How many miles is the tour de france

    the tour de france is the largest annual sporting event in the world.

    Normally held in July, the event sees nearly 200 cyclists ride over 2,000 miles in just 23 days.

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    While most of the race takes place in the towns, cities, fields and mountains of France, it often starts in a foreign country as well.

    and it’s absolutely free to watch, you just have to get there early to beat the crowds and find a place to stand!

    So, can you tell your yellow shirt from your mole? your mountain stage from your flat?

    if not, newsround is here to help you enjoy this epic race!

    Basically, it’s a great bike race through France!

    Millions of people line the route which is made up of 21 stages traveled over 23 days, which means they only have two days off to rest. ouch!

    Twenty-two teams from around the world take part in the tour, each having up to nine riders.

    Riders average around 25mph for the entire ride, but at some points they will go much faster than that, sometimes over 70mph!

    everyone wondered why the riders are so skinny. Well, it’s fair to say that it’s a great way to keep fit.

    If you finish the grueling course, you could burn up to 118,000 calories.

    That’s the equivalent of 26 chocolate bars a day!

    The current champion is Tadej Pogačar, 23 years old. The Slovenian cyclist became the youngest cyclist in 110 years when he first won the yellow jersey in 2020.

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    He followed that up with a win in 2021, making him the youngest person to win twice.

    will be looking for a third win to catch up with some of the true greats in the sport.

    Runners can compete for each stage win or to earn the right to wear one of the famous jerseys, which can change hands many times during the race:

    the green jersey is the points award. You get points for being one of the first riders to cross the line in each stage. it is usually won by a sprinter.

    But the course isn’t just about hitting the highest speeds, it’s also known for its uphill struggles. cyclists climb thousands of meters up alpine mountains, and the best rider on those stages wins a stylish polka dotred and white jersey.

    The white jersey is awarded to the best young runner, that is, someone who is under 25 years old.

    but the prize everyone dreams of is the yellow jersey. riders compete fiercely for a chance to use it for a day during the race, let alone use it as the winner at the end.

    If you are wearing the maillot jaune (yellow jersey), it means that you are the overall leader of the race in total time from the start of the course.

    Tour champions tend to be strong at everything: climbing, sprinting, and time trials.

    The race is divided into 21 different parts or “stages” and it’s not just about flat roads. the tour also takes cyclists into the mountains.

    The different stages have different names:

    prologue: Each rider races against the clock in a short time trial (usually less than six miles).

    flat: Despite the name, it doesn’t necessarily mean perfectly flat. they are usually large groups of competitors who travel together in a large group or ‘platoon’ for about 125 miles. these end in one of two ways: an individual or small group ‘breakaway’ victory, or typically with a hair-raising group sprint.

    time trial: a race against the clock. similar to a prologue but slightly longer. these are shorter stages of around 30 miles (instead of 100-125 miles). sometimes riders do it alone, sometimes they do it as a team

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    mountain: They come in all shapes and sizes, rising from sea level to 2000 meters, sometimes more than once a day. hard!

    not. It is a great team event, but each team has a leader who is very important. the team leader is usually the strongest rider.

    The other members of the team are traditionally called domestiques, from the French word for servants.

    These riders work hard at every stage to protect their team leader.

    They even have to fetch water for him (and everyone else) if he needs a drink and if he gets a flat, they’ll wait while the team mechanic changes his tire. Some even have to hand over their bike to him if he needs it!

    the star man will ride behind his teammates; they protect him from the wind, which makes it easier for him and he gets less tired.

    Your reward is a share of the prize money and the glory of contributing to a successful team.

    When the race is underway, many cyclists often ride in a large group called a peleton.

    This is when everyone rides together in formation to save energy, a bit like a flock of birds.

    no, he regularly gets into other countries bordering france and sometimes the race even starts in another country.

    The first two days of racing, the big start, are traditionally held in a new location every two years.

    it was in london in 2007 and in 2014 the tour started in yorkshire. in 2022 it is in copenhagen in denmark.

    henri desgrange started the race as a publicity stunt in 1903.

    he came up with the idea of ​​a bike race through france to raise the profile of l’auto, the newspaper he worked for.

    The first race was a huge success with 60 riders covering an incredible 1,500 miles.

    The tour now is like a big race with a lot of smaller races in it.

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