How hard is it to get into brown

    Each school has different requirements for standardized tests. most schools require the sat or act, and many also require sat subject tests.

    You must take the SAT or ACT to apply to Brown University. More importantly, you must do well to have a strong application.

    brown university sat requirements

    Many schools say they don’t have a SAT score cap, but the truth is there is a hidden SAT requirement. this is based on the average score for the school.

    the composite average satellite score at brown university is a 1485 on the 1600 sat scale.

    This score makes Brown University strongly competitive for sat test scores.

    brown college sat score analysis (new 1600 sat)

    The new 25th percentile sat score is 1420, and the 75th percentile sat score is 1550. In other words, a 1420 on the new sat puts you below average, while a 1550 will put you above average. above average .

    here is the breakdown of the new sat scores by section:

    satellite score selection policy

    Your school’s score selection policy is an important part of your assessment strategy.

    brown university has a “highest section” scoring election policy

    this is also known as “super punctuation”. this means that you can choose which satellite exams you want to send to the school. Of all the scores they receive, your app readers will consider your highest section scores on all satellite test dates you submit.

    click below to learn more about how superscoring critically affects your testing strategy.

    therefore, if your super satscore is currently below 1550, we strongly encourage you to consider preparing for the sat and retaking it. you have many chances to increase your score, which will significantly increase your chances of entering.

    Even better, thanks to super scoring, you can focus all your energy on one section at a time. if your reading score is lower than your other sections, prepare for just the reading section, then take the sat. then focus on math for the next test, and so on. this will give you the highest superscore possible.

    brown university act requirements

    just like for the sat, brown college probably doesn’t have a hard act cap, but if you score too low your application will be thrown in the trash.

    brown college’s average score is 34. this score makes the college extremely competitive in acting scores.

    the 25th percentile performance score is 32 and the 75th percentile performance score is 35.

    Even though the brown college probably says they don’t have a minimum performance requirement, if you apply with a 32 or less, you’ll have a really hard time getting in, unless you have something more impressive on your application. there are so many applicants with a score of 34 or higher that a 32 will seem academically weak.

    act score submission policy

    if you’re taking the act instead of the sat, you have a huge advantage in how you submit scores, and this dramatically affects your testing strategy.

    here it is: when you submit act scores to colleges, you have complete control over the tests you submit. you can take 10 tests and submit only the highest. this is different from sat, where many schools require you to submit all the tests you have taken.

    This means you have a better chance than you think to improve your act score. To try to meet the 35+ school act requirement, you must try to perform the act as many times as you can. when you have the final score you’re happy with, you can send just that score to all of your schools.

    act super punctuation policy

    In general, most universities do not exceed the score. (Superscore means the school takes your best section scores from all the test dates it submits and then combines them into the best possible composite score.) therefore, most schools will only take your highest act score from a single session.

    We couldn’t find the school’s exact performance policy, which probably means it doesn’t go over the score. Regardless, you can choose your best individual score to send to brown college, so prepare until you reach our recommended target act score of 35.

    Saturday Writing Section Requirements/Act

    both sat and act have an optional essay section.

    brown university requires you to take the essay/sat writing section. they will use this as another factor in their admission consideration.

    sat subject test requirements

    Schools vary in their sat subject test requirements. selective schools generally tend to require them, while most schools in the country do not.

    brown university requires sat subject tests if you submit a sat score, not an act score. if you submit an act grade with writing, you do not need sat subject tests.

    Usually your sat/act and gpa are weighted much higher than your sat subject tests. if you have the option to improve your sat/act score or your sat subject test scores, definitely choose to improve your sat/act score.

    We did a more detailed investigation of this school and found the following information.

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