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    how to improve in league of legends

    upgrading in league of legends is quite easy if you are a new player or someone who has a low rank.

    When you start moving up in the ranked system, things can get a lot more difficult. however, that’s not to say you’ll be stuck once you start climbing!

    In this guide, we’ll break down 5 tips and tricks to help you get better at League of Legends.

    Using everything I talk about in this article will definitely scale you up and you will see a considerable increase in ranking before the season is over.

    These tips in this guide are not aimed at any particular role or player, so they will work for everyone, regardless of role!

    5 tips to help you get better at league of legends

    1. focus on one role
    2. solidify your pool of champions
    3. place better protections
    4. understand wave management
    5. mobalytics master
    6. 1. focus on one role

      To increase your chances of winning matches and improving overall in league of legends, you should stick to a primary role and only play that role in ranked. if you play all roles or choose to fill as your preferred role, you are severely lowering your chances of winning games.

      imagine this; They have filled you and given you jungle. you don’t know how to play jungle so well, but you play the game. you check your mobalytics app and see that the enemy jungler is a jungle otp. you’re going to have a hard time playing against them because they know and play the role better than you do.

      If you limit yourself to 1 role, you will have more experience and be able to perform well. the more you do something, the better you will do it. Spending a lot of time playing your main role will give you a better understanding of how the role is played, how matchups play out, and what you can and can’t do in certain matchups.

      Cheat Sheet for Roles

      However, it’s good to play a secondary role that is similar to the main lane. for example, support and adc, or mid and top. they overlap to some extent, and you can easily transfer the information and things you learn from one role to another.

      not sure which role is for you? Check out our guide on choosing your lead role!

      2. solidify your pool of champions

      Similar to playing a main role, you need to choose only a handful of champions to play in ladder. There are 156 champions in league of legends, and if you played all of them, you wouldn’t be good enough with all those champions to win games. If you repeatedly play 2-5 champions, your chances of winning games go up considerably because you’re used to playing those champions.

      If you’re up against someone cheating on a champion and you only have a handful of games with your chosen champion, it’s obvious they’ll win the match even if they statistically favor you.

      I would recommend having a primary champion, followed by 2-4 champions you can pick as a backup in case your primary champion gets banned or countered. If you’re having a hard time finding which champions are good right now or which ones you should be playing, I recommend checking out the mobalytics tier list. pick some champions that are currently s level.

      It’s also a good idea to pick champions that can be flexed or played in multiple roles. for example, lissandra (although she’s not much of a champion right now) can be flexed in the mid and top lane. you can also play lucian on top, mid and adc.

      Discover more tips and tricks here to help you build and consolidate your pool of champions.

      3. place better protections

      Protection in League of Legends remains one of the most underrated and underused tools in the game. warding gives you and your team so much information that can help you win the game.

      Because it’s so shocking, you need to learn when, where and how to protect yourself effectively in league of legends.

      If you want to know where to protect yourself, I recommend you check out our detailed protection guide, which shows the best protection locations in league of legends. breaks down each role and lane to make it even easier!

      Throughout the game, you must buy control rooms and place them around the map. you don’t need to buy 1 on each back, but one every so often and replace them each time the previous one dies and as the game progresses. make sure you invest in control rooms and place them often.

      4. understand wave management

      Wave management and learning when to push and when not to push is a strategy that high elo players abuse. it is difficult to master, but the concept is quite simple to understand. When I look at the lower elo players and how they move, I see a common mistake: how they handle waves of minions.

      avoid constantly pushing the wave of minions during the laning phase. if you’re constantly pushing the minion wave, you open yourself up to ganks from the enemy jungler, resulting in you dying and being left behind.

      Also, pushing the enemy towards their tower could allow them to move you away from the minions or position you when you get close to secure last hits on enemy minions. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to fight or kill the enemy, as their tower protects them.

      Learning to freeze is simple. if you want the minion wave to stay in the middle of the lane, make sure there are enemy minions equal to allies. if you want the wave to be closer to your side of the lane, you want to make sure there are more enemy minions than allied minions.

      freezing is a great strategy. It can allow you to push the enemy away from the farm and gain a cs and xp advantage. can often lead to solo kills or kills for your jungler, as a jungler can easily attack a friendly frozen lane.

      Do you need to learn how to manage the waves correctly? check out our wave management guide.

      5. master mobalytics

      For our final tip, learn how to master the mobalytics companion app.

      On the mobalytics site, you can find tons of information to help you play your favorite champions, including builds, runes, combos, and much, much more.

      Desktop app splash

      one way to get better at league of legends is by taking the best builds possible to help you win. if you take the wrong runes or build the wrong items, you will do more harm than good.

      on the other hand, the mobalytics app can automatically import the best runes and items, so you don’t need to be up to date with them from patch to patch.

      The Mobalytics app will also provide you with helpful hints throughout your game, including displaying enemy power spikes, general matchmaking tips, letting you know when targets spawn, and much more. use it as a helper tool to help you climb.

      For more information, check out our ultimate guide to mobalytics.


      You don’t have to be constantly playing league of legends to get better at the game. learning the basics and then applying them in-game will help you climb the ladder and make you a better player overall.

      If you have any questions or would like more information, check out the picklepants stream.

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