Iowa football blowing out maryland after monte pottebaums …

    welcome to friday night football, iowa football style.

    and it’s been all hawkeyes while maryland has a jay cutler-style meltdown in prime time on a national broadcast on fs1.

    Reading: Iowa football blowing out maryland after monte pottebaums …

    cheating game?


    We’ll update the game action on Friday night here. so stay with us.

    Final score: No. 5 Iowa 51, Maryland 14

    what a game. coverage to follow at

    22:05: iowa gets the fifth pick

    boat race.gif.

    hawkeyes 51, maryland 14.

    21:46: maryland (remember them?) scores the second touchdown

    Just like the tree that fell in the forest, no one will notice.

    44-14, hawk eyes.

    21:40: brian ferentz continues to call aggressively

    iowa offensive coordinator brian ferentz smells the bait in the water. he’s being very aggressive as a playcaller. i guess he’s trying to make spencer petras feel great for the penn state matchup next week.

    momentum including a very well placed ball by petras to charlie jones, who caught the ball with a basket catch.

    hawkeyes ran out of momentum around the maryland 15-yard line. Shudak hit another 32-yard field goal to put the Hawkeyes up 44-7.

    9:17 PM m.: tyler goodson walks in, scores on long catch td

    maryland was not lost. 15 in the scan report. Tyler Goodson just had perhaps the easiest touchdown of his career, with Petras hitting him wide on an angled route with only one defender to stop him.

    That guy didn’t stand a chance.

    goodwin ran untouched the full 67 yards for the touchdown. No. 5 iowa 41, maryland 7.

    9:10 p.m.: second half underway

    hawkeyes is already driving.

    8:48 PM m.: iowa up 34-7 at the half

    half ended, fittingly, with a tagovailoa pick. Iowa plus-5 in turnovers tonight. so that’s good

    8:44 PM m.: shudak clava fg, iowa went up a million (apparently)

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    look, if there was something on netflix you wanted to watch, you’re probably safe. Hawkeyes is about to go into halftime up 34-7. (iowa has scored 31 points this quarter)

    20:27: alert! we have a fullback touchdown.

    Monte Pottebaum, sporting his cowboy collar like it’s nobody’s business, blasted his way to Iowa’s final score after a fumble in Maryland.

    A bad personal foul gave Iowa new life in that series as well. as chad leistikow just tweeted, this is one undisciplined maryland team.

    not. 5 iowa 31, maryland 7.

    My fingers hurt.

    8:19 PM m.: iowa with another rotation, baby!

    seriously, this is a bit wild, even for iowa. hawkeyes eliminates tagovailoa for the third time. iowa driving again.

    my advice to iowa here on offense?

    8:13 PM m .: iowa crushes maryland thanks to his mistakes, up 24-7

    maryland would have had iowa in a very long third, but like mike locksley teams of the past (hello, new mexico), unforced errors breathed new life into iowa after a low blow over Spencer Petras received a flag. He has appeared a little shaken by it. something to monitor maybe.

    Meanwhile, on second and seven, Tyler Goodson just got a highlight for his eventual NFL draft reel. an incredible juke. it’s so elite with jump cuts.

    a few plays later, fantasy football god spencer petras scored on his 2nd-down-and-goal 2-yard scrimmage of the game.

    20:07: jack koerner defeats tagovailoa

    iowa linebacker jack campbell put one of his paws on a tagovailoa pass and jack koerner grabbed the deflection. Koerner was stripped from behind on the return, but somehow Iowa got the ball back at the scrum. weight room, I guess.

    hawkeyes deep in maryland territory, but the offense is a bit spotty coming off the interception.

    8 p. m.: arland bruce iv scores the first college touchdown

    spencer petras had world class protection after the fumble and nailed arland bruce iv on a long running cross for an open score.

    That’s Bruce’s first touchdown in his college career.

    hawkeyes 17, maryland 7.

    Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz looks on before his team takes the field against Maryland on Friday.

    7:56 p.m.: Iowa gets fumble in Maryland territory

    the return of maryland is not demus jr. he just looked like he sustained a serious knee injury (hopefully not) in the process of being tackled. twisted and hyperextended knee. iowa recovered around maryland’s 10.

    fox sports dean blandino believes this will remain iowa ball. the cart is out now. bad situation for maryland. demus is awesome and has a professional career before university.

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    We’ll see how this holds up, but it would be a surprise if not a fumble at this point.

    7:51 PM m.: petras enters sneaky qb, hawkeyes backs away

    As I was saying, Iowa came close to scoring. And the very next play, that’s what happened to open the second quarter, with Spencer Petras getting a big push from the front for QB’s sneaky touchdown.

    iowa 7, maryland 3.

    7:45 PM m.: end of first quarter: maryland 7, hawkeyes 3

    iowa intimidated maryland in this campaign. Plenty of Tyler Goodson, and Spencer Petras fired several bullets, including a narrow window shot to Goodson on a skinny post to put Iowa inside the Maryland 10. Hawkeyes with a second and goal and knocking on the door as the first quarter rolls around an approach.

    7:36 PM m.: maryland responds with a touchdown drive

    Pretty dominant push in response there on the part of maryland to seize the initiative. Tagovailoa had an easy gimme touchdown pass off the pitch (nice Mike Locksley game design there) that fooled Iowa.

    maryland 7, iowa 3.

    iowa had maryland on a third-and-9 near midfield, but tagovailoa had protection and delivered a first down on a break route. Oh.

    The reality here is that Iowa has to score touchdowns on this team. because maryland is going to dial a number of them. This is the best offense Iowa has faced this season.

    7:27 PM m.: shudak splits studs — iowa 3, maryland 0

    not exactly what you’d like after an interception, but iowa got points on the board after riley moss’ interception.

    after the interception at midfield, iowa’s drive stalled at the maryland 26-yard line. petras nearly threw a pick-six after throwing into a covered rip off a route well under the sticks on third-and-6.

    after that scare, caleb shudak snapped the studs from 41 yards out.

    iowa 3, maryland 0 in the first trimester.

    7:20 PM m.: riley moss eliminates maryland, hawkeyes in business

    maryland had a third and less than a yard after a fast start on their second drive. But a false start led to a third-and-6, which ended with Tagovailoa getting crushed and going to Riley Moss, who plays for Iowa. hawk-eyed ball in mossy beak.

    in business now with 9:16 remaining in the first quarter.

    7:15 PM m.: the hawk eyes get stuck in the midfield in the first advance

    tagovailoa had some success early in the game’s first drive, but the hawkeyes forced an incomplete pass on short third and the subsequent maryland punt after a bluff on fourth down.

    There were some missed opportunities for Iowa’s offense after they took the field. Iowa freshman Arland Bruce IV made a nice run after catch to get Iowa’s first down of the game.

    on the next set of plays, petras had nico ragaini wide open three steps deep on the left sideline and was out of reach. It was catchable (it would have been a hell of a catch) but it was a great passing window there for Petras, who was also out on an earlier pitch well past Sam Laporta.

    after a catch by ivory kelly-martin to maryland 49 on a long third crossing, iowa tried to lure maryland offside, but the terrapins didn’t budge. maryland ball again.

    this is a team of terrapins that iowa needs to get over quickly.

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