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    welcome to sportstar‘s live coverage of the men’s ice hockey final between india and australia. this is nihit sachdeva taking you through the action as it unfolds at the university of birmingham hockey and squash centre.

    Full time summary: The Australian men’s ice hockey team defends its gold medal with absolute perfection. it’s a seventh gold medal for the men in yellow and they did it in style by beating india 7-0. the Indian defense was shattered while the offense seemed non-existent. there were no penalty corners for the men in blue and that is enough to show how far they came from causing any damage to the Australian goal. Indian men’s hockey team ends campaign with silver for third time in Commonwealth games.

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    fourth trimester

    60′ here comes the last speaker! australia defeats india 7-0 to clinch their 7th men’s hockey gold medal at the commonwealth games!!!

    60’ surender fumbles near the Aussie scrimmage circle.

    59’ a rare Indian attack. Can they find a consolation goal?

    58′ The Indians look to build something from their own half but eventually lose the ball to govers running it forward.

    57′ sreejesh makes another save while ogilvie looks for the eighth goal. the Indian goalkeeper is furious with the way his defenders have played today and is literally shouting instructions.

    56′ gurjant surrenders to mandeep inside the circle on the right but the Indian striker is unable to overtake the Australian defence.

    55′ Hardik covered well defensively as Australia looked for another chance to find a shot on goal.

    54′ Australia makes it 8-0 when Wickham scores his second goal. Missed pass into midfield from lalit upadhyay, ogilvie intercepts it and passes it to the australian striker inside the d who finds the far post from sreejesh. however, india uses the reference and the goal has been disallowed due to wickham hitting the shot with the back of his stick.

    53′ Australia on the charge. Beltz on the right passes to Governors who get the ball inside the d, but this time he doesn’t get anything out of it.

    52′ gurjant with a splendid run down the right side puts the ball inside the scrimmage circle. the Australian defense remains solid as ever.

    51′ change of goalkeeper position for australia. charter leaves and durst enters.

    50′ free kick quickly taken by the Australian on the right flank near the scrimmage circle. govers takes the shot, but an extended sreejesh saves him.

    48′ Circle penetration from India, but nothing comes of it as the Aussie defense continues to stay disciplined.

    47’ great play by the Indians. nilakanta hits a nice ball to the far right post but akashdeep doesn’t anticipate it and doesn’t run.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flynne ogilvie makes it seventh heaven for australia. counterattack on the right. ephraums puts the ball into the box for brand, who finds ogilvie at the far post for the shot.

    46’ start the last 15 minutes. mere formality, perhaps?

    third trimester

    45’ jarmanpreet receives the ball near the scrimmage circle, he puts it in looking for an Australian foot. instead, the men in yellow launch another counterattack, this time down the left flank, passing crosswise and govers in the far past failing to make contact with the ball.

    44′ Indians look to keep possession. Australia doesn’t care.

    43′ double save by sreejesh. daniel beale tried to join the party but the indian goalkeeper denied him.

    Gollllll from 42′!!!! Australia wins 6-0. ogilvie slams the ball in from well outside the scrimmage circle and ephraums swoops past sreejesh.

    42’ akashdeep puts the ball inside the d but cannot control it.

    41’ The referee observes the struggle between jugraj and ephraums and warns them.

    40′ free kick for australia inside their own half.

    39′ one umpire initially awards pc to australia but the other quickly makes amends as the ball had risen too dangerously off an australian stick inside the d.

    38′ gurjant puts the ball inside the ball, lifts it a little too high and australia wins the free kick. however, the men in yellow lose the ball and mandeep has a great chance to go for the goal. instead he provides a back pass to abhishek, who is unable to shoot. the Australian defender clears it.

    37’ Hardik wins a free kick near the scrimmage circle.

    36’ good interception by gurjant. however, akashdeep plays a meek pass down the left flank and the Aussies win the ball back in no time.

    35’ green card to score for obstruction. however, manpreet also walked off the field and i’m not sure he’ll be back on the field in this match.

    34’ Australia advances the ball easily.

    33’ Another exquisite pass from the Aussies to get the ball over the Indian defense towards the d but this time, the man in yellow inside the d does not control the ball. danger cleared for now for india.

    32′ free hit for india inside the australian half. varun provides the air pass to mandeep on the edge of the d but fails to catch it clearly and loses possession.

    31’ The Indians receive the push. harmanpreet looks for a long aerial pass from the right flank towards the defence, but misses everyone and is taken offside.

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    Halftime recap: Australia are really in the driving seat in this final. India have only had two shots on goal compared to Australia’s 14. The men in yellow have dominated in every aspect of the game and it will take a miracle for India to recover from here.

    second trimester

    30’ ends the first part. Australia has a hand in a record-extending seventh gold medal with a 5-0 lead.

    30’ final minute of the first half. another collision. green card for ephraums for fouling the Indian defender inside the scrimmage circle.

    28’ the Indians fell asleep on that occasion and now contemplate another humiliating defeat. nilakanta is back on the court.

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sreejesh saved but on the rebound, anderson passes the ball to him. Australia wins 5-0.

    27′ the game was stopped because the aussie complain that indian has all 11 men on the field despite nilakanta’s suspension when manpreet is back on the field. the referees clarify the situation saying that manpreet can come back and india is still playing with only 10 players.

    gollll of 26′!!!!! Australia wins 4-0. brilliant field goal by the men in yellow. timothy brand passes the ball past an unmarked wickham who deflects it past sreejesh. More misery for India when Nilakanta gets a green card and a two-minute suspension.

    25′ Nasty collision between Indian captain Manpreet and Australian midfielder Zalewski on the edge of Indian D. manpreet looks sore and walks off the field.

    a saving of 24 minutes! akashdeep does a great job of getting the ball forward and finding amit rohidas on the right flank. rohidas receives the ball inside the scrimmage circle, he returns it to akashdeep at the far post, who goes with the opposite stick, but card, the Australian goalkeeper makes a fantastic save.

    22′ goal!!!!!! Australia makes it 3-0. hayward on the pc restart, sreejesh blocks the shot, ephraums hooks on the rebound, passes to sreejesh and anderson finishes the easier bunt.

    22’ penalty corner for australia. long aerial pass to harvie down the right flank that puts the ball inside the scrimmage circle and finds gurjant’s foot. govers takes the drag flick, sreejesh saves but after the rebound australia wins another pc.

    21’ end of a brief possession inside the Australian field for the Indians. australia charging again.

    20’ much better from india while still putting pressure on australia.

    19′ great steal by jarmanpreet near the center line. India moves the ball forward.

    18’ strong defense from australia and abhishek is still waiting for the ball on the edge of the australian d but the ball does not arrive.

    17’ lalit steals the ball from the opponent inside the Indian half and lets go of abhishek, but the Indian striker is stopped in his tracks before he can get to the Australian d.

    17’ another circular penetration from australia. wickham shoots to the near post but sreejesh saves it.

    16’ starts the second quarter. India needs to be more solid defensively before even thinking about offense.

    first trimester

    15’ end of the first quarter. Australia has absolutely dominated the first 15 minutes.

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! ogilvie takes the ball inside the d, passes it through sreejesh’s legs and ephraums finishes it off. Australia wins 2-0.

    14’ surender receives the ball on the right flank and manages to get inside the following circle, he shoots but nothing comes out.

    12’ free kick taken quickly by manpreet. however, the Australian defender on the edge of the d blocks his pass easily.

    11’ Indians looking to build something from behind.

    10’ akashdeep puts the ball in from the left, hoping to find a teammate at the far post, but the ball goes out of play.

    9′ gooolllll!!!!! Australia leads 1-0. third pc for australia as wickham puts the ball at jarmanpreet’s foot on the left. govers takes the drag film and hits it to the center. the ball goes through sreejesh’s legs and into the back of the net.

    9′ blake govers fires sreejesh’s low drag flick to the right but the Indian goalkeeper manages to get his stick on the ball.

    8′ another computer for australia. ephraums finds varun’s foot on the right inside the d.

    7’ tentative start from india. not much to show in the attacking mid.

    6′ mandeep puts the ball into the Australian d from the right, looks for options before putting the pass in. however, he only finds an Aussie defender who clears him.

    5’ Australia puts the ball back inside the Indian d. ogilvie looks to go for the goal from the edge of the d but sunder brings his stick up and blocks.

    4’ penalty corner for australia as the ball hits varun’s foot on the edge of the circle. Jeremy Hayward takes the drag but Amit Rohidas blocks the effort.

    3’ tom wickham tries to shoot from the right but his shot is blocked by the Indian defender on the edge of the box.

    2’ Australia put the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0 but the referee annulled it for an infraction. the ball had hit the foot of the australian defender beale.

    1’ Australia takes the setback.

    game time!!!

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    16:55: the players begin to step onto the pitch. First, the Indian team in blue followed by the Australians in yellow.

    4:50 pm: ten minutes before the live action begins. Will there be a new champion of the commonwealth games in men’s hockey or will australia add one more gold medal to the collection of him?

    4:40 pm: icymi, here’s one last look at the teams of the two finalists. indian midfielder vivek sagar prasad will not be available to play in the final as he suffered a minor knee injury and has been advised to rest.

    16:35: top scorers of the two teams:

    india – harmanpreet singh – 9 goals

    australia – blake govers – 6 goals, jeremy hayward – 6 goals

    4:30 pm: Only half an hour to go before this blockbuster clash. England won the bronze medal by beating South Africa 6-3. who will take the gold?

    4:25pm: here are some stats to compare how two teams have performed so far in birmingham

    circular penetrations – ind – 181, aus – 154

    penalty corners won – ind – 43 (14 converted into goals), aus – 36 (16 converted into goals)

    goals scored – ind – 30, aus – 32

    goals conceded – ind – 7, aus – 4

    4:15 PM m: india vs australia head to head (commonwealth specific matches)

    india and australia have met three times in commonwealth games and the kookaburras have won them all. Outside of the Commonwealth Games, India’s last meeting with Australia was in the group stage of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where Australia defeated India 7-1.

    previous meetings in commonwealth games

    16:05: road to the final

    3:55 pm: men’s hockey final of the commonwealth games. India has reached this stage for the third time. the previous two ended in humiliating defeats at the hands of australia. Today, the opponent is once again the mighty Australian team, who have claimed all six gold medals. Can the men of Manpreet Singh leave behind the scars of the past and write history? live action starts at 5pm ist. stay tuned for all the pre-game preparation.


    Story calls to India’s men’s hockey team as they seek to end Australia’s dominance of the Commonwealth Games by securing a maiden gold at the quadrennial showpiece in Birmingham.

    india has never won a gold in the six editions of cwg. two silver medals in the 2010 and 2014 editions is the best she has achieved since hockey was introduced to the games in 1998.

    Highlight: India beats South Africa 3-2 to reach the final

    by contrast, world number 1 australia have been by far the most dominant team in cwg, winning all six golds to date.

    So finishing on top of the podium beating the mighty kookaburras would definitely be a tall order for the Indian and she will have to play out of her skin to pull off the difficult feat.

    But the historic bronze at the Tokyo Olympics after a 41-year hiatus has instilled a high level of self-confidence among Indian players.

    Already secured for a silver, a gold from here will be the icing on the cake for the Indians and the side led by manpreet singh won’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

    But to do that, the Indians will have to improve in every aspect, as the Aussies won’t miss any of their opponents’ failures.

    both india and australia posted identical 3-2 victories over south africa and hosts england to reach the final.

    India’s backline led by ever-reliable custodian pr sreejesh will have to be on their toes and cannot afford to make silly mistakes as the Aussies are expected to exert relentless pressure.

    india’s midfield under captain manpreet has been in fine form with hardik singh and nilkanta sharma showing sparks.

    but it’s the forward that has been most impressive. mandeep singh has been phenomenal up front with his great running and dribbling skills inside defence, while akashdeep singh has also shone brightly.

    The likes of Shamsher Singh, Lalit Upadhyay, Gurjant Singh and Abhishek have also looked threatening in the tournament so far.

    one area that head coach graham reid would be concerned about is penalty corner execution as india converted only one of seven against south africa despite having quality dragflickers like harmanpreet, varun kumar, jugraj singh and rohidas in its rows.

    In fact, the reason behind India’s poor conversion rate on Saturday was South African goalkeeper Gowan Jones, who made fantastic saves on multiple occasions to prevent harmanpreet and co.

    In the bronze medal play-off, hosts England will play South Africa on Monday.


    when and where to watch the final of india vs australia, the men’s hockey game of the 2022 commonwealth games?

    india vs australia final, men’s hockey game of commonwealth games 2022 will be broadcast live on sony sports network. The live stream will be available on Sony Liv starting at 5 p.m. m. ist.

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