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    The “superman” strike is not part of the krav maga curriculum, but we teach it in our wrestling classes because it is a useful technique to use in combat. this video teaches you how to perform the superman punch and common mistakes to avoid. it will also show you how to set it up and when to use it during combat.


    “hi, this is randall and glenda with and in this video i’m going to teach the superman punch. the superman punch is not a required technique in the krav maga curriculum to my knowledge, or at least not as of the date we are shooting this video. however, I teach this particular technique, as one of many techniques, in our wrestling class because we’re all on point, I don’t care where it comes from, if it’s a krav maga technique or not, if it works, we use that. and several of my students have asked me to make a video on this so they can practice it on their own to make sure they are doing it correctly.

    very good. this is what superman punch is if you haven’t learned it before. the scenario is that I’m far enough away to be in kicking range like this. it is not a range of blows. so the nice thing about the superman punch is that I can close this gap and still hit the person. and it works very well by throwing a kick to fool the person. so maybe I’m throwing a front kick to the groin, a front kick to the stomach, maybe a low kick here. when I catch people trying to grab my leg. they put their hands down to block and try to grab my leg, that’s the best time for superman to hit them because you can walk over and hit them in the face while their hands are down. in any case. this is how you would actually use and apply it.

    Now let me talk about technique now. this is how it works: I’m going to take my back leg and I’m going to lift it. I can pick it up like this so the guy thinks I’m doing a front kick. or I can take it to the side so the guy thinks I’m going to do a rounder kick. It doesn’t really matter if the person sees that leg, I see that they put their hand down to protect themselves from that, that’s when, that’s how we set them up. just like this while doing that, I’m going to keep this knee bent. my base knee was bent like this so it’s in a position where I can jump. as this knee comes up, i’m using the momentum of that knee lift to push this foot off and jump in. Now when I’m jumping off my left foot, I notice that I’m landing on my left foot. so it’s a jump. a jump is the definition that you jump with one foot, you land on the same foot.

    Now as I do, my torso will lean forward slightly and I’ll throw a cross with my right hand. like this. the moment is when this foot lands on the ground, that’s when you should be impacting the bag here. while I’m doing it, often as your arm goes out, the other leg naturally moves back a bit to counteract. the more you lean forward, the more likely you will feel your leg balance. like this.

    Now, the most important thing is that when you jump, it’s not even really a jump. it’s more like you’re slipping. I want to keep my head as level as possible. I don’t want to jump high and get hit like this. when you’re in the air too long, you’re too vulnerable. the boy can get out of the way. if they are fighters, they can shoot under that and take you down. They have too much time to see it coming. I want to keep my head level relatively low. Notice how my left foot, when I jump off it, barely leaves the ground. it’s like, here’s the ground, it comes out of the ground and slides over it and back down again. It’s not this big jump like this. it is so

    now obviously the distance of that just depends on how far away the target is. if it is further away it may be a bigger jump. if it’s relatively close, it can be a quick jump.

    and once you get comfortable doing this on the crossover side, you can technically do it on the jab side as well. lift this leg. fake a front kick. fake a round kick. push that back leg. throw the jab I usually recommend doing the crossover side first because it’s easier. it’s a bit more powerful. once you get good at it, you can also do it on the jab side.

    This is one of those techniques that I don’t use all the time. I just shoot it every now and then. maybe once per round. Like I said, when I catch the person when I’m throwing a lot of low kicks or body kicks, I catch them dropping their hands a lot, that’s when I throw it. let’s show that glenda. Let’s put the glove aside please. so we’re in a fighting position. Okay. so i catch glenda dropping his hands. maybe she is not well trained. and there it is I’m hitting her over her guard.

    good. that’s the superman punch. thanks for watching.”

    “adapt what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically yours”. -bruce lee

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