How much does the winner of the indy 500 get

    The influence of covid-19 still looms over the racing world, and the 2022 indy 500 is no exception.

    The 2020 edition was supposed to be the largest overall purse in the history of the race before it was cut in half without fans being able to attend the event. in 2021, the bag was moderately higher, advertised at around $8.85 million. this year it should increase again, but not as substantially as some would like.

    Indy 500, for all its glamour, is not the most lucrative race in the world. Getting fans back in the stands will help, but it still looks like the purse will gradually rise to around $10 million this year.

    The bag isn’t actually announced until after the race, so there’s no way to be sure, but these are estimates based on past growth and expectations.

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    how much prize money does the winner of the indy 500 receive in 2022?

    Prize money: $2 million (est.)

    calculating the indy 500 stock market payout is tricky. a number of factors influence how the prize is divided, including pole winner, laps led, and certain sponsorships. helio castroneves made $1.8 million last year, and the number seems to be higher, but not as drastic as the $500,000 difference with takuma sato’s win in 2020.

    The figure may not quite reach the magic figure of $2.4 million it had for 12 years, but the increase in ticket sales this year is a positive sign for the eventual winner.

    what is the indy 500 portfolio for 2022?

    indy 500 coin: $10 million (est.)

    The purse for the 2022 Indianapolis 500 has not yet been made public, but is likely to be between $8.85 million in 2021 and $13 million in 2019.

    Grandstands are almost sold out and ticket sales are reportedly the best since 2016. However, barring an increase in sales, a local network blackout is expected, which would also affect the stock market.

    indianapolis speedway owner roger penske had shown interest in making the 2020 pot the largest in race history before the pandemic forced it down. with people once again paying to be in seats, he should have a chance to keep adding to the purse. it’s still fighting back, but it should be more than last year’s $8.85 million haul.

    indy 500 payout breakdown 2021

    Payment for the winners of the indy 500 takes into account several factors beyond the simple location of the drivers, but each will go home with at least six figures, if recent history is any indication. scott dixon, who took pole position, will also get a hefty payout.

    Payout structure takes into account certain drivers’ sponsors as well as race day variables such as laps led and fastest laps. Two years ago, for example, Marco Andretti, who finished 13th, won more than all but the top four finishers.

    Below are the results from last year’s indy 500, which was still hampered by the covid-19 pandemic and allowed 40 percent capacity at ims.

































    indianapolis 500 payment history

    While helio castroneves’ win netted him just under $2 million, it still pales in comparison to recent grand prizes.

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    castroneves earned nearly $500,000 more than takuma sato in 2020, but the sport is clearly still working its way back up. each winning driver took home more than $2 million between 2008 and 2019, including a record $3 million haul from castroneves in 2009.

    here are all the previous purses and earnings in the last 105 years of the indy 500.

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