Has kentucky ever won a national championship in football

    days ago, kentucky showed off a new football facility, including this trophy for winning the 1950 season sugar bowl, marked “the national champion”.

    the 1951 national championship trophy and mannequins in uniforms greet you in the lobby of the new training center

    Reading: Has kentucky ever won a national championship in football

    This image was circulated on Tuesday and there was a lot of laughter online! who do you think is united kingdom? claiming a title we didn’t realize it claims! basketball!

    the 2015 uk media guide says then-coach bear bryant “helped the wildcats claim their first national championship and south east conference championship in 1950”, and his guides dating back at least to a decade have similar statements. (Thus alabama can somehow claim part of another title).

    “in the 1990s, research by jeff sagarin, who compiled sagarin computer ratings for us.

    uk claims a national title based on something a computer spit out four decades later, and that part is funny.

    However, if college football polls hadn’t been so slow to adjust to the importance of bowls and title claims, the UK would have had a falling out.

    Until 1968, the AP Poll (the public standard for historic title claims) crowned its champion before the bowling season, and sometimes even before the regular season ended. The UPI (the eventual poll of coaches and USA Today) wouldn’t follow his example until 1974, giving us awkward situations like Bama still claiming the ’73 title despite losing her bowl to Notre Dame who won the AP.

    in 1950, oklahoma 10-0 was named national champion by both polls before the sugar bowl against world no. 7 kentucky, which the united kingdom won.

    If that game happened today, we’d agree you wouldn’t win a championship, because losing your last game means infinitely more than losing a game in the middle of your season, for some commonly accepted reason (source: the 2011 alabama game vs. lsu series).

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    The former claim the 1950 title to this day, while the team they lost their bowl to is laughed at for doing the same thing, all because the polls worked differently then.

    Still, the UK probably wouldn’t have ranked no. 1 in a post-bowl poll. a wild rival would have.

    Kentucky’s only loss that year came to Tennessee, which entered the bowling season at No. 4 and then beat no. 3 texas. and no. 2 army lost to navy after final poll. so claim it, vols.

    the vols do, with far more backing than just the sagarin system, including the association of college football researchers and the founding of the national championship.

    this happens anyway.

    auburn thought about adding three more titles at once, decades later. Texas A&M will pitch any year you want on the side of their stadium under the title of National Champions. Bama’s list of claims inspires zaprudering throughout the year.

    and not only in the second. Among the non-Bama teams still claiming titles in the polls despite losing their bowl games are 1970 Texas, 1965 Michigan State, 1960 Minnesota, etc.

    Polls are popular, sure, but a poll discounting the final game of the season is no more legitimate than a computer system arriving decades later.

    The bottom line, as always, is that this sport is a mess, nobody’s in charge, you can claim whatever you want to impress teenagers, and it’s good to have a laugh.


    bill c’s team of the day: michigan, who’s going to win a lot of games this year whether you like it or not.

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    lovie smith declared the illini to be chicago’s great ten teams, sparking an annual debate between the illinois and northwestern states that consumed the entire days of the 37 humans who care for such a thing.

    maryland and rutgers could start a rivalry trophy, since they are the big ten teams. we have trophy name ideas.

    the big 12 plus byu would be fine for everyone… except west virginia.

    mizzou got four confirmations on Tuesday and seven this week.

    I feel like every show these days has a “hard knocks” style show. state of michigan, you’re ready!

    smu is very interested in this expansion of the big 12 and adds prominent notes in the press releases about how much money they spend.

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