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    the final image for the world cup 2022 is complete after the conclusion of the two fifa intercontinental playoffs in June.

    the fifa world cup draw took place on april 1 with 29 of the 32 participating teams already determined. those final three spots were decided in June.

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    Due to a schedule affected by the covid-19 pandemic and a separate crisis still unfolding in Ukraine, the FIFA World Cup qualifying field could not be finalized before the World Cup draw. the two intercontinental playoffs that usually take place before the world cup draw have been postponed until june, as has the remaining berth available in europe.

    This post breaks down everything you need to know about the 2022 intercontinental playoffs, with nations from different regional confederations battling it out for a place in the world cup. In the past, the playoffs were played over two legs, but this year, the matches were 90-minute singles matches played in Qatar, leading to more dramatic matchups.

    There were five teams from four confederations fighting for just two places in the world cup, with only two surviving to advance to Qatar in November.

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    intercontinental playoff schedule

    the two intercontinental world cup playoff matchups in june pitted one nation from four regional confederations (asia (afc), north america (concacaf), south america (conmebol) and oceania (ofc)) against another in one time game.

    The identity of the playoff participants became known in late March, but the AFC representative was only determined on June 7 with a playoff match between the two Asian nations that finished third in their groups: Australia beat beat the united arab emirates 2-1 thanks to a late goal from ajdin hrustic to go on to a date with peru.

    world cup bracket for playoff winners

    the draw for the world cup on April 1 confirmed the groups in which the two winners of the intercontinental playoffs will be allocated.

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    the winner of south america vs. asia (australia) was classified in group d and is looking forward to an opening match against france.

    meanwhile, the winner of north america vs. Oceania (Costa Rica) will not have it any easier in Group E with players like Spain and Germany, and an opening match against La Furia Roja.

    world cup draw breakdown: group a | group b | group c | group dgroup e | group f | group g | group h

    world cup group d table & accessories

    * = winner of the intercontinental playoff (peru vs. australia)

    group d match schedule

    world cup group e table & accessories

    * = winner of the intercontinental playoff (costa rica vs. new zealand)

    group e match schedule

    world cup draw breakdown: group a | group b | group c | group dgroup e | group f | group g | group h

    fifa world cup intercontinental playoff format

    the structure of the fifa world cup playoff format has been simplified in recent qualifying cycles to a single game format.

    Based on the amount of transcontinental travel, often in the middle of the domestic season for players, objections were raised with criticism of unfair advantages for ‘stronger’ confederations.

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    fifa played the 2022 intercontinental playoffs at a neutral venue in qatar. since the matches were played on neutral grass, they were completed in a single 90-minute game rather than two games played home and away. Extra time and penalties were used, if necessary.

    The only regional confederations without a place in the intercontinental playoff were Europe (UEFA) and Africa (CAF), both of which award only direct World Cup berths through their qualification setups.

    The playoff matchups are redrawn each cycle with a special intercontinental playoff draw, with the four participating confederations (AFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC) all drawn from one pot and pitted against each other. the draw for this cycle, which took place in nov. 2021, pitted the South American entrant against the Asian entrant, while the North American entrant faced the winner from Oceania.

    world cup intercontinental playoff qualifiers

    The structure of the intercontinental playoffs has offered nations an additional route to the most important competition in international football.

    Most of the teams bowed out in the group stage after reaching the tournament, but a shot at the world cup has allowed fans from nations outside of the established elite the chance to take part in the biggest show on the planet. world.


    fifa intercontinental playoff history

    fifa introduced intercontinental playoffs in world cup qualifying cycles prior to the 1974 tournament in west germany.

    However, the opening game was plagued by political controversies after the Soviet Union side refused to travel to Chile for the second leg in Santiago following a coup in the country, and the Chileans entered in the competition.

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    since then, the structure of the intercontinental playoffs has been a constant part of world cup qualification, with the sole exception of 1982. the matchups have changed from 1986 onwards.

    uefa vs. conmebol was replaced by uefa vs. ofc or conmebol vs. ofc, before becoming a four-team team before the 1994 world cup, only for another temporary change before france ’98.

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