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    Running doesn’t take much time: just run at a comfortable pace (“talking pace” in running parlance) for 45 minutes two to four days a week. but if you really want to improve, think about something a bit more complete.

    There are training plans on the internet, but be very careful with them because they are not personalized to your physical condition or fitness level. The most recommended option is to join a running club with supervised training (for around 25 or 35 euros per month).

    Spanish 3000m champion and Olympian Víctor García trains over 200 fun runners at his VG Running club in Madrid. “Fun and varied training programs to work on strength, endurance and speed,” he explains. I include series, stairs, hills, leg, arm and abdominal exercises, running technique, etc.”

    one of the most common mistakes among new runners is that they are in a hurry, they are dying to progress quickly. “They push themselves too hard and they hurt themselves. That’s why it’s important that a professional supervise the load, volume and intensity.”

    Her diagnosis is confirmed by Raquel Landín, Spanish silver medalist in the 3,000m hurdles and author of the novel Honey, we have to talk… about running. As the official trainer of the popular ibercaja 10 km race in Valencia, she sees “a lot of desire to run a marathon as soon as possible, but rushing like this can end everything”.


    work, family, trips, cold, rain… training is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to be motivated. Take advantage of training as a way to escape stress or sign up for a race to recover it. according to víctor garcía, if we share our hobby with more people, it will be much easier to go out to train because we will have help and company.

    raquel landín, for her part, recommends setting achievable goals and striving to achieve them. in fact, “I see each training session as a small challenge on the way to achieving the big goal. we often end up clapping and hugging each other because we know we’ve gotten even better.”


    If you notice any discomfort, slow down your training a bit, for a few days if necessary, and see a doctor if it continues. Remember that rest is part of your training and is essential to your body so you can take on the job without overloading or injuring it.

    running is an opportunity to find oneself. leave the headphones at home from time to time and focus on your breathing, on what you are feeling: it is almost a moment of meditation. little by little you will get to know yourself better, you will measure your strength and you will reach the finish line with energy in reserve for the final sprint. you will be a more complete runner.

    healthy soul in healthy body. listen to your body and challenge it to improve a little more day by day.

    from the sofa to the track

    if you are not a very active person and you have decided to jump from the sofa to run, start by getting your body used to walking. Do it several times a week. How about swapping part of your car or bus commute for a good walk? Gradually increase your distance and pace.

    when you feel comfortable with long walks at a good pace, put on some sneakers and try to alternate eight minutes walking and two slow runs for half an hour, three or four times a week. Week to week, increase running by two minutes and decrease walking by two minutes. your goals? 15, 20, 30 minutes running, your first 5 km of fun running… go for it!

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