Is it hard to get a job at target

    target can be a very competitive place when it comes to hiring, and their standards are quite high for retail. Similar to getting hired at Costco, you need to increase your chances. so how do you do it?

    One of the surefire ways to land a job on target is to be able to answer interview questions in a way that satisfies your interview template. you need to provide answers in the form of situation, behavior and result. more specifically, you must explain how your behavior solved a major problem at your previous job.

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    To further increase your chances, you must apply to multiple locations and on the checklist of positions you are applying for, check all the boxes to be available regardless of the department you would prefer to work in.

    and finally try to increase your availability as much as possible because that is one of the most important factors when it comes to landing a job on target.

    How do you get hired at target?

    Target store entrace in Champaign, Illinois

    Availability is a big decision factor in getting hired at Target. Staying available on weekends, with a desire to work 40 hours but being ok with 15-20 is a big plus.

    Sometimes the hr at target will look at your hours first, and if your availability doesn’t fit what they’re looking for, they’ll automatically reject you without even looking at your resume or experience.


    To increase your chances of getting a job on target, you should go to the store on a weekday morning while they’re not that busy and ask guest services if they’re hiring, maybe even get a team leader there to talk. You can also inquire about future openings and what they require for those positions.

    One of the ways you can become a permanent employee is to start as a seasonal employee and then become a regular employee. Temporary employees are usually laid off in January, but if you work hard, take on extra work, and show that you want to become a regular employee, then becoming a regular employee is possible.

    target seasonal jobs start in September, while seasonal employees start work October through January. after 90 days, you can become an employee, but most of them don’t become regular. target re-hires around March/April, so this is another chance to apply.

    Most seasonal employees are laid off in the second week of January, most are front line and compliance team. only 5-10% of these two remain.

    how to know if the target is hiring?

    The target is always hiring, and you can apply on their site, but you can find out by calling your local target store and asking if they’re holding any hiring events soon. this will also be a good opportunity to express interest and discuss what they are looking for.

    If the particular store isn’t hiring right now, you can always apply to multiple locations in target careers to increase your chances of getting hired.

    do you need a resume for a job at target?

    A resume is not required, but is recommended, especially if you are looking for a permanent position and making a career out of it.

    how difficult is it to get a job at target?

    Getting a job at target is a little more difficult than usual compared to other retail companies, but it’s not particularly difficult. you just need to prepare for an interview and increase your availability.

    If you’re turned down, don’t worry, you can apply for a different position and at multiple locations. but remember that you can only apply for the same position once a year, after being rejected.

    One of the things that can lead to your rejection is not being available. some target stores want fully open availability and the ability to work in any department, while others don’t. if you can be available on the weekends, you will increase your chances.

    stay available as much as possible.

    requirements to work on the goal

    Primary requirements to work at target include being at least 16 years of age to apply for a job at a target store, 18 years of age to apply at a target distribution center, and must provide proof of legal authorization to work at the United States.

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    In addition, you must be able to start within 60 days from the day of application.

    how long does target take to hire?

    It takes between 1 and 2 weeks after the recorded interview to be hired at the target, depending on the moment. the length of the hiring process will also largely depend on the needs of the store, your experience and your availability.

    Sometimes the store will be desperate to hire and you could be hired on the spot during your first interview, but usually you’ll go through the two-interview hiring process.

    what is the hiring process for target in 2022?


    target hiring process includes the following steps:

    • apply on their website
    • take a recorded video interview
    • take the 1-2 interview interview process
    • quick check background
    • guidance and commissioning

    The process is comparable to Costco’s hiring process and is very similar. these days, you start with the target job application by applying to one or more locations, after which you may be notified to do a recorded video interview.

    A recorded interview is a one-way interview where you record yourself answering questions and then they watch you and decide if they want to continue.

    After your recorded interview is processed, they will schedule a face-to-face interview. sometimes an interview is enough, but this will depend on the particular store and the job position. Both interviews can last between 15 and 45 minutes, sometimes on the same day.

    target request process

    The application process begins with searching for target jobs online and applying on their website. you will have to enter a lot of information, so this process takes about 15 minutes.

    When applying for an objective job, you will need to provide information such as:

    • your social security number
    • your address and contact information
    • information about your education and work experience

    If you have a good resume, you should upload it including cvs, letters of recommendation and any references in the system during the application process. You can also apply using your linkedin profile, which the system will scan and enter any documents you have on it.

    how long does it take to hear back from the target after the request?

    If you apply during the hiring month, like September or March, it takes a day or two for the target time to review the application, which is pretty quick. sometimes it’s just hours. If you applied while the store is not hiring, you may only get a response after a week or two.

    Should I call target after I apply online?

    you must wait at least a week, then if you have not been informed by email or call, you must call target hr to check the status of your application.

    how to check the status of your application?

    You can check the status of your application by logging in to your candidate home page. Please note that status updates are not always reliable, so always check your email, including your spam folder.

    why does my target app say in progress?

    If your target application says “in progress”, it usually means that the process is still in progress or the status is not generating reliable information. if it’s been a week since you applied, you should check your emails, and if there’s nothing there, you should call hr to verify your application.

    what does it mean that it is no longer considered in the target?

    This means you didn’t get the job and are no longer being considered for that job, either because they filled the position or went on to review other applicants. if you think it might be an error, you should call hr just to check.

    objective interview process

    Whether it’s for a seasonal cashier position or a head office position, the interview process at Target follows the same format. It consists of 2 personal interviews, the difficulty of which will depend on the job and the particular store in which you apply.

    You’ll be asked to tell them about yourself, where you’ve worked before, and maybe even your hobbies. generic interview questions, comparable to getting a job at usps. The interview shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you prepare in advance by knowing the typical questions they ask and how to answer them.

    As for what to wear, keep in mind that you can rarely get overdressed for an interview, so dress smart. it is easier to dress less than more. It’s always better to present yourself in a more professional manner, but you can also go for a business casual look.

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    You should also bring a resume if you can, but it’s not required.

    Target store inside with products

    What questions does Target ask in an interview?

    target interviews are based on behavioral scenarios. you can expect to be asked simple behavioral questions about your experience, where you’ll need to provide specifics about how you handled problem situations.

    For example, you may be asked, “Tell me about a time you solved a problem involving an angry customer.” The key to passing the objective interview is to make your answers specific by explaining:

    • the steps you used to solve the problem
    • how you didn’t get nervous but stayed calm
    • who you went to and what resources you used
    • and how it had a positive impact afterwards

    positive impact is the key here – this is how you pass the interview. You should explain how your own behavior affected the situation and made the customer happy/satisfied, how your actions solved a larger problem within the store, how you increased sales, and similar positive effects based on your actions.

    learn to explain how you solved a problem.

    you may be asked “tell me about a mistake you made”.

    here, you need to answer the questions in the form of situation, behavior and outcome:

    • a) talk about the mistake you made (situation)
    • b) explain how you fixed the mistake (behavior)
    • c) explain the steps you have taken to prevent yourself or others from making the same mistake again, or what lessons you have learned from it. (result)

    since the target wants you to be “fast, fun and friendly”, you must show how fast you are, first and foremost. do not say that you are a slow perfectionist, but a balanced person with certain strengths that you can mention. explain yourself fully and don’t skimp on words.

    if you didn’t get the job right there then comes the second interview. they need to call you to set up the second one, and most of the time, if you didn’t have a second interview, then you didn’t get the job.

    here is a good video to prepare for the interview questions:

    what to bring to an objective interview?

    If you have some experience, you should bring a resume, but it’s not a requirement either. You don’t really need to bring anything, but you should know how to answer anything they ask you and everything about your experiences, and on your resume or cv, if you have one.

    how long will it take to hear back after the first interview?

    It takes about 5 business days to receive a response after the first destination interview, but it can happen much faster. if you have been waiting longer, you should call hr to check the status of your interview.

    how is the second interview in target?

    There are not always two interviews, but if the particular store does both, then it will be more about the details of the role you will play. the second interview should last about 15 minutes, or less, depending on the first.

    There’s always the chance that a second interview is simply a job offer, but you should go there expecting a proper interview, not just a formality. so prepare a little, practice some responses and you should be fine.

    how long does it take for the target to call back after the second interview?

    hr should tell you when to expect a call. if they didn’t tell you, then you should normally get a response the same day if you got the job or within 2-3 days. it is not unusual to wait up to a week to receive an orientation. most companies take more than two weeks to get back to you after an interview.

    If they tell you they’ll call you in a week and the week has passed, you should call them. They might also email you, but they usually call you if you get the job and email you if you don’t.

    what to bring to your orientation?

    You should bring your driver’s license (or passport) and social security card to orientation because these documents establish your identity and your legal ability to work in the United States.

    you should wear a red top and blue or khaki jeans (not ripped). the orientation should last around 3-4 hours, for which you will be paid.

    credits: images by kevin dooley, under cc by 2.0

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