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    I don’t mean to get personal right off the bat, but I’m so glad you’re reading this. really. Thank you.

    And it’s not because I need people to read my stuff. I mean, I do, but that’s not why I’m thanking you. it’s because your decision to click on a salary-cap draft results story means you’re considering joining such a format or already in one and want to get a sense of what players looked for in our draft.

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    Either way, you’ll be on your way to a totally fun experience that’s much better than basic air currents. you can get whoever you want on a salary-cap comp and you’re not bound by a base order. you don’t have to wait your turn as if you were in kindergarten. you can get whoever you want.

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    You are part of the solution, not part of the problem. Thank you. we need more salary cap writers. cbs sports can also host the format.

    Our simulation involved a lot of smart people from the fantasy world, all of whom made up their own opinions and implemented a strategy for you to consider. you can read about my strategies for approaching a salary-cap draft, but for this one I wanted to splurge on a running back and then spread my money around to get a solid starting lineup. based on adp from fantasypros i got eight players with a snake draft average of round 7 or earlier. that’s good, but not as good as other managers made it out to be. I feel ashamed.

    The alternative to the “spread” method is the “studs and duds” approach, in which a manager picks two or three high-priced players and then fills out the rest of the roster with bargains. Chris Towers did exactly this and splurged on Christian McCaffrey ($32), Dalvin Cook ($26), and Alvin Kamara ($21). that’s sick bro, but he only had 21% of his budget left for the rest of his players, including all of his receivers. those three brokers are in the top 20 of fantasypros in adp; otherwise, he has a player in the top 100. he has a lot of work to do to find good headlines; some people find it a fun challenge, others hate doing extra work. his feelings may vary.

    let’s get into it. these are the results of our full ppr and 12 team $100 draft budget. each coach fielded a team that must start a qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, tee, 2 flex (rb/wr/te) and one dst along with five reserve spots and two go spots. our scoring includes six points for all touchdowns along with one point for every 10 rushing and receiving yards, one point for every 25 passing yards and minus two points for every turnover.

    salary cap draft superlatives

    the 12 most expensive players

    the team that steals everything, according to me

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    tom brady, $1 austin ekeler, $26 david montgomery, $10 kyle pitts, $10 michael thomas, $7 diontae johnson, $5 hunter renfrow, $2 darren waller, $3

    the team that overpays everything, according to me

    josh allen, $11 najee harris, $28 rhamondre stevenson, $5 davante adams, $26keinan allen, $16 jerry jeudy, $7 cole kmet, $3

    end draft deals you should ignore because people poured their remaining budget into these guys

    christian kirk, $6 christian watson, $4 devante parker, $4 chiefs dst, $4 josh palmer, $3

    our bidders

    post-by-post results

    team-by-team results

    If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a laugh. Here are some draft salary cap results for 2021. It sure makes Ezekiel Elliott look like a bargain this year… and apparently, we can’t leave Jerry Jeudy.

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