How many games of league have i played

    Have you ever wondered how many league of legends games you’ve played? For whatever reason, you sure have! Well, if you still have no idea how to check the total number of games played, then continue reading this article, as I will show you some simple tricks on how you can check it yourself without downloading any program.

    how to check how many ranked lol games you have played

    there is a difference between ranked lol games and normal lol games. Finding how many ranked lol games you’ve played is much easier as it’s built right into the tab. In the statistics tab, when you log in to your account, you can see how many games you have played in total and all the game modes are separated, which makes it even easier for you.

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    how to check how many normal lol games you have played

    to find out how many normal lol games you’ve played will take a bit more work.

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    follow these steps

    • step one: go to (this is a website where you will put your summoner name to see how many lol games you have players
    • step two: click on the “champions” tab ” on the site.
    • step three: click “normal”.

    And there you have it, as if by magic, you will see the number of normal league matches you have played. Did the number surprise you?

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    how many hours have you spent playing lol?

    Now that you know how many lol games you’ve played since you started, wouldn’t it be great to see how many hours you’ve spent playing the game? you can do this too! there is a site called (go there). wol means “wasted in the league”, but in our book, when you play lol, you’re not wasting your time at all.

    Basically, simply put, as long as you’re having fun, you’re not wasting your time. anyway, you’ll want to go to, and from there, enter your summoner’s name like you did in follow those steps and you will get the number of hours you have spent playing this exciting game.

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    Warning, hours add up, so you might be surprised. when I looked at my favorite game to see how many hours I played, I found that I had put in a total of 1,421 hours, while a friend of mine only put in 82 hours. obviously what this means is that i really love the game.

    so if you’ve found that you’ve spent much more time playing lol than living life per se, what this means is that you’ve found something that really excites you and has caught your interest, and that’s hard to find for some people in life, so congratulations on that.

    final word

    When you found out how many league games you’ve played, how did you feel? how about how many hours of lol have you played? Don’t worry, I have a friend who played more than 2248 hours of league and to this day he is still playing and I don’t see anything wrong with this.

    as long as you continue to live your life, make a living, eat dinner and keep your house clean, then you should be able to spend your time wherever you want, and if lol that’s where you choose to put your time for, then that’s perfectly fine. In the end, what matters most is that you are having fun! plus, if you spend that much time on something, you’re obviously becoming an expert.

    so how many league of legends experts do I have reading this blog right now? do you consider yourself an expert in lol?

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