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    passage to another place

    Memory of Jeigh – Requires: King’s Ring (Crypt of the Undead), Heart of Ashen Mist (Dragon’s Sanctum – Elder Dragon)

    Memory of Vammar – Requires: Ashen Mist Heart (Dragonshrine – Elder Dragon)

    Reading: Forest of the fallen giants

    Memory of Gold – requires: Heart of Ashen Mist (Dragon’s Sanctum – Ancient Dragon)


    Bonfire – Requires: King’s Ring (Undead Crypt). the unknown place


    Scintillating Titanite – Requires: King’s Ring. scintillating titanite that can be found on the body hanging from the escarpment

    Long Fire Sword: To get the sword, you must enter the corridor and run through the fireballs. then go into the room on the left

    the drangleic armor + drangleic sword set: just jump into the rift and look for the items on the body there

    Ring of Restoration (The Underground) – Required: Soldier’s Key. after going down the ladder (1), cross the bridge, open the door and go ahead. the ring is on the chest.

    Sorcerer’s Staff – Once you enter the trap and the doors close behind you, you’ll need to move forward. soon, you will reach the stairs. On the right wall, there is a hidden passage. inside, is the chest with the wizard’s staff.

    ring of life: after you have walked around the trap and defeated the opponents, go down the ladder and attack the door. the soldiers on the other side will open it for you. the lifesaver is in the chest, inside the new room.

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    human effigy x5: after you have crossed the bridge, you just have to look for the plank that leads to an islet. chest contains human effigy x5

    Leather Armor Set – In the chest is a complete set of leather armor and a deerstalker hat.

    short sword: after exiting the “arena” through the gap in the wall, take the ladder and then go up the spiral stairs (watch out for enemies!). there, you simply have to jump over the crack and pick up the sword that is next to the body.

    Seed of a Tree of Giants: If another player defeats you, the tree can produce the seed of a Tree of Giants.

    estus shard – required: soldier’s key. you simply need to climb the stairs to the upper floor. the estus shard is in the chest in the second room (above the bonfire).

    chloranthy ring, titanite slab – requires: pharros keystone. After walking around the trap and defeating the opponents, go down the ladder, enter the basement and open the secret passage, using the farro’s blocking stone. the treasures are in the chests.

    npc (friendly)

    benhart of juice – after the meeting at drangleic castle

    melentia – merchant. after you defeat the first boss you will be teleported to majula from here

    Pate: A side quest. It’s a good idea to have a chat with Pate before you walk through the door and after you’ve freed yourself from the trap. thanks to this, you will receive the white soapstone sign. In addition, he will be able to help you during the battle with the last giant, which will allow you to receive his equipment in the future.

    cale the cartographer – side quest: cale gives you the keys to the house in majula and in the future he will move himself.

    rare opponent/boss

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    Catherine’s Siegmeyer – Requires: Soldier’s Rest level 2 or higher. once per full game. after leaving the building, when you take a look at its roof, on the right is the red ghost. after defeating him, you can receive a piece of the ladybug armor.

    heide knight – the knight that appears once per entire game. drops a random weapon or heide armor item.

    Optional Boss: The Pursuer – After entering a small arena, you will have a unique chance to fight the Pursuer. if you win, you will avoid one more battle with this boss in the future. in case of failure, you will have the opportunity to take revenge.

    Boss: The Last Giant (Underground): After taking the ladder (1), just take the elevator to the bottom of the location. the latest breakthrough awaits you beyond the mist.

    boss – the pursuer – requires: the soldier’s key.


    shortcut (1) – you just need to destroy the powder kegs, with fire (fire arrows, bomb, fire sword). the explosion opens a new passage for you.

    shortcut (subway): You can only open this door from the side of the elevator. allows you to quickly get to the boss in case of failure.

    optional area 1 (the underground) – requires: the soldier’s key. after taking the ladder at (1), go left into a new room. there, immediately turn right and open the door with the key. in this place, you meet the old battleships. it is here that you can get his armor.

    optional area (the underground) – requires: the iron key. this area is being occupied by fire-breathing salamanders. you can find here the ring of the falcon and the great shield of the rebel, a shield that guarantees a high resistance to magic.

    reference point/switch


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