Event Guide – Florida Cup 2021

    The Florida Cup is the largest international soccer celebration held in Florida each year. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the flower cup. You can find information at:

    • when is the florida cup held
    • where will the tournament be held
    • what teams are playing
    • where you can buy tickets
    • healthy & security protocols
    • information about nearby events

    florida citrus sports is proud to host this lively event at camping world stadium, with teams from around the world coming together to play each other.

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    what is the flower cup?

    The Florida Cup is an annual soccer event where clubs come together for friendly exhibition competition in Florida, United States. The first Florida Cup was held in 2015 and has featured teams from the top 100 in the European ranking, as well as teams from the top 50 in the South American ranking. The Florida Cup format changes each year according to the league schedules of the participating clubs.

    This event is Florida’s largest annual soccer event and is one of the premier preseason soccer competitions. CEO Ricardo Villar recently said in an interview that Orlando is a prime location for international leagues because of Orlando’s diverse population. This event creates a unique opportunity for the best teams from Europe and South America to play against each other.

    The Florida Cup unites the world of soccer. the demand and attractiveness of it shows that this tournament has been able to become an event with an atmosphere that has become more than just a football tournament. activities have expanded to concerts, legends games, fan activities, 5k, footgolf games and a week full of events for families and people of all ages. the agenda creates a participatory event that allows your attendees not to be just a spectator. It is an experience that makes this tournament around football unique.

    florida citrus sports is a proud partner of the florida cup and as villar has boasted, it is an incredible opportunity for both organizations. the hunger for major international events has helped support the incredible growth. the florida citrus sports family allows florida cup to reach the next level in creating the market for florida cup growth. The growth of the Florida Cup means that major European teams are joining the Florida Cup, including Arsenal and Everton. These European soccer clubs only get one break in the summer, giving them the perfect opportunity to take part in the Florida Cup. The Florida Cup can now unite the world with teams from Europe, Asia, the United States and South America.

    ricardo’s vision for the florida cup is “not only to showcase the florida cup as a pre-eminent event on the international soccer calendar, but to further cement orlando as the destination of world soccer, as evidenced by the bid of the region to host the FIFA 2026 World Cup.”

    While this year’s event will be somewhat different than previous years’ events due to COVID, there will still be plenty of events and things to do that will be fun for the whole family.

    when and where is the flower cup held?

    The Florida Cup will have two game days on July 25, 2021 and July 28, 2021. Each game day will have doubleheader matches with the first game kicking off at 6:00 p.m. m. edt and the second game will begin shortly after the conclusion of the first at 8:30 p.m. edt.The first day will consist of semi-final games. the second day will feature a consolation match for the two losing teams and the championship match between the two winning teams.

    The first day will consist of semifinal games. the second day will feature a consolation match for the two losing teams and the championship match between the two winning teams.

    The matches will be played at the camping world stadium.

    Which teams play in the Florida Cup?

    The following Florida Cup matches will take place on Sunday, July 25, 2021:

    everton fc vs. millionaires fc at 6:00 p.m. edit

    Wednesday’s doubleheader begins at 6 p.m. m. et when Everton meets the Cougars, making their Florida Cup debut. later that night at 8:45 p.m. et, millionaires and national athlete join their historic rivalry when they meet for the 280th time and the first in the united states.

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    everton fc is based in liverpool and also competes in the first division. the club was founded in 1878 as st sunday fc. the club’s roots are loosely related to a newly connected Methodist congregation. Everton’s main rival is Liverpool, whose stadium is less than a mile from Everton Stadium. the best player at everton fc at the moment is james rodriguez (midfielder). other key players include dominic calvert-lewin (forward), richarlison (forward) and yerry mina (defender).

    Millionaires FC is a Colombian professional football club based in Bogota, Colombia. the team plays in the first category and has its home games at the el campin stadium. The club was created in 1937 by students from Colegio San Bartolomé. one of its biggest rivals is santa fe de bogotá. The best players on this team include Fernando Uribe (forward), Christian Arango (forward), and David Macalister Silva (midfielder).

    Atlético Nacional was founded in 1947 as the Municipal Athletic Club of Medellin. One of the most successful teams in Colombia, it has won 16 first category championships, two Copa Libertadores titles, four Colombian Cup championships and two Colombian Super League championships.

    Club Universidad Nacional, better known as Pumas, was formed in 1954. It is one of the most successful teams in Mexico with seven Liga MX championships, one Copa MX title, two Champion of Champions championships, and three Copa MX titles. concacaf champions league .

    where can i get tickets for the florid cup?

    general tickets for the match between everton and millionaires at 6:00 p.m. on July 25 are available here.

    Camping World Stadium is located in Orlando, Florida in the West Lakes neighborhood of downtown Orlando. the stadium is west of the amway center, dr. phillips center for the performing arts and explora stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 65,000 and has recently enhanced the fan experience by providing all fans with larger seats with backrests on each level within the stadium.

    Event Guide - Florida Cup 2021

    This website has an amazing tool where you can see the view from your seat.

    what are the health and safety protocols at the camping world stadium?

    camping world stadium has recently made changes to its policies to ensure the safety of all visitors during the covid-19 pandemic. these policies include:

    • hand sanitizing: the stadium is equipped with contactless hand sanitizing stations around the stadium and at all entry points, elevators, escalators, along concourses, in private suites, premium and several common areas. all visitors are encouraged to use hand sanitizer during their visit to the stadium.

    The stadium has also upgraded the facilities to include the following improvements:

    • increased cleaning frequency: camping world stadium has partnered with owens services, a cleaning and sanitizing company. This company has significantly increased the frequency with which common areas and high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, vending machines, and restrooms are cleaned. the team has also dedicated specially trained staff to sanitize each of these areas more thoroughly.
    • cashless environment: campus world is constantly working with our service partners to transition to a cashless environment cash. This environment means that credit cards, debit cards, and mobile devices (such as Apple Wallet, Google Pay, etc.) are the preferred payment methods for food and beverage purchases, as well as for purchases of merchandise and tickets.
    • staff training: We require in-service training for all staff members and also provide continuing education and each of the latest covid-19 policies and procedures. we ensure that our staff and partners are always up to date with best practices and can work safely in the new covid-19 environment.
    • improved air ventilation: our skilled and dedicated operations teams have up to date many of our building systems to create a safer environment for anyone visiting the stadium. These significant improvements include increased ventilation with outside air instead of recirculated air, increased frequency of HVAC cleaning, and air filter replacements. these steps maximize fresh air exchange and maintain optimum indoor humidity, according to scientific research, to reduce the chances of viruses surviving in the air or on surfaces. We have also installed UV lighting inside the relevant HVAC units.
    • Global Biohazard Advisory Council (GBAC) Star Facility Accreditation: Camping World Stadium received a Global Biohazard Advisory Council (GBAC) Star Facility Accreditation biological. this award affirms that the venue’s level of commitment to proper covid-19 cleaning protocols, maintaining a program that minimizes the risk of infection, and training cleaning professionals on proper preparation and cleaning techniques, as well as Our response is up to the task. their standards. GBAC Star Certification is commonly known as the industry standard and serves as a stamp of approval that Campus World Stadium puts the health and safety of every customer, staff member, or other visitor or worker at the stadium first.

    camping world stadium has also implemented a clear bag policy, allowing each customer to bring items only in a clear bag. Specifically, you can bring:

    • “bags that are made of transparent plastic, vinyl or pvc and that do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12”. [12″ x 6″ x 12″]
    • gallon clear plastic freezer bag (ziploc bag or similar).
    • small tote bags , about the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap, can be carried into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.”

    Read more about this policy in our guide to plans to visit a-z.

    the florida citrus sports organization is committed to creating the safest environment possible. The City of Orlando, Florida Citrus Sports, and Camping World Stadium prohibit the following items from entering the stadium:

    • air horns
    • backpacks
    • bottles
    • cameras with detachable lenses and/or lenses 6 inches or larger
    • cans
    • cars
    • refrigerators
    • bicycles
    • drones
    • fireworks
    • hard containers
    • illegal drugs
    • ipads
    • laptops
    • large bags
    • laser pointers
    • masks
    • megaphones
    • food & drinks
    • pets (except service animals; see “pet policy” above)
    • poles over 12″
    • seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments or covers are not allowed.
    • seat cushions that have rigid frames are not allowed. soft, flexible seat cushions without pockets may be brought into the stadium.
    • selfie sticks
    • signs with indecent or derogatory comments/images, political statements and commercial references
    • signs larger than 11″ x 17″
    • skates
    • skateboards
    • tablets
    • unauthorized solicitations, flyers, gifts or sampling
    • umbrellas
    • video or audio recorders
    • weapons of any kind

    If you have any of these items when you arrive at the stadium, you can rent a mobile locker for $10 outside the camping world stadium on the corner of church st. and Rio Grande Avenue.

    parking for the flower cup

    There are a few different parking options that visitors can choose from. all the details you need to know can be found on this a-z guide page under “stadium parking”.

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    Long story short, on game days, every stadium parking lot is staffed and reserved for permit parking, RVs, charter buses and handicap parking. however, public parking is also available for advance sale through ticketmaster. If you do not have a prepaid permit, you will not be allowed to drive on the streets of the stadium on game day.

    You can also find public parking in parking lots and garages in the city center. if you park downtown, you can use the free shuttle service to and from the stadium.

    For RV parking, you can purchase RV parking for game day only. these parking areas are located in lot 6 for the florida cup. all towing vehicles will require a standard automobile permit. there are no hookups, facilities, or dump stations on the parking lots. Littering in stadium parking lots is strictly prohibited. vehicles must have a chimney. spaces are 40 x 25 inches.

    Charter bus parking is available on an event-by-event basis and is sold through Florida Citrus Sports. guests who will be using downtown public bus transportation can ride the free match-day shuttle to the stadium. contact florida citrus sports for more information.

    Disabled accessible parking is in lot 10. You must have an official state issued disabled parking tag and parking permit to enter these lots.

    You can find Camping World Stadium’s full parking and tracking policies here.

    what other events accompany the flower cup?

    Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic, we will not be able to host as many events this year. however, there will still be plenty of fun outdoor activities for everyone, including families.

    In recent years, there have been several fun events that accompany the Florida Cup. some of those vents have included things like:

    • legends match: this is a 5v5 match between football legends from different teams.
    • youtubers/influencers match: this year, the legends match and the youtubers match /influencers will merge into a single Florida Cup all-star match. the date and place will be announced closer to the event. this will not be a ticketed event, so everyone can attend!
    • footgolf: This fun and unique combination of soccer and golf is a sport where players try to kick a soccer ball into a cup on a golf course in as few shots as possible. The Florida Cup hosts this fun event where a handful of players from each team basically play golf by kicking soccer balls into every hole on the golf course (with a much larger hole to put the ball in). Check out some highlights from last year’s game of footgolf here!
    • A series of speakers from the FC Talks

    due to covid-19, some of these events may be a little different than in the past. we’re working out all the details right now and will update this page as soon as we know more.

    what kind of travel packages are offered?

    We offer several travel packages to make your Florida Cup experience as seamless as possible. These packages include tickets and hotels at the Universal Orlando Resort, as well as airfare from Columbia and more. Here are the details you need to know:

    • universal parks & vacation resorts

    if you already have your game tickets, universal parks & Resorts currently offers travel packages to help you get the most out of your stay in Orlando. You can combine your hotel and theme park tickets to create a complete Orlando Universal Resort experience. if you stay extra nights, you can save more.

    • excursions to kaluah

    Schedule tours through our partner while attending the Florida Cup. receive discounts when you combine your florida cup tickets with a stay at universal and theme park tickets.

    • aviator

    If you are traveling from Colombia, we have partnered with aviatur so that you can create a personalized package to make planning your trip worry-free.

    To book a vacation package to Universal Orlando and the Florida Cup, or for additional information, please contact your preferred travel agent.

    Feel free to contact our US and Latin American teams for press inquiries and stay up to date with all mentions of the Florida Cup in the news!

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