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    jamie collins is a month into his seventh season in the nfl. he is now at the point, in the second round with his second team, in which he is considered a veteran leader. He made the defensive signs for the Patriots on Sunday at Buffalo with Dont’a Hightower out with a shoulder injury.

    there is some wisdom in the collins game at this point. something smart. but as we saw over the weekend, even though he’s aged, he’s still incredibly explosive.

    Reading: Jamie collins block field goal

    Just before the end of the first half against the accounts, buffalo kicker stephen haushka lined up a kick to give coach sean mcdermott and his club a push into their locker room. As he did so, Collins positioned himself in a three-point position just to the right of the long buffalo snapper as part of the Patriots’ attacking drive.

    we knew jamie collins was a crazy explosive long before he was drafted. he set a combined record in the long jump. clearly… translates. he can no longer run and jump the line with kicks, something collins has done before. but there is no penalty if he jumps from a stationary position.

    We’ve seen Collins take his place in the second tier during opponents’ field goals in the past, where he timed it perfectly, running and jumping over the line to attempt a block. but that action is now illegal, as it is considered an especially dangerous position for players to launch into.

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    what collins did on sunday was try the same jump over the line. . . but from a three-point position instead of a running start. players standing on the line of scrimmage can still jump. it’s just that they rarely, if ever, try to jump over blockers in front of them and into the backfield; it’s still a penalty to jump from a stationary position and land on a lineman.

    Collins, 29, remains one of the few athletes his size who could take a leap over the line and not worry too much about raising a flag.

    The 6-foot-3, 255-pound linebacker jumped from his crouch, brought his knees up to his chest, went over the line, then jumped back into the air to try to block Haushka’s kick. he didn’t get a piece of it, but the kick went wide.

    mcdermott argued at the time that the jump should have been a penalty, but it was legal because of where collins started, and the referees were right to let it go.

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      “well, he’s a great athlete,” bill belichick said Monday on weei’s ordway, merloni and sauria when asked about the play. “I think we all know that. There’s not much he can’t do athletically. He came pretty close to blocking the (previous) field goal off the outside rim.

      “he’s a very explosive player. he has a great lower body, very explosive, through contact and space. he can also jump, as well as being long and fast and having a lot of power.”


      In a game like that, even three points made the difference. while collins didn’t block the kick, he could have deflected the kick operation enough to encourage a miss. And without his athleticism at belichick’s disposal, that kind of jump-the-line move probably wouldn’t have been a consideration.

      The play was just another reason Collins came out of the game as one of the most valuable players on the field, something that’s becoming a weekly thing in 2019.

      “He played another outstanding game for us, both on defense and in the kicking game,” belichick said. “He was really close to it. If that ball hadn’t missed right, if it had been straight, I could have had it.”

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