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    If not, don’t feel bad. there’s always next year, and most leagues include a consolation playoff so you can at least get past a few of your friends or co-workers, even if your season didn’t go as planned. No matter how your season ended, you need to know how fantasy football playoffs work, so you can chase a league championship.

    fantasy football playoff rules and structure

    Leagues that include divisions typically have two or three divisions and function like the NFL in determining which teams make the playoffs. the team with the best record in the division will advance, even if they don’t have one of the best overall records in the entire league.

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    In leagues with divisions, there will typically be one or two wild card teams that will earn their positions from win/loss records among the rest of the non-division winners. division winners always have a higher seed than wild card teams.

    The team with the best record will be the 1st seed in the playoffs. if their league has divisions, this team, coincidentally, would have won their division as well. another division winner with the next best record will be the second seed, and so on. if your league has no divisions, the remaining seeds will be determined by overall win/loss records.

    1. total points earned

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      head-to-head record

      split record

      general points against

      coin toss

      fantasy football playoff formats

      In some deeper leagues with 12 or more teams, 6 teams can make the playoffs, which introduces the need for bye weeks. Bye weeks act similarly to NFL playoff bye weeks. seeded teams 1 and 2 will not have to play the 1st round; instead, they automatically advance to the second round and will play against the winners of the first round.

      The consolation playoffs work similarly to the regular playoffs in seeded and group style.

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      In most leagues, the fantasy playoffs will begin week 13 or 14 of the nfl season. standard leagues (four-team playoffs) will use the next two weeks for playoffs, and larger leagues with six teams can continue play through week 17.

      however, most leagues skip week 17 (and some even week 16) to avoid unfair play by nfl teams that rest players for their actual playoffs. no one wants a player on idle to ruin their playoffs. For example, if Peyton Manning is on his team and has dominated the entire season, his fantasy football championship may be decided by having to fight for a backup quarterback (QB) because Manning is off for Week 17.

      To best prepare for the fantasy football playoffs, be sure to read your league’s rules to understand how the playoffs are organized. ask your commissioner if you have any questions, such as the number of teams that can qualify, playoff schedule, rules about exempt picks and trading, etc.

      strategies to win the fantasy football playoffs

      At the end of the season, teams playing in the north will be playing in the cold and perhaps snow, so certain positions should be chosen with caution. games played in precipitation and/or extreme cold favor running play, while games played in good weather or domes generally favor passing and kicking. however, some players thrive in bad weather, so a thorough understanding of your own players will prove to be an advantage either way.

      finally, continue doing what got you to this position. don’t think too much about his decisions and just continue with the players that brought you here, barring injuries or other player circumstances.

      If you need to make adjustments to the starting roster, hopefully you’ve made good moves throughout the season and have viable bench players to replace any players who are inactive or consistently infectious. The depth of the roster cannot be underestimated come playoff time, so you should actively try to improve your team throughout the season.

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