Who Is The Rottweiler On The Masked Singer? Is It Gavin Rossdale?

    Last night, the masked singer returned in all his bizarre glory. but there was one performance that was a hair better than the rest. who exactly is the masked singer’s rottweiler?

    The Masked Singer Season 2 has been a wild ride. After starting with 16 contestants, we now have seven, as last night saw the departure of one of this season’s most mysterious performers. Patti Labelle became known as the flower after a great performance. but there is only one character who has stolen our hearts. Here’s everything you need to know about the Rottweiler in The Masked Singer.

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    who is the rottweiler? everything we know about the rottweiler about the masked singer

    Before this season even began, we already knew a few clues about the rottweiler’s identity thanks to the pre-show sneak peek of the masked singer. the rottweiler worked closely with the costume team on his costume, so those abs and chain necklace are very intentional. furthermore, this dog was presented to us as a “total perfectionist”.

    We got even more clues in week 2. before the rottweiler rocked hall & Oates’ “Maneater” revealed that his success is possibly related to football and that it “happened almost overnight.” In addition to displaying an NFL fantasy championship ring, blue roses (a reference to the Rose Bowl perhaps?), and a vinyl player, this pup said, “The first time I touched pigskin under the lights of the Friday night, I learned preparation is key.”

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    but there were two other important clues hidden in this dog’s clue packet. the rottweiler chose his character because one bit him when he was a child. In addition, they entered the masked singer to show that he “is not finished.” We know this pup has ties to North Carolina, he’s a huge fan of Triumph the Dog, and every tough time they’ve had has led to real opportunities both on and off screen. according to the week 6 clue pack, has this artist played a criminal dog? And what about that championship belt?

    who is the rottweiler? this is what the judges think is the rottweiler on the masked singer

    This pup immediately won the hearts of the judges and nicole scherzinger named him her favourite. but who do the judges think is behind those cute puppy dog ​​eyes?

    A few weeks ago, robin thicke picked seahawks quarterback russell wilson before changing his guess to backstreet boys lead singer brian littrell. Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong continued the boy band’s train of thought and guessed 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey and *nSync’s JC Chasez, respectively. But the most ambitious guess of the night came from Scherzinger, who named this dog after Bruno Mars.

    But those guesses changed drastically in week 6. Jeong left with his North Carolina partner, Gavin Degraw, which would explain those voices. Scherzinger and McCarthy took a slightly less music-focused approach. Scherzinger guessed former Glee and American Crime Story star Darren Criss and McCarthy guessed James Franco.

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    Mccarthy went back one more time in week 7. This time he thought the rottweiler might be singer and bush member gavin rossdale. Meanwhile, Jeong guessed Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. But Scherzinger and Thicke doubled down on their Darren Criss guess. it’s anyone’s game at this point.

    so who is the masked singer’s rottweiler? the rottweiler could be…

    the internet feels pretty confident with this one. Although fans originally assumed singer-songwriter Robbie Williams, most people are now convinced the Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry. That would line up with all those soccer fields the American Idol singer used to play in high school. also all those blue roses that keep popping up look a lot like a tattoo the daughter has.

    new episodes of the masked singer premiere on fox wednesdays at 8/7c.

    where to stream the masked singer

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