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    Have you ever wondered what the fastest sport in the world is? The answer to this question might surprise many. but if we compare the fastest moving objects in the sport, the winner is pretty obvious: a badminton birdie. So with an average speed of over 200 mph for professionals, badminton holds the title of the fastest sport there is.

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    How did this indoor game win this title? how does it compare to other sports, like tennis or golf? Also, what is the highest recorded speed in badminton? In the post below, we will discuss these and similar questions about this sport.

    Badminton is the fastest sport in the world. The badminton birdie, also known as the shuttlecock, often travels over 200 miles per hour in professional badminton competitions when players hit. the world record for the fastest badminton stroke is 306.3 mph or 493 km/h, which was done in a controlled environment. the world record for the fastest badminton stroke in a tournament is 264.7 mph or 426 km/h.

    why is badminton the fastest sport in the world?

    Badminton is considered the fastest sport in the world for several reasons. On the one hand, the unique nature of this indoor sport is very explosive and dynamic. then, it requires quick reaction speed, great agility, and intense focus.

    according to the statistics of a match, there is an average of 1.72 visits per second. therefore, players only have a fraction of a second to hit the shuttlecock or return a serve. in fact, players can complete 50 shots in as little as 20 to 30 seconds.

    Furthermore, we can say that badminton is the fastest sport also in terms of the duration of the match. this is probably due to how fast and explosive each individual rally is. it is quite rare for rallies to last more than a minute, and when they do, they are usually quite spectacular. it usually takes less than an hour to finish the easier matches, or around eighty minutes if the game is a bit more difficult when it comes to professional badminton matches.

    However, in large part, badminton owes its speed to the shuttlecock. the shuttle, or little bird, is made of a cork base and sixteen superimposed feathers, extracted exclusively from the left wing of a goose or duck. It weighs only 5 grams and its shape is unique and aerodynamic. Unlike balls in other sports, the birdie slows down after we hit it.

    If you are looking for a badminton birdie for you, there are many badminton birdies out there. in fact, when I did some quick research, I easily found over 300 of them! If you want to make an informed decision on which shuttlecock is best for you, I suggest you check out our reviews and guides on them, which you can find on our badminton equipment page.

    what is the fastest recorded badminton stroke?

    according to the world federation and guinness world records, malaysia’s tan boon heong holds the record for the sport. In 2013, he managed to hit 306.3 mph or 493 km/h during a speed test match in Japan. he was testing new racket technology at the time.

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    Furthermore, Guinness World Records state that the fastest badminton stroke in men’s doubles is 264.7 mph or 426 km/h. This achievement belongs to Mads Pieler Kolding of Denmark, who set the record during a Premier Badminton League match in Bangalore, India, in January 2017.

    In September of the same year, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia came very close to breaking this record when he hit a speed of 259 mph or 417 km/h in the Japan Open Men’s Singles Final.

    on the other hand, a player who registered the highest smash recorded at a speed of 231.15 mph or 372 km/h is ratchanok intanon from thailand.

    Do these numbers seem too abstract? this is how some common vehicles go for reference.

    • race cars reach a speed of 223.7 mph or 360 km/h
    • plane cruise speed is 497.1 – 621.4 mph or 800 – 1000 km/h

    how fast do badminton birdies go?

    Badminton birdies typically reach speeds of up to 201 mph or 323.5 km/h. however, the exact speed of a birdie will depend on the type, as manufacturers make them in various units of speed. in addition, the standard and the level of the player will influence the speed of the birdie.

    Typically, little birds act differently depending on the weather. for that reason, we have different birdie speeds that we can choose from. the international speed metric for badminton shuttlecocks looks like this:

    • 75 slow (for use in highlands)
    • 76 medium slow (for use in warmer areas)
    • 77 medium (for use in sea level areas) sea)
    • 78 medium fast (for use in cold areas)
    • 79 fast (for use in areas below sea level)

    Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any official stats on how fast players of different skill levels can birdie. this is especially true for beginner level games, where we couldn’t find any data on how fast shuttles tend to go. however, there are some unofficial estimates for intermediate and advanced games that we will share below.

    intermediate level

    The maximum speed of competitive club players can reach between 155.3 mph and 186.4 mph or between 250 and 300 km/h. on the other hand, social gamers typically birdie at a speed of 93.2 to 124.3 mph or 150 to 200 km/h.

    advanced level

    As for top players, smashing speeds are usually around 155.3 mph or 250 km/h. however, some claim that the average speed for tournament and professional senior players is approximately 201 mph or 323.5 km/h.

    how does the fastest shot in badminton compare to other sports?

    so, by now we have come to the conclusion that badminton is the fastest sport in the world. but how does it compare to other racket or ball sports? let’s check it out!

    badminton and tennis

    Tennis is famous for being a high-speed sport. in fact, many people consider it the fastest sport in the world. however, the speed record for tennis is not even close to the top speed for badminton.

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    In 2012, during an ATP Challenger event in Busan, South Korea, Australia’s Samuel Groth achieved the fastest tennis serve of all time at 163.4 mph or 263 km/h. But because challenger competitions are not always equipped with radars to measure serving speeds, the Association of Tennis Professions (ATP) does not officially recognize this record.

    so the official top speed to compare the badminton record with is the fastest serve in the men’s category, which is 157.21 mph or 253 km/h. American player John Isner is the one who achieved this incredible speed.

    While many people think of badminton and tennis as fairly similar sports, speed alone makes the pace of the sports quite different. I have listed many other differences between badminton and tennis: what is the difference? in case you are interested.

    badminton and golf

    Most of the time we picture mature men playing a quiet, lazy game and enjoying themselves when we think of golf. however, a golf ball can travel at incredible speeds. According to Guinness World Records, Ryan Winther achieved the fastest round of golf in 2013 in the United States, and it was a crazy 217.1 mph or 349.38 km/h. still, this speed is considerably less than badminton’s 306.3 mph.

    badminton and table tennis

    Although the game itself is also very dynamic, table tennis is not faster than badminton. At best, a table tennis ball can go 60 to 70 mph because the ball is quite light and there is air resistance. however, table tennis has more strokes per second in rallies, averaging 2.00, due to player proximity.

    badminton and jai-alai

    jai-alai is considered the deadliest ball sport in the world. we believe that this sport is also the fastest moving ball game in the world. the guinness world record states that the fastest ball speed in jai-alai is 188 mph or 302 km/h.

    But what makes this sport so deadly is the ball itself. Called a ball, the ball in jai-alai is smaller than a baseball and harder than a golf ball.

    However, although the balls reach great speeds in jai-alai, they cannot be compared to the badminton birdie.

    badminton and baseball

    The fastest pitch ever recorded in baseball came from Nolan Ryan and it was 108 mph or 174 km/h. however, it was still not enough to make this sport faster than badminton.

    final thoughts

    Without a doubt, we can conclude that badminton is the fastest sport in the world. Faster than balls in other popular sports like tennis and baseball, badminton birdies can easily outrun even bullet trains.

    here are some guides and reviews on badminton products. we update this list every time we add new team content. We hope you enjoy it!

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