Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride: What made Iron Mike quit in his last professional boxing fight?

    Mike Tyson is still widely regarded as the ‘baddest man on the planet,’ but the 54-year-old looked anything but in his last pro fight. At 38, Tyson was scheduled to fight fellow heavyweight boxer Kevin McBride. While many would have expected Prime Tyson to make light work of McBride, the situation at the time seemed to be out of Prime Tyson’s control.

    after losing his previous fight to danny williams via knockout, it looked like mike tyson would never get back in the ring. however, after a long hiatus of 11 months, ‘iron’ was ready to run again, one last time.

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    played on June 11, 2005, mike tyson and kevin mcbride were scheduled to meet at the mci center in washington d.c. 20,000 eager fans attended the event, hoping to get a possible final glimpse of the man in action. But Tyson’s new look was a pale shade compared to his old commanding self.

    for most of the fight, mcbride was tearing mike tyson apart, slow and lazy. Although the Brooklyn native managed to hold off his opponent until the fifth round of the fight, a frustrated Tyson continued to do the unthinkable.

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    In an attempt to break free of the clinch, Tyson sought to break McBride’s left arm in grim exasperation. The referee was quick to issue a warning, while a subsequent header from Tyson led to a two-point deduction.

    did mike tyson resign?

    during the climax of the sixth round, kevin mcbride dropped tyson to the canvas after pushing him. dismissed as a slip rather than a fall, the controversial round finally came to an end.

    but little did fans know they had just witnessed the final moments of the legendary mike tyson. Shockingly, failing to answer the bell in the seventh round, Tyson left his bench, also declaring Kevin McBride the winner by TKO.

    In an honest post-fight interview, Mike Tyson discussed his current feelings about the sport.

    While many may hold Tyson responsible for his past vices, the impeccable boxer has certainly paved the way for many future athletes. now, after recently returning against roy jones jr. In what was a thrilling contest, ‘Iron Mike’ appears to have revived his love of boxing.

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    Possibly slated to take on his old rival Evander Holyfield in a coveted trilogy, Mike Tyson appears to be back to his old self.

    what are your predictions for this highly anticipated trilogy clash?

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