What Figure Skating world records could be beaten at Beijing 2022?

    records are meant to be broken

    A world record has already been broken in the figure skating competition at the beijing 2022 olympic games! The couple from the People’s Republic of China sui wenjing/han cong, competing on their home soil, showed their full potential during the short program of the team event on Friday, February 4.

    Who else has been giving impressive performances to the judges and fans? takes a look at the current world records in figure skating – men’s singles, women’s singles, pair skating and ice dance – since the change in the scoring system in 2018.

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    only records validated by the international skating union (isu) are considered, that is, those obtained during a competition organized by the international federation. For example, Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron set the world record during the Masters d’Épinal (93.79 points), but as it is a French competition not organized by the ISU, it is not taken into account.

    We look at the figure skating records that could be broken during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, February 4-20.

    ice dancing: gabriella papadakis/guillaume cizeron (fra) in a class of her own

    • names: gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron (fra)
    • points: 90.03 (pace), 136.58 (free skate), 226.61 (total)
    • dates: November 22 and 23, 2019
    • competition: 2019 nhk trophy

    French ice dancers gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron have been on a mission since winning their silver medal at pyeongchang 2018 where they broke the then world record in the free skate. a year and a half later, in sapporo (japan), on November 22 and 23, 2019, they were absolutely great.

    became the first ice dancers to receive over 90 points in rhythmic dancing to the musical fame. no other ice dancing couple has been able to top them since. the next day, they also broke the freeware record, scoring 136.58, for a total of 226.61, which is also a record.

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    papadakis and cizeron came very close to breaking their short program record during their last grand prix, at the internationaux de france in grenoble, but managed “only” 89.08 points. “We’ve been comparing our scores to the previous ones,” Papadakis said. “in turin we got two more points than in finland, so we were happy. here [in grenoble] we got two points more than in turin, which was our goal. we try to increase our score in each competition.”

    men’s event: a fight for the top between hanyu yuzuru (jpn) and nathan chen (usa)

    • names: hanyu yuzuru (short), nathan chen (free and total)
    • points: 111.82 (short) , 224.92 (free), 335.30 (total)
    • dates: December 7, 2019 (free + total), February 7, 2020 (short)

    competitions: grand final prize 2019/20 (free and total), four continents (short)

    Before the change in the scoring system, the double Olympic champion hanyu yuzuru held all three records: in the short program, the free program and the cumulative score. The Japanese star, the first figure skater to reach 100 points in the short program and 200 points in the free skate, set those records at the 2015/16 grand prix final, fall classic challenger series and at the world championships in 2017.

    Since then he has had to keep nathan chen at bay. the American stole the spotlight from him in the 2019/20 Grand Prix Final in December 2019, where both men were in action. the young American (20 at the time) first broke the short program record, scoring 110.38 points, before doing the same in the free skate with 224.92 points (and later the cumulative score) thanks in part to landing five quads.

    “hanyu has been pushing the sport forward, making it so enjoyable, so competitive, and that definitely made me a much better skater,” chen told the keeper.

    A few months later, at Four Continents 2020, Hanyu, who had seen Chen surpass him on his 25th birthday on December 7, regained his short program record with a score of 111.82 points. this clash will be one to watch in beijing 2022.

    women’s event: kamila valieva (roc) the teenage wonder

    • names: kamila valieva (roc)
    • points: 90.45 (short), 185.29 (free), 272.71 (total)
    • dates: November 26-27, 2021 (free + total), January 13, 2022 (short)
    • contest : rostelecom cup 2021 (free + total), championnats d’europe 2022 (short)

    rock athlete kamila valieva is only 15 years old, but her records belie her age. she only made her senior grand prix debut this season. the 2020 junior world champion is the first skater to reach 250, 260 and 270 points in the cumulative score, 170 and 180 points in the free program and 90 points in the short program.

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    set his records in the free program and the accumulated score during the rostelecom cup 2021 on November 26 and 27 this year by landing three quads and a triple axel. the day before, he also broke the record for short programs.

    “There was a little mistake when I did a double salchow instead of a triple so it wasn’t my best version yet,” he told Reuters. however, she surpassed the previous records, which were held by her compatriots alena kostornaia (247.59 total points in the 2019/20 grand prix final) and alexandra trusova ( 166.62 in the free test program in skate canada 2019).

    in the short program, she broke her rostelecom cup record during the 2022 european championship, where she became the first woman to break the 90-point barrier. As in the previous grand prix, she landed a triple axel, a triple flip, and a triple lutz-triple toe in the short program.

    Before the change in the scoring system, another Russian figure skater, alina zagitova, held the short program record since pyeongchang 2018, which earned her the Olympic title. evgenia medvedeva previously held the other two records she set at the 2017 world team championships.

    pairs: anastasia mishina/aleksandr galliamov’s (roc) recent increase

    • names: sui wenjing/han cong (chn), anastasia mishina/aleksandr galliamov (roc)
    • points : 82.83 (short), 157.46 (free), 239.82 (total)
    • dates: February 4, January 12-13, 2022
    • competitions: beijing 2022, european championships 2022

    Roc skaters Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov took the 2022 European Championships by storm, breaking all three records in two days.

    broke compatriots aleksandra boikova and dmitrii kozlovskii‘s record of 82.34 points in the short program by just 0.02 points. they continued their record-breaking run in the free show and cumulative score the next day.

    However, the Chinese pair sui wenjing/han cong, who are double world champions and Olympic runners-up, had a perfect start to their home Olympic adventure by breaking the record in the short program , obtaining 82.83 points.

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