The best football pre-season workout

    after a summer soaking up the sun, you could be forgiven for showing up to training looking like the wrong ronaldo. But with the new season just around the corner, it’s time to swap out the ice cream cones for cone drills and fine-tune your soccer engine. your touch might still be there (you never lose that, do you, champ?), but no amount of skill will get you past 90 minutes of box-to-box hitting and Sunday league tackling.

    We’ve teamed up with qualified trainer and personal trainer mark williams to put together a series of grueling circuits tailored to your position and designed to give you game day sharpness just in time for kickoff. after completing the first circuit, give yourself a team pep talk at half time (orange segments are optional) before performing the second set of drills that best suit your position in the starting xi.

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    1. put a soccer ball in the goal and walk to the bottom left corner of the area.
    2. run to the top left of the box, do 20 walking lunges and 20 side lunges (10 with each leg).
    3. run to the top right of the box, do 20 push-ups and 20 deltoid push-ups.
    4. sprint to the bottom right of the box and do 30 jump squats.
    5. run back to the starting position, do 30 seconds of side plank and 30 seconds of shoulder plank.
    6. jump and walk towards the center of the goal and pick up the ball.
    7. shuttle sprint while dribbling the ball to the 6, 12 and 18 yard lines.
    8. cross the goal line and rest for 3min. repeat twice.


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    Whether you’re inspired by the marauding david luiz or john smith’s ‘ave it’ technique, the common denominator of any defensive rock is strength in the air. increase your ability to dominate the box with this heading drill.

    1. start at the goal line and run to the 6-yard line.
    2. do 20 jump squats simulating a header on top. backtrack to the goal line.
    3. sprint to the 12-yard line, do 15 squat and jump headers. backtrack to the goal line.
    4. sprint to the 18-yard line, do 10 squat and jump headers. move back to the goal line.
    5. rest 2 minutes. repeat 8 times.


    Shutting down attacks and traversing balls means dominating the midfield. the only way to do it is by being the fittest man on the field. It won’t be easy, but this drill gives him the edge he needs.

    1. start from the penalty spot. run at 75% speed until you reach the opposite point.
    2. drop and do 20 push-ups, jumps and 20 deep squats.
    3. run to midline, do 20 jump squats. jog back to starting point.
    4. rest 2 minutes. repeat six times.


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    Coming toe-to-toe with a bruised middle back can make for a long afternoon. take care of your shins and make 50/50 balls a certainty by adding raw speed and acceleration to your locker with this drill.

    1. place a ball on the edge of the box, walk to the penalty spot with your back to the goal.
    2. turn and run to the left post, drop and do 10 push-ups, get up and run to the spot.
    3. turn and run to the right post, drop and do 12 burpees, get up and run to the ball.
    4. drag it back, shoot to the top corner (naturally) and do 8 jump squats.
    5. rest 2min. repeat eight times.

    by: edward lane; photo: getty

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