Watch Boxing Online Free: Top 8 Boxing Streaming Sites in 2022

    boxing is an extremely popular sport that attracts spectators from all over the world. but, depending on their location, fight fans may have a hard time tuning in to their favorite fights. high-profile matches, in particular, may be restricted to certain countries or exclusive to an expensive streaming service.

    Fortunately, fans can still watch boxing for free from anywhere in the world. In this article, we list the best free boxing streaming sites and recommend the best vpn service for sports fans everywhere. p>

    top 8 free boxing streaming sites for 2022

    Like most games, boxing matches are usually locked behind a paywall. If you feel like bending the rules a bit, you can visit these unofficial sites, which allow you to stream boxing matches for free.

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    Please note that these sites do not operate legally. Unofficial streaming sites typically embed videos from servers that host sports streams. that’s copyright infringement, and watching such content is considered piracy, even if it’s rarely punished.

    #1 ustv go – the best full boxing streaming site

    Homepage screenshot of USTV GO with Logo

    ustv go is a great site for all boxing fans as well as fight enthusiasts and people who just want to tune in to live tv. it’s very easy to use and has a schedule on the website so users know exactly when they can tune in to what programming.

    ustv go has over 90 channels from usa. uu., but it is not accessible without a vpn. when people try to watch something, they will be prompted to get a vpn. if you just want to watch one game, consider getting nordvpn: it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back after watching the game of your choice.

    #2 123tv: good for multiple US sports

    Screenshot of a 123TV website homepage

    like ustvgo, 123tv offers unrestricted access to live us channels. Site visitors can enjoy programming from channels like ESPN, Showtime, CBS, HBO, NBC, or Fox News.

    123tv doesn’t require a vpn as much as ustvgo, but still recommends getting a vpn with a popup showing your ip every time you visit the site.

    123tv has over 100 channels of live American television. any combat that is broadcast on one of the main channels in the usa. uu. it will also be available to view here.

    #3 buffstreams: a beginner friendly interface for unofficial streams

    Screenshot of BuffStreams website with logo in the corner

    buffstreams is an extremely easy to use platform, with useful sports categories for your streams. users can watch content from basketball, football and nfl, to mma, boxing or rugby. users can also search for streams based on availability: which ones are live now and which ones are coming up. Not to mention that buffstreams also has a special schedule for big events coming up soon.

    buffstreams is further down the list because it has some ads, and it takes a while before you’re allowed to press play on a stream you’ve opened. but the quality is there, so it is still a platform we recommend.

    #4 stream2watch: good for European boxing fans

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    Screenshot of a Stream2Watch website homepage

    stream2watch is a great unofficial streaming site. Like buffstreams, it doesn’t group its streams based on the channel they stream from, but based on the sport they cover. In particular, stream2watch has channels from outside the US, such as eurosport, bbc, sky sports and dazn.

    While it can be a bit more confusing to navigate, stream2watch is a great option for events taking place outside of the US. For more information, read our article on stream2watch.

    #5 sportsurge: great track record, apparently offline now

    Screenshot of Sportsurge website homepage

    sportsurge is an excellent index of verified streamers that make sporting events available for free. every time we reviewed it in the past it offered great access to sports broadcasts and of course it covers boxing as well. Not to mention, sportsurge is also very well designed, making it extremely easy to navigate and choose streams to enjoy.

    However, at the time of writing, sportsurge seemed to be on the wane. all categories had a “no match found” sign plastered across the screen. That’s why even though sportsurge is a great site overall, it’s now further down our list.

    live tv #6 – a great choice for Russian boxing fans

    Screenshot of a LiveTV website homepage

    live tv is a comprehensive site based in russia for broadcasts and videos of all kinds of sports. In addition to the video content itself, Live TV also has information on upcoming broadcasts, previews, and a forum. has been active since 2006, making it a reliable site to access sports content.

    however, it’s lower on our list because it’s not too important to boxing. livetv is an amazing place for football fans. while it does have a category for boxing streams and videos, it’s empty most of the time. We recommend trying livetv if a big match is coming up and you’re having a hard time finding a stream on other sites. might be worth a try.

    If you need more sites, check out our list of free sports streaming platforms. also, consider using a vpn. A vpn is usually not a requirement for this type of unofficial site, but we still recommend that you keep it active for your protection.

    #7 streameast: An elegant design for people who prioritize a good user experience

    Screenshot of StreamEast website homepage

    streameast has the hallmarks of legitimacy: there are no pop-up ads or banners when you first access the site, and it has a pretty slick design. for the first few minutes, it’s actually a nice user experience. but actually, streameast is not a legit site. works the same way as any other entry on this list.

    It doesn’t just focus on boxing, either. Streameast covers streams from numerous sports leagues including NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, Formula 1 and UFC. users can also register on the site for quick access to content. however, we do not recommend that you do that. streameast is an illegal site, even if at the time of writing they have an ssl certificate. so it is better not to share your data with him.

    #8 crackstreams: not the best choice, but deserves a mention

    Screenshot of Crackstreams website homepage

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    crackstreams is not as pretty as streameast. it’s also a bit harder to navigate as they have more categories and a bit more confusing interface. Not to mention that crackstreams requires registration to view some content, especially older streams from your archive. so it’s not everyone’s first stop for boxing broadcasts.

    but it’s still a great site to access live events, from boxing, mma, nfl, nhl, nba, mlb, ncaaf and even football. crackstreams covers them all, just not our first choice.

    watch boxing online: official sites

    If you don’t want to get involved in piracy, you can watch boxing online on official sites. it will usually be easier to find the stream you need and you won’t have to bother with pop-up ads. Unfortunately, these sites require you to pay. These are the most popular official sites to watch boxing online.

    For on-demand streaming, all of these options work. however, for specific pvp matches, you’ll need to research which ones distribute the game you want to watch.

    how to watch boxing online from anywhere

    Due to television distribution rights, boxing matches can only be shown in certain parts of the world. to watch these matches from a different location, you must have an ip address from one of the countries allowed to watch the game.

    vpns can change your ip address, making it appear that you are browsing the web from somewhere else. If you’re on vacation in Spain but want to watch a boxing match all to yourself, all you need to do is turn on your VPN and head over to the streaming site of your choice.

    This is how you can watch fights that are not available in your country:

    1. subscribe to a vpn service. we recommend nordvpn as it is fairly consistent in bypassing geo-blocks.
    2. download the vpn app. you will get a download link as soon as you register.
    3. install the software. your system’s installation wizard will take care of this for you.
    4. connect to a server in the country from where you can watch the fight. The United States is almost always a safe bet for boxing.
    5. Access the site that distributes the fight.
    6. (optional) pay for the ppv event. If you don’t want to access an unofficial live stream, most events will ask you for a price to tune in.
    7. Enjoy the fight!

    Like it or not, some fights just aren’t available worldwide. however, if you follow the steps above, you should be able to change your ip and enjoy any boxing match around the world.

    when do you need a vpn to watch boxing?

    there are certain situations where you need a vpn to stream boxing. the most common are:

    • you’re outside a country that broadcasts a certain fight
    • it’s vacation time abroad, but you want to watch the fight with commentary in your own language
    • has a subscription to a certain boxing website like showtime, but you are in a country where that service is not available
    • want to watch boxing online for free

    a vpn can help you in these cases. To get started, you change your ip address to an ip from your country of choice. this way you can access any type of content that would otherwise be restricted in your current location.

    a vpn also keeps you safe. Good VPNs will encrypt your data and even provide valuable protection with a kill switch. this is essential if you are using a free streaming site and you are in a country where piracy is heavily prosecuted.

    the summary: how to never miss the action

    If you’re a fan of boxing, there are usually plenty of events to get excited about. World-class fighters often compete, and there is nothing more exciting than watching two talented athletes attempt a knockout.

    if you like a thrill, get a vpn, pick a streaming site, grab a beer and start watching. it’s that easy.

    and stay. We often post articles about the most exciting upcoming matches and how you can watch them. In the meantime, check out our guides on streaming sports live online:

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