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    The goal of any athlete is to make a living playing the sport they love. In basketball, if you don’t make it to the NBA or NBA G League, there are hundreds of other leagues around the world where you can make your dreams of earning good money playing basketball come true. This step-by-step guide will break down the steps on how to play basketball abroad.

    step 1: play at the highest level in your home country

    image of how to play basketball abroad for americans from europrobasket

    Reading: I want to play overseas basketball

    You need experience playing at the highest level to get the most interest from overseas teams. therefore, your goal should be to reach the highest level wherever you currently live and play.

    American players

    ncaa d1: Overseas teams know there is a US ranking system. uu. which has ncaa d1 at the top, followed by ncaa d2 and ncaa d3. naia is still not completely clear for many teams abroad, but it can still provide a good experience.

    canadian ussports is increasingly known by teams from across the pond. the canadian nbl is a great option for a quality experience.

    juco and high school experience are usually not enough to get serious interest from overseas teams. that is if you are not ranked in the nation like lamelo ball or brandon jennings . go to a 4-year college program at the highest level possible.

    aau sponsored club teams and shoes will help you get exposure in colleges, but will rarely give you enough exposure to go abroad.

    If you’re over the clock with college eligibility or it’s just not for you, joining a semi-pro team is the best option. be sure to read the last section of the article if you fall into this category.

    international players

    Club Teams: For international players, this is the only way to play basketball competitively. work to get into the best club team in your city or town.

    Junior National Team: Your goal should be to play for your country’s national team. the senior team would be the ultimate goal, but the junior teams will give you exposure.

    step 2: get statistics

    get statistics: image of how to play basketball abroad through europrobasket

    If you go to the ncaa d1 and you don’t get any minutes, you’re having a hard time getting stats, then you’re also going to have a hard time getting interest from overseas teams.

    Go to d2 and be an American. that will give you a great gaming experience and quality stats, which could lead to a professional contract.

    ncaa, naia, usports, international leagues and club teams; he increased those numbers while adding value to his team.

    make sure you know where to put your stats. keep track of them and add them to your resume at the end of each season.

    step 3: get video

    The in-game movie is your way of showing off your talent, athleticism, and decision-making skills to teams around the world. the video is the second step in your quest to learn how to play basketball abroad.

    one highlight per season: add each season you play with a highlight. teams, coaches, agents… they like to take a quick look at how you move and shoot. this will increase their interest and make them consider seeing some of your full games.

    two full games per season: This is self explanatory, but you need to play two full games per season. this is a minimum. some teams may ask for more. make sure they are the best games you have ever played, both on offense and defense.

    You must be in control of your own movie. create a youtube channel, vimeo or sign up for another streaming service. membership is free and you can upload as many videos as you want.

    acceptable video: you must read this

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    The quality of the competition is absolutely critical to getting a team abroad to watch your video. disorganized and low-level competition will not attract the attention of clubs abroad.

    open gyms, open races, ymca, juco or high school are not of sufficient quality to pique the interest of overseas contacts. you need to get as much competition as possible. playing against adults in an organized competitive environment.

    ncaa, naia, usports are the best options for players from america. international players can use the local competitions of their country. the higher the level of competition, the better.


    usa semi-professional leagues. uu. can also be good options. not every team abroad will consider it, but many will. it is important that your team is organized and that the competition is of a high level. good defensive effort. executing organized sets and plays in attack.

    the combination of basketball abroad, exhibition camps and exhibitions in the us. uu. will not attract the interest of a team. take our word for it or read this article to learn why teams don’t consider it a viable option for scouting players.

    learn more about why the usa basketball combination movie. uu. abroad won’t help you get abroad next.

    The overseas tour game film can work well due to the fact that you usually play in foreign teams. be selective in the route you take. if you tour latin america, don’t expect to use the film to help you get on a team in europe.

    exercise videos or clips of yourself exercising will rarely get you anywhere. if you have a solid game film and have had a few months off, a team may want to watch a training film to make sure they are fit. although this is not usually the case.

    Slow motion mixtapes and video clips are great but not beneficial for coaches and scouts. you’ll get some endorsements from your ig friends and followers, but won’t do anything to get you signed.

    europrobasket game movie: Players on the europrobasket program play weekly matches against European teams. the leagues in which the europrobasket team plays are recognized in spain and the rest of europe. If you are wondering how to play basketball abroad, we have the answer here in Valencia, Spain: register to be part of the Europrobasket professional internship program here.

    step 4: get a passport

    bosman a, bosman b, cotonou passport image via europrobasket

    You cannot leave your country without a passport, with some exceptions, which are not worth mentioning in this article.

    You will need that passport to travel and many times to sign up for an international team or league. take care of that before you start your plans to go abroad.

    dual citizenship and its benefits in foreign basketball

    You may have heard of players having dual citizenship or dual passports. this is one of the first things we recommend our players at europrobasket to look into.

    If your parents were born in another country or have their citizenship in another country, you are also eligible to receive yours.

    You could possibly be eligible for another citizenship if your grandparents were born in another country. Do some research on the historical background of her family as it will greatly benefit you.

    Why is it important to have dual nationality?

    If you have a European passport, for example, you will be considered a European player rather than an imported player. No visa is required to register for a team and there are 3 to 5 times more roster spots available for European Bosman passport holders than for imported players or US passport holders.

    If you have citizenship in a specific country, regardless of the country, and there is a professional basketball league in that country, you will most likely be considered a local player. this has many benefits and will prolong your career as a professional player and even a coach indefinitely.

    bosman a – bosman b – cotonou – the differences

    bosman a

    These passports are for citizens of the European Union. there are 27 countries in the eu with a few exceptions that are added to the bosman a player list. this is possibly the most beneficial passport to have in basketball abroad. You can find some interesting information about Bosman’s decision and how it changed NCAA and European basketball here.

    boatswain b

    These passports are European countries but excluded from the European Union. most European leagues have roster spots reserved for players with these passports. registering in the league is usually less expensive than registering imported players. players will need a visa to play and work in the country the team is based in.


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    These passports are from developing countries, or third world countries in Africa and many island nations. Many leagues in Europe (Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, etc.) have roster spots specifically for these passport holders. their league entry fee is cheaper for the team. they also need a visa to work and play in the country where the team is located. more about the cotonou agreement here.

    table of countries of bosman a, bosman b and cotonou

    chart of country list of bosman a, bosman b, cotonou by europrobasket

    Step 5: Create a biography, resume, or resume

    player’s resume: image of how to play basketball abroad through europrobasket

      hundreds every week )
    • add featured links and full game links to make them clickable
    • add the accolades and achievements
    • add references if you like
    • save it to a pdf and save it to a file so you can update it
    • make it organized and professional looking
    • it only needs to be a page or two
    • skip the self-explanation, self-exploration, and nba player comparison
    • remember, less text is better, English is the second, third, or fourth language of the person reviewing your biography
    • have it ready to send to your phone
    • we did an article specifically on how to make a basketball resume which can be found ar below.

    step 6: net – how to play basketball abroad

    • use current contacts with coaches, trainers and teammates
    • create and use social media accounts, most contacts abroad have facebook, linkedin and twitter. some have instagram accounts.
    • create your own website with all your stats and video links if you can.

    step 7: find an agent – how to play basketball abroad

    a basketball agent will have the contacts to help you start your career abroad. however, there is a lot you need to know about foreign agents. we cover every detail in the next article.

    step 8: better opportunities to play basketball abroad

    image of the best opportunities to play basketball abroad through europrobasket

    visit the country you want to play in

    You have tried steps 1 to 7 on how to play basketball abroad. you don’t have a team yet. here are your options.

    if you want to play in japan, go to japan and introduce yourself to the teams. It’s a big risk and very expensive, but if you can walk into a gym and try out for a team, your chances of the team giving you a chance to sign with them are much higher.

    There are obvious drawbacks to this option. many teams only allow a certain number of imported players. higher-tier teams have specific needs, and there’s a chance you won’t be an exact fit on the team.

    exhibition or exhibition camp

    exhibitions in the usa. uu. they are unpredictable. more failure than success. too many players, unorganized open basketball type. Most teams can’t afford to send a coach or general manager to the United States to scout a group of players. it is much easier and less expensive for them to contact an agent for players with professional experience.

    Live streams mean a busy person needs to take time to watch, taking into account the time difference. Don’t be fooled by the gimmick that many camps and combos in the US have. uu. they try to sell the players.

    Agent storefronts can be a good option. usually only one or two of the top players will be of interest to the agency.

    basketball academies & trips abroad

    These options require more investment, but how much is a basketball career worth to you? put yourself in the middle of a country or region where you are interested in living and playing basketball.

    The downside of touring is that it can be hard to get into a good groove and perform in just a week or 10 days. you don’t have a lot of time to practice and get used to your tour gear. it will move from one place to another with many hours of travel. tours are really hard to time as teams sign players at different times of the year, so when is the best week to tour? your guess is as good as theirs…

    some are organized and done by professionals, most are disorganized and can be very uncomfortable and in some cases scary.

    A basketball academy is your best option. If you want the most legitimate chance of turning pro, why not select the best basketball academy, with the longest history of helping players sign with teams in Europe? located in the largest basketball facilities in europe in collaboration with one of the largest clubs in europe. europrobasket will help you go to the next level.

    the best and safest opportunity to start your professional basketball career abroad is with the europrobasket international academy. here are 21 reasons why.

    register for the most successful career placement program here:

    basic elements to play basketball abroad

    essential to play basketball abroad image via europrobasket

    For many players, these essentials for playing basketball abroad will be just reminders. but it is still crucial to your success playing basketball abroad.

    complete your career as a college player

    • Nobody will deny that the most important and useful experience for an American player is a college basketball program.
    • There is no better place to get high-level training. and then competition in the American collegiate system.
    • You cannot substitute for the 4 years of basketball knowledge, training, experience, physical growth, and mental maturity that a college basketball career will give you.
    • not to mention the actual degree you can receive, paid for by yourself, from the university you attend.
    • stay in school if you want a better chance of playing professional basketball.

    stay prepared: how to play basketball abroad

    • worst thing that can happen is you take a test and you’re not fit to play
    • you should lift weights, conditioning (runs, sprints, hills, stairs, bike, plyometrics) ) skill work, playing 1v1 and 5v5.
    • meet other foreign professional players and train with them.
    • if you are not sure how to prepare, hire a professional basketball coach who can help make a plan for you.

    stay active in networking and networking

    • every day is a new opportunity to meet someone who can help you in your quest to play basketball abroad.
    • use your current contacts with coaches, teammates and coaches to reach to new contacts.
    • When you meet people involved in basketball, exchange contact information with them. reach out to them and develop a relationship.
    • use social media to make new contacts all over the world.

    These are the suggestions on how to play basketball abroad from the international scout and executive director of the Europrobasket international academy in Spain, Brad Kanis.

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