Hurdle Heights and Distances for all hurdles races

    Below is a table showing all the spaces and also a video to show you speed hurdle heights and track measurements, as a great way to visually figure out what you need to set up.

    the hurdles were a big highlight at the tokyo olympics – they are big events. come join us and we can help you with your own obstacle course.

    Here at moment sports we train many hurdlers of all ages and abilities, both in person and online. richard holt, our head trainer, is a former british champions 400mh finalist and multiple british masters champion. we also have our obstacle Sunday sessions every week; just contact us and we’ll help you get involved. We can make you a better hurdler.

    Also, try the rest of our site – it’s packed with content on all aspects of steeplechase and every other track and field event as well.

    sprint hurdles – distances and heights

    If you find this page or video useful, please share it with others; we want to make sure everyone knows how to set up obstacles correctly for racing and training.

    Why not make use of some of our training videos as well? Here’s a very quick look at how to overcome obstacles. we go much deeper in other places.

    We have many more videos to help you with your hurdling and all aspects of the sport on the website, take a look and maybe let us know what you think via our youtube channel.

    Our athletes have achieved British age group records, national age group champions (young and old!), a British university champion, Welsh internationals and numerous county titles and much more. why not compete with us as pippa earley, tom parry, kira holt, nicole kendall, mae thompson, laura darcey, alex parkinson, simon byway and chris hall have all achieved a lot.

    Check out our Sunday sessions, if you just want to do some weekly technical work or just an occasional Sunday obstacle training session.

    many people want to know how many obstacles there are in a race. in most hurdles races (100m, 110m and 400m) there are 10 hurdles, there are 8 hurdles in the 70m, 75m and 80m hurdles, 7 hurdles in the 300m hurdles and 5 hurdles in the 200m. /p>

    speed of obstacles

    long obstacles

    here is an example of the ways we can help athletes with their hurdles. you can work on these exercises, or even better come and ask us to train you to do them correctly.

    Also, if you like video on obstacles, we also have many on speed racing and other racing related topics. for example, here’s one about the set position and the first two steps from the blocks.

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