Mbappe, Leao, Shearer: 10 fastest goals ever in Europes top 5 leagues

    kylian mbappe scored just 8 seconds into paris saint-germain lige 1’s clash with lille on sunday night.

    the frenchman was sent clear after a wonderful through ball from lionel messi. he was not wrong in the one on one with leo jardim.

    Mbappe’s goal is the fastest in the history of Ligue 1. But is it the fastest goal in the history of the five best European leagues?

    a wikipedia page, entitled “fastest goals in association football”, presents the 10 fastest goals in history in the five main leagues in Europe.

    see them below…

    10. Alan Shearer | newcastle united vs manchester city (2003) | 10.52 seconds

    man city kicked off but found themselves behind just 10.52 seconds into the match.

    they passed the ball to their goalkeeper, carlo nash, who saw their clearance carried by alan shearer and bounced off the net.

    9. king ledley | tottenham hotspur v bradford city (2000) | 9.9 seconds

    king only scored 10 goals in the premier league. the first, scored in 2000, happens to be the second fastest in premier league history.

    stepped forward and unleashed a 25-meter shot that deflected into the net.

    8. karim bellarabi | borussia dortmund v bayer leverkusen (2014) | 9 seconds

    leverkusen enjoyed an incredible start to their match against dortmund in 2014. bellarabi collected the ball from around 20 yards, turned around a defender and fired into the net.

    7. Kevin Voland | 1899 hoffenheim vs bayern munich (2015) | 9 seconds

    364 seconds after Bellarabi’s goal, Volland equalized his record with a shot against Bayern.

    both share the record, although the bundesliga website has confirmed that volland’s goal was 0.3 milliseconds faster than bellarabi’s.

    6. paolo pogi | Piacenza-Fiorentina (2001) | 8.1 seconds

    poggi’s goal was the fastest in the history of ligue 1… until it was broken in 2001.

    5. michel rio | they fall against cannes (1992) | 8 seconds

    mbappé broke the river effort on Sunday night.

    4. kylian mbappe | lille vs paris sg (2022) | 8 seconds

    psg got off to the quickest start against lille on sunday night when they scored a wonderful opening routine. they won 7-1.

    what a start! 😱kylian mbappé took only 8 seconds to open the scoring for psg against lille 😮‍💨

    3. shane long | watford v southampton (2019) | 7.69 seconds

    long scored the fastest goal in premier league history in 2019, breaking king’s record.

    watford kicked off and the ball was returned to craig cathcart.

    long charged for cathcart’s clearance and ended up passing ben foster.

    2. Joseba Llorente | valladolid vs espanyol (2008) | 7.22 seconds

    llorente’s effort is by far the fastest in league history.

    1. raphael lion | sassuolo v ac milan (2020) | 6.2 seconds

    leao is the proud owner of the fastest goal in history in the five best leagues in europe. watch it below…

    ac milan’s rafael leao breaks the record for the fastest goal ever scored in serie a, scoring against sassuolo after just six seconds 😳

    ac milan kicked off and their five forwards immediately ran towards sassuolo’s goal.

    sassuolo couldn’t follow leao’s run and he didn’t make a mistake when they gave him the ball.

    We can’t see the leao goal being exceeded in the short term…

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