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    FM 2015 Borussia Dortmund guide

    why borussia dortmund?

    When I think of Borussia Dortmund, I think of a roller coaster. that’s perhaps the best comparison when looking at the last two years, at least. In 2013, Borussia played in the Champions League final against Bayern Munchen while finishing runners-up in the Bundesliga. a year later, in the winter of 2014, the club was bottom of the league fighting relegation. Following this drop, Borussia climbed back up to claim 7th place in the league, last place in the Europa League. this type of scenario happened more than once during its history, and another recent example is what followed its success in 2002.

    You can never fully understand the ups and downs of a roller coaster and that could turn your save into a great experience. And when you also have Bayern Munchen as a rival, the title can never be yours for granted. Borussia Dortmund is the third largest sports club by membership in Germany, with more than 115,000 members and, despite all the downfalls, is one of the most successful clubs in German football history. the club was founded in 1909 by seventeen footballers from dortmund, and at the turn of the millennium borussia dortmund became the first (and so far the only) publicly traded club on the german stock exchange.

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    club information: initial configuration

    • reputation: worldwide
    • estimated value: €555 million
    • stadium: signal iduna park, 80720 (53569 seated)
    • club( is) affiliate(s) : none
    • training facilities: excellent
    • youth facilities: excellent


    Enjoying their greatest run of success during the 1990s, Borussia Dortmund have a history to be proud of. With a total of 18 competition wins, here are just a few of his highlights: won the Champions Cup in 1997 and finished runner-up once, won the Bundesliga eight times and is a six-time runner-up, won the Cup Winners Cup in 1966 and finished runner-up in the European Championship in 1993 and 2002.



    • balance: €139 million
    • projected balance: €309 million
    • sponsors: 1 year general sponsorship contract at €43.98 million per season (ends 2015) / 11-year main kit sponsorship contract at €17.99 million per season (ends 2025) / 8-year general sponsorship contract at €5.99 million per season (ends in 2020) / 18-year stadium sponsorship deal at €4.99m per season (ends 2026)
    • credits outstanding: –
    • total player salary budget: 6 €927,052 per month
    • player’s current salary budget: €6,772,873 per month
    • transfer budget: €2.49 million (100% of transfer income available)

    expectations of the board

    your minimum expectations will be qualification for the champions league. Easy enough, there should be no problem achieving this kind of performance, but again, to avoid extra pressure, it’s best not to push any harder. no other philosophies included.


    staff members

    • mutual termination: andreas beck, florian wangler (physical trainer) / markus braun (physiotherapist) / markus plawa (scout) / cristoph buhler, david wagner (borussia dortmund ii)
    • new signings: massimo neri, paulo paixao (physical trainer) / alejan maesschalck (physiotherapist) / marcel lucassen, thomas tuchel (coach) / norbert ziegler (scout)

    the squad: key players & backups

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    goalkeepers: roman weidenfeller is of course the first choice in the team, but you can safely use mitchell langerak for easier games (especially when your opponents don’t shoot at your target)

    defenders: the central zone is successfully covered by mats hummels, neven subotic and papastathopoulus. just use these guys in rotation however you want and you’ll be fine. lukasz piszczek is your best full back, kevin groskreutz and marcel schmelzer can be used in rotation, but i also recommend you give erik durm a chance, he really has a lot of potential.

    Midfielders: Pretty hard to set up players in this zone, as you have so many good options! but, from what i noticed, jakub blaszczykowski plays better as a right winger, ilkay gundogan as a central/attacking midfielder, sven bender as a defensive midfielder. all the others are quite versatile, I also recommend playing a lot of shinji kagawa as an attacking midfielder, it will be magnificent. As for Marco Reus, I personally had him injured for a long time, 4 or 5 months, and the team did very well without him. I don’t think it is worth having such a high salary and if I had to start over, I would sell it without hesitation. although he has a great quality .

    forwards: I started the season with Ciro Immobile at the helm and that’s how I ended it too. Adrian Ramos didn’t even get the chance as he was still just fantastic, scoring 56 goals in 54 appearances, and without a single injury all season. I know that in real life Aubameyang was given this position more often, but he can also be safely played as a left winger. once again, I highly recommend playing stationary as the main striker – the numbers speak for themselves. you should also have immobile as the main penalty taker (he scored 10 goals, never missed one) – funny discovery as he had marco reus initially, he missed 2/3 penalties.

    the young generation

    • average junior coach
    • established youth recruit
    • prospects: gorenk stankovic (18), dc/felix passlack (16), wbr/dzenis burnic (16), dmc / marian sarr (19), dc
    • youth intake rate (first season): 6/10

    fm 2015 borussia dortmund tactics

    The 4-2-3-1 system proved its worth during the last few saves, so I went with the same structure, which once again seemed flawless. ciro immobile was a real beast from the start and so far he has become my favorite striker in football manager 2015. basically this should work as expected with over 60% possession for most games not to mention a lot scoring opportunities for your team. [download]


    club transfers

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    As much as I would have liked to bring in new players, I just couldn’t. And that’s not because I didn’t have the money to do it, but because you really do have everything you need here in dortmund, at least for the first season. so i recommend that you stay with your current players, and for the second season look for a replacement goalkeeper and a second striker to pair him with ciro immobile (to maximize your chances of finding good players, once again i advise you to have a great database with current international players available!).

    players out

    I have offered mutual termination to no less than 15 players, basically any dead player with a potential rating of less than 3 stars, as usual. the hardest decision was probably when i offered the mutual termination to sebastian kehl, the borussia dortmund legend, but as it was his last year before retiring, i decided to help the development of younger players like sven bender or nuri sahin. Adrian Ramos was also eliminated, I finally managed to sell him to Cska Moscow for a transfer fee of 6.75 million euros. another tough decision was whether or not to sell marco reus, i ended up not selling him but again if i were to start again i would definitely sell him if they offered me more than 20 million euros.

    team management

    this applies to each and every possible save. always try to encourage your players. watch out for injuries, try the rotation system as it will help the youngsters to develop. pay attention to finances, especially. set general training in tactics or fitness in the pre-season, high intensity and then low during the season. the main focus for match preparation can be set initially on match tactics and later on teamwork. When it comes to scouting, keep your scouts active throughout the season and make sure you’re prepared for future transitions.

    the conclusion


    club brugge wasn’t much of a challenge, but this hardly is, except for an interesting duel with bayern munchen and of course the road to the champions league title. That doesn’t mean it’s not a fun challenge. in fact, it can be quite enjoyable, especially if you spice it up with challenges like the youth academy challenge or something similar. you can even push for all the trophies straight from the first season. in this save we managed to win the bundesliga, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to win neither the german cup nor the champions league, despite reaching the final. it was bayern munchen who beat us on penalties in the cup, while real “cristiano” madrid beat us 3-0.

    As I see it, most of your obstacles will be related to complacency, agents trying to force you to renew contracts on certain players, or players worrying about moving to bigger clubs. however, these can be resolved with the correct approach. thanks for following us and good luck with borussia!

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    • pros: great stadium, excellent facilities, great prospects, very good setup, worldwide reputation, secure finances.
    • cons: ? none that I can think of except the ones mentioned above (okay maybe the salaries and bonuses are too high for my liking too)
    • difficulty: 2.5/10

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