league imaginable

    fantasy football players championship website hosts tons of money leagues catering to owners specializing in high stakes fantasy football. They host two online tournaments with some of the most massive cash payouts, one of which is the de facto fantasy football world championship.

    The FFPC FootballGuys Players Championship is an elite fantasy football league with a top payout of $500,000 and a prize pool of $4,395,750. anyone who finishes in the top 700 will win an entry into the same tournament next year.

    The ffpc Main Event is back in 2022 with an even bigger grand prize: $1,000,000! And if that’s not enough, the grand prize winner also wins this amazing trophy.

    The 3-day event takes place at the Planet Hollywood resort in Vegas and is one of the biggest parties in the world of fantasy football. There are live drafts, game viewing parties, and other Vegas-style shenanigans throughout the day.

    ffpc promo code for 2022

    This year, new users can use our promo code ffpc to get $25 off any contest entry (limit one per household, please). this means you can enter one of their $35 satellites for only $10.

    The winning team in these $35 satellites wins entry to the footballguys players championship tournament. You can also take your cash winnings and enter a $250 satellite, where the winner will play for the $1,000,000 grand prize in the main event.

    To claim this ffpc promo code, you just need to use this link and register for an account. then on the checkout page you will see that the discount is applied automatically.

    FFPC Promo Code

    Alternatively, you can always enter our FFPC Promo code (Cheatsheetwarroom25) directly when you register for a league.

    FFPC Coupon Code Entry

    Play 2-Game weeks at Apex Fantasy Leagues

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    apex advertises some of the highest payouts of any money league host. they even support leagues that use the auction wording style.

    apex awards 1st, 2nd and 3 >third place, while most paid leagues only recognize the champion and runner-up. third-place finishers often get their money back, but that can still help ease the pain of a playoff loss.

    apex framework minimizes luck factor

    apex fantasy leagues pioneered a brilliant twist on fantasy league programming: the two-game week. this format mitigates the fantasy luck factor by having you compete against an opponent h2h and league average score each week.

    Let’s say you have a monster week, finishing second in scoring, but you happen to be playing against the league’s top scorer. for that week, you’d still end up with a 1-1 record.

    This is because that week you will lose to the leading scorer, but beat the league average. the 2 games per week format is a smart way to increase the odds that the best owners end up winning.

    ‘improved’ leagues increase payouts

    apex goes to great lengths to ensure their leagues are full. If a league is in danger of not being complete close to draft time, Apex will add more money to the champion’s prize pool at additional cost to owners. they call this a league upgrade.

    When was the last time you didn’t have to pay for an upgrade?

    This year, they’ve already increased one league’s prize money by $600! join their mailing list to receive notifications of recent improvements.

    custom options abound in masters fantasy football cash leagues

    masters fantasy football leagues hosts money leagues ranging from $30 tin leagues to $2665 titanium leagues. their titanium leagues are some of the best paid fantasy football leagues if you’re looking for both significant payouts and limited owners.

    support standard leagues, nfl playoff leagues, and dynasty fantasy leagues (in proprietary software), including an option to reclaim orphaned dynasty teams. masters also hosts mid-season leagues for season owners who have seen their rosters devastated by injuries, had a run of bad luck, or simply weren’t able to join a league at the start of the season.

    The Masters’ $19,000 Titanium Leagues have some of the best payouts for a single league fantasy championship prize pool. and they keep all prize money on deposit, so you know your money is safe.

    realtime hosts the largest variety of fantasy football prize leagues

    Real-time fantasy sports are home to some of the most reputable online money leagues. they’ve been around for over 20 years, so you know they’re legit.

    run leagues on proprietary software, which now supports daily fantasy sports contests (on platforms like draftkings, fanduel, fanpicks, etc.) in addition to their prize leagues.

    Of all the paid fantasy football leagues in this article, real-time fantasy sports has the most significant number of league types to choose from. their site currently lists thirteen different variations of the money league.

    I especially like the fact that Realtime hosts two different types of playoff leagues: the playoff challenge and a $50,000 postseason shootout. These leagues are a fun way to extend your season if you didn’t make the playoffs in a standard league.

    dataforce offers money leagues with a minimum buy-in

    dataforce has been in the software business since 1987, but they have only hosted nfl fantasy money leagues since 2015. while their site isn’t as fancy as sites like ffpc, you can tell they pay attention to the details and value customer service.

    While they do host some leagues on, most of their leagues run on their proprietary platform. They support standard, flex, super flex, goalie, dynasty, and salary cap leagues of various sizes. tickets range from $20 to $3,000.

    dataforce’s high payout percentages prove they put on the highest paying fantasy football leagues for owners looking for the most bang for their buck. even their low-stakes money leagues pay up to 80% of the total prize pool, and this rate can go as high as 98% for their high-paying leagues.

    fuzzy fantasy football is a simple site with generous payouts

    Take a look at fuzzy’s league lobby and you’ll think you’ve entered the road machine circa 1994. But even though their site design is dated, you can tell they run their leagues fairly.

    fuzzy fantasy football hosts a large number of leagues with entry fees ranging from $25 to $1,500. their payouts range from 60% to 93% of the buy-in, and the higher stakes leagues offer significant wins.

    If those payouts just aren’t enough and you’re looking for higher stakes money leagues, fuzzies has you covered. contact them directly and they will organize leagues with minimum buy-ins of up to $5k. Their testimonials show that their customer base is satisfied with their services.

    choose a money league that matches your ability and payment goals

    maybe you can’t find enough friends to fill a private fantasy football league. maybe you are fed up with the boring league setup and want to try a new format. maybe you’ve gotten tired of beating your friends and are ready for a bigger challenge with a more significant payout.

    Whatever your reason to branch out, the right prize league can be your ticket to a winning season with a pot of gold waiting at the end of the playoffs. But with so much prize money at stake, it’s essential to educate yourself on how they work.

    Playing in the wrong league can be costly and a potential waste of money if you don’t understand the league’s rules.

    how fantasy football money leagues work

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    Online money league fantasy sites perform several critical functions for their participating owners. these include:

    • League Fee Collection – They collect league fees from all owners before the season starts, ensuring you don’t have to deal with inactive owners.
    • Fill leagues to capacity: They actively recruit owners to ensure their paid fantasy leagues are full and able to award the highest possible prize money.
    • act as commissioners: handle league disputes should they arise, allowing you to focus more on winning and less on league business.
    • distribute profits: pay each league champion promptly after the season ends.

    money leagues offer a variety of league types, scoring systems, and payout structures. these include standard scoring leagues, ppr leagues, and any other derivation you can think of.

    For those looking to make a longer-term commitment, you can also join a new guardian or dynasty money leagues. You can even adopt an orphaned team from an existing fantasy football league for cash (usually at a discounted price).

    Let’s look at some of the more obscure types of cash leagues.

    specialized money league formats

    While most money leagues support the standard season league formats, some money league hosts offer dark formats. let’s look at some specific money league formats in more detail.

    super bracket tournament money leagues

    Supergroup money leagues support a significant number of owners and organize teams into tournament-style groups. these are similar to what you would see in a march madness brace.

    In this type of cash league, you advance if you win. but if you lose just once, you’re out. the tournament continues until the final undefeated champion is crowned.

    set and forget fantasy football leagues

    The best baseball leagues are popular and their popularity is growing every year. you select a team at the beginning of a season and automatically accumulate the points of your best performing players.

    best ball strategy is dead simple, as you never have to worry about trades, waivers, or even setting a weekly lineup. is the best fantasy football league set it and forget it.

    terminator money leagues are similar to survivor groups

    In terminator leagues, you have to remove a player from your roster. In this way, they are similar to survivor groups that ask you to pick the winners of NFL games until you lose.

    You start with 26 players in your squad and you play head-to-head on a weekly basis. try to build the best record as your team is whittled down to your last 11 players.

    As you might guess, building an incredibly deep roster is critical in terminator leagues. keeping up with reputable fantasy football advice sites can help you prepare for the big day.

    does your state allow fantasy football leagues for money?

    Playing fantasy football for free is legal in all US states. uu. for players of any age. but once you try to join fantasy leagues for money, you must comply with federal and state laws.

    Real money fantasy football leagues are considered a form of gambling, so sites do not allow players under a certain age to participate. this minimum age is usually eighteen, although in some states you must be twenty-one.

    Be sure to check the fine print in your money site’s terms of service before signing up. you may also need to validate your identity, similar to what you need to do to play on the most popular dfs sites.

    find an entry fee and payment structure that fits your budget

    Money League entry fees range in price from tens to thousands of dollars. As such, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a league that you can comfortably afford.

    Your typical cash league will pay between 55% and 88% of total entry fees. the money league host keeps the remaining balance as a fee for administering the league.

    As a general rule, smaller betting leagues pay out a smaller percentage of the total prize pool than higher buy-in leagues. some money leagues also award top teams with entries into leagues with more significant payouts.

    accredited fantasy money leagues take extra steps to safeguard their winnings

    Make sure the fantasy site you choose has a reliability record. Trusted money leagues make timely payouts to winners, ensure owner data is kept secure, and govern their leagues fairly.

    I have done some of this work for you only by reviewing sites that have a strong online reputation.

    Understanding the host software that powers your paid fantasy football league of choice

    Some paid fantasy football leagues develop proprietary software to host their leagues. for these league hosts, you will manage your team on the same website where you paid the league fees.

    Other paid sites are simply facilitators, intermediaries that handle league business like creating and filling leagues, distributing payouts, handling league disputes, etc. These types of cash leagues use established fantasy sites like my fantasy league to host their leagues.

    Both types of money league hosts are completely legitimate. but if you have a preference for which league host software to use, this is something you’ll want to investigate further.

    the benefits of paid fantasy football leagues

    seasonal fantasy football owners enjoy money leagues for a number of reasons. on the one hand, it frees them from the duties of commissioners. additionally, some cash league formats (such as top ball leagues) require less active management.

    But more than anything, the best fantasy football league sites offer big, guaranteed payouts. It’s these cash prizes that make the money leagues attractive to owners looking for more than your standard fantasy trophy.

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