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    When you talk about sports mascots, one of the first in your mind has to be the phillie phanatic. There are three MLB mascots in the baseball hall of fame. There’s the San Diego Chicken, which started out as a radio station mascot but later became the mascot of the San Diego Padres.

    also, once pete rose dressed in the chicken suit at the wwe and was knocked down by kane. Somehow, it’s not the least worthy thing she’s ever done for the former Cincinnati Red. there is youppi, who was the mascot of the montreal expositions and now frequents the canadiens games. then there’s the fanatic.

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    How did this wonderful mascot come about and how much money does he earn to prank fans and players?

    the story of the phillie fanatic

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    the front office of the philadelphia phillies began to dream up the idea of ​​a mascot in the winter of 1977. they called the company harrison/erickson, run by wade harrison and the designer of muppets bonnie erickson , to create the team mascot.

    The zealot is described as a flightless bird from the galapagos islands, although it is covered in green fur and is also quite large, like something out of a dr. seuss book he wears a phillies uniform and, of course, he doesn’t speak. The fan debuted in 1978 in a showdown with the Chicago Cubs, and the city of Philadelphia embraced it pretty quickly, the same way they did with Rocky’s and Cheesesteaks. Considering this is the town that once booed Santa Claus, that was far from a given.

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    david raymond was the original phillie phanatic actor in the iconic phillies suit, but in 1993 he relinquished the role to tom burgoyne, who refers to himself as the fanatic’s “best friend” . Since we’re assuming you’re an adult reading this, we can say he’s the guy in the suit. I’m sorry if we ruined any childhood.

    Phillie Phanatic, Jazz Chisholm, Magnernius Sierra

    Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    The Phillies mascot gets up to all sorts of stuff at Phillies games. He’s known for riding around on an ATV, a tradition that continued after the move from Veterans Stadium to Citizens Bank Park. He does his “Phanatic Dance” on top of the dugout and will warmup in the bullpen. The Phanatic is also known to mess around with umpires and players on opposing teams.

    However, not everyone likes the antics of the phillie fanatic. in 1982, he was approached by st. Louis Cardinals outfielder Lonnie Smith, who was also a former Phillie. perhaps most infamously, the fan was attacked by los angeles dodgers manager tommy lasorda, though history has been kinder to the fan’s legacy than lasorda, so give the big man that round green.

    phillie phanatic salary

    Phillie Phanatic rides his ATV in the Citizen Bank PArk outfield.

    Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

    The Phanatic does more than just show up at Phils games or down at spring training. You can catch him at events all over Pennsylvania, many of which involve charity so Pittsburgh Pirates fans likely won’t complain too much about that.

    Occasionally, the zealot will cross the hall as well. he and new york mets mascot mr. they met they were in a mastercard ad together, and the fan was also in an espn commercial with new york yankees legend derek jeter >.

    In terms of television appearances, the fan has been in episodes of “where in the world is carmen sandiego?” and “30 rock”. Notably, however, he did not appear in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” instead, the show had to use an imitation they called “frantic” in their episode “the defense of the world series“. at the end of the episode they yell at him, and apparently mlb wouldn’t allow the fan to appear on such a raunchy show.

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    Missed opportunities to hang out with the rice bar gang aside, the fan makes a lot of money. Much more than that ironic crab mascot that the San Francisco Giants tried in 1984.

    The phillie fan reportedly gets $600 an hour for appearances. By way of comparison, the milwaukee brewers’ bernie brewer earns $275 per appearance, and the detroit tigers’ paws earn up to $200 per hour. that’s a lot of money for the mlb mascot goat.

    That said, that’s not all the money the fan and his good burgoyne friend make. Due to how iconic it is, the phillie fan can also make a lot of money on merch. the fanatic (or the man behind the snout) is rumored to earn a six-figure salary a year.

    Of course, the fanatic now has competition in his own city with lumpy, the mascot of the flyers. on the other hand, they could always join forces. after all, bryce harper wore a t-shirt depicting both the fanatic and the gaunt when she first appeared at citizen bank park.

    The Phillie Phanatic looks of Tommy Lasorda

    Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

    Publications from Sports Illustrated Kids to Forbes have named the Phillie Phanatic the best mascot of all time. In all four corners of the country, fans of teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels know the Phanatic. You might know him better than your own team’s mascot.

    There are a few other mlb mascots in the pet hall of fame, which is a real thing: the kansas city royals sluggerrr, the baltimore oriole bird, and the baltimore slider. the cleveland indians. none of them hold a candle to the fan, and none of them make that much money either.

    If you’re a fan of another National League East team like the Atlanta Braves or the Miami Marlins, you might be charmed by the fan if you travel to Philadelphia for a Phillies game. maybe cover you with silly ropes or bathe your head. in a way, though, it’s a kind of honor. you are interacting with a legend. Tommy Lasorda may not have appreciated it, but we do.

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