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    So, let’s get one thing straight: we’re not talking about the two-player card game add-on. snaps is not a card game at all! This is a fun party game that’s great for a house party, an icebreaker at work, or any other occasion.

    snaps is easy to pick up and play once you know the rules. This is precisely what we will see in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s start by examining what snapshots are all about.

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    what are snapshots?

    snaps is a social party game and a great way to get people to relax. If you like games like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll love Snapshots. in moments, a member of your group will become the snapper.

    The snapper will have to think of a name. You can set a theme for the game if you want, but most games start with celebrities as the first category. once the snapper has found the name, it can choose between two options.

    the snapper can spell the name directly or spell clues. if they choose to spell the word directly, they must declare: “snaps is the name of the game.” however, if they are spelling out clues, they should say, “snaps is not the name of the game.”

    When it comes to playing, the snapper should give clues using short sentences. For example, let’s say the celebrity you choose is Tom Cruise. your first sentence could be, “today is a good day.”

    Now the other players will know that the name they need to guess starts with a t. for any vowel in the name; you must snap your fingers to help the other players identify which vowel it is. you click once for a, twice for e, three times for i, four times for o, and finally five times for u.

    so, to use our earlier example for tom cruise, you’ll click four times because the second letter is an o. that’s the basics of what snapshots are. we’ll talk more about setting and gameplay below. but first, let’s see what you need to play.

    what you will need to play

    To play Snapshots, you need nothing more than a creative mind and the ability to think fast! While Snaps is a fun board game, it can get surprisingly competitive, just like charades. but to be honest, that’s part of the fun!

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    One thing you’d like to do to make the game a little easier for beginners is write the names first. you can think of the game a bit like a fish tank with the clues ready for players to use, so they just need to be selected.

    Doing this makes it easier for players to choose a name/word. just make sure you put a lot of names on the pot if you plan on doing this. so you will not have an extra advantage when it comes to guessing.

    You could use a fish tank to hold the clues like this koller fish tank. but any type of container will do. We only recommend having pre-written clues if people are having a hard time finding their own. as it can take some of the creativity out of the game.

    rules and gameplay

    the object of the game

    The point of snapshots is just to have fun! no points are awarded or anything like that. if you are bored of competitive games like monopoly. you want a break from mental challenges like chess or shogi, then snapshots are just what you need.

    really, the only goal is to make sure your word is challenging enough. if your word is too easy to guess, snapshots won’t be much fun. To do this, you’ll need to think of clever and witty clues to say. So, now let’s talk about how to set up the game.


    Setting up a snap game is relatively easy. the game is perfect for playing in larger groups of 6 or more people. but it can also be played with smaller groups. the first thing you need to decide is who will be the first snapper.

    If you’re having trouble deciding, players can flip a coin to decide. once the first snapper is ready, you need to choose whether or not it will be a theme for the game. To make your snaps more challenging, you can set a theme like sports.

    then each word should be related to sports in some way. we do not recommend setting a theme for your first few games. but it can certainly be a fun twist to try later. once this is decided, the first snapper should have a minute or two to think about their word. once this is done, the game can begin!

    game snapshots

    First, think of your word for the group to guess. then you must decide whether to spell the name directly or spell a clue. both approaches use the same basic method.

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    however, spelling the name is the easiest option. if you want to make it harder for the group to guess, spell a clue instead. We have divided this section into two parts to make it easier to understand.

    snaps – playing the word

    if you are spelling the word directly, you must declare it to the group. this is done by saying: “snaps is the name of the game”. then you must use a combination of short sentences and complements to give clues to the group.

    let’s say the word or name you chose was will smith. begins by saying a sentence that begins with a w. for instance; you could say, “welcome to the game, everyone.” for vowels, you use snaps.

    We mentioned them earlier, but to highlight them again, a is one complement, e is two complements, i is three complements, o is four complements, and u is five complements. the second letter is i so you click three times. you keep using this game loop until someone guesses the word.

    clicks: play a track

    if you decide to play a clue instead of spelling the word, you should say: “snaps is not the name of the game”. then you must spell your keyword using short sentences for consonants and complements for vowels.

    let’s say the name or word you have chosen is harrison ford. then your keyword could be han alone. so, you will start by saying a short sentence that starts with an h. then click once to show that the next letter is an a.

    what makes snapshots surprisingly tricky is that any spaces in the word/name are not pointed to the group. so while they may know the letters, they won’t know exactly how they go together.

    winning photos

    So now you know how to play snaps when you’re the snapper. but what if you’re in the group? well, you work with the other players to try and figure out the word/name the snapper came up with.

    As you work as a team, you’ll want to be the first person to guess the word. since then you will become the snapper for the next round! the game can continue for a set number of rounds or just until you are ready to stop playing.

    snaps – a fun social game!

    While snapshots are easy to get to grips with, the gameplay can be surprisingly strategic. there are many ways to make even the easiest word hard to guess. If you like party games, you should definitely try snaps.

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