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    Choosing a national college football champion has always been a topic of debate. for most of the last 150 years, the sport has not had a formal championship

    That changed in 2014, when the college football playoff introduced a four-team format to fix that. replaced an earlier system of media polls, coach polls, and computer systems.

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    much better to fix things on the field, team against team. but it wasn’t always like that.

    let’s take a look at each national champion team from the beginning…

    College soccer national championship teams from 1869 to 2021

    where no selection organization is listed below, a combination of the associated press, fwaa, nff, upi or ncf is responsible for naming a national champion

    2020 national champions

    2021 georgia (college football playoff)2020 alabama (college football playoff)

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    alabama leads the table in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic, outscoring second-place opponents 547-214, and all opponents 630-252… georgia beats the crimson tide in 2021 to win its first championship national since 1980.

    2010 national champions

    2019 lsu (college football playoff)2018 clemson (college football playoff)2017 alabama (college football playoff )2016 clemson (college football playoff)2015 alabama (college football playoff)2014 ohio state (college football playoff )2013 state of florida (bcs )2012 alabama (bcs)2011 alabama (bcs)2010 auburn ( bcs)

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    ohio state wins first college football playoff…osu was undefeated in 2012 but played under a bowl ban…tcu led the table and won the rose bowl in 2010…ranking congrove computers, an ncaa designated head coach, chose that tcu team as the national champion.

    national champions of the 2000s

    2009 alabama (bcs)2008 florida (bcs)2007 lsu (bcs)2006 florida (bcs ) )2005 texas (bcs)2004 usc (bcs)2003 lsu, usc (bcs, ap, fwaa)2002 ohio state (bcs)2001 miami (bcs)2000 oklahoma (bcs)

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    ap voters broke with the bcs and named usc national champion in 2003 over lsu…miami’s 2001 team is considered one of the best in college football history…boise state went undefeated in 2006 and beat oklahoma in the bowl party, plus five bowl teams for the year…those teams went 4-1 in the bowl, and the loser (nevada) lost their bowl by one point.

    national champions of the 90s

    1999 state of florida (bcs)1998 tennessee (bcs)1997 michigan, nebraska1996 florida1995 nebraska1994 nebraska1993 state of florida1992 alabama1991 washington, miami1990 georgian technology

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    nebraska, the team of the ’90s, played higher ranked teams in ’97, won those games by larger margins, and more selectors picked them… michigan’s team in ’97 finished no. 1 in ap, but nebraska led the coaches’ poll… miami led the ap college football rankings in ’91, but the coaches selected washington.

    national champions of the 80s

    1989 miami1988 notre dame1987 miami1986 penn state1985 oklahoma 1984 byu1983 miami1982 penn state1981 clemson1980 georgia

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    voters favored miami after they beat nebraska by one point in the 1984 orange bowl. or, more accurately, when the hukers’ famous two-point attempt failed late in the game… auburn has a claim in ’83, playing a tougher schedule, including a win over a Florida team that beat Miami.

    national champions of the 70s

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    1979 alabama1978 alabama, usc1977 notre dame1976 pittsburgh1975 oklahoma1974 usc, oklahoma1973 notre dame, alabama1972 usc1971 nebraska1970 nebraska, texas, ohio state

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    nd and bama shared the ’73 title, but the Irishman beat world no. 1 tide in the sugar bowl…ap voters gave notre dame the no. 1 spot but coaches drafted alabama…usc ranked no. 1 in the ’74 coaches poll, but ap gave it to oklahoma…

    nebraska, undefeated and with only one tie, is the consensus college football champion in 1970 as texas and osu lost their bowl games… bama took ap no. 1 in 1978 despite losing to usc (the coaches choice), but beating world no. 1 penn state in the sugar bowl.

    national champions of the 1960s

    1969 texas1968 state of ohio1967 usc1966 notre dame, state of michigan1965 alabama, state of michigan1964 arkansas, alabama, notre dame1963 texas1962 usc1961 alabama , state of ohio 1960 minnesota, old lady

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    the ’66 irish controversially played to a tie at michigan state but played a somewhat tougher schedule…alabama should claim in 1966 but doesn’t despite being the only undefeated team in college football that year… bama has the strongest claim in ’61… as does arkansas in ’64.

    national champions of the 50s

    1959 syracuse1958 lsu, iowa1957 ohio state, auburn1956 oklahoma1955 oklahoma1954 ucla, state of ohio1953 maryland1952 state of michigan1951 oklahoma1950 oklahoma

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    maryland won both major polls but lost their bowl…notre dame has a good claim in ’53, going 9-0-1 and beating four ranked teams…the state of ohio has the better claim in 1957, going undefeated and beating usc in the rose bowl… auburn was on parole in ’57 and didn’t play a bowl, but ran the table and placed no. 1 in the ap ranking for college football.

    national champions of the 1940s

    1949 notre dame1948 michigan1947 notre dame1946 notre dame1945 army1944 army1943 notre dame1942 ohio state1941 minnesota1940 minnesota

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    the decade of the dynasty…the army in ’45 not only helped defeat germany and japan, but was one of the greatest teams in college football history, outrageously talented and dominant… Cadets destroyed everything in sight in 1944, outscoring teams, 505-35…Paul Brown brought the Buckeyes their first title in ’42…Michigan won two in a row under Fritz Crisler and then Bennie Oosterbaan.. .notre dame tied the army in ’46 but destroyed an army team that almost lost to the cadets.

    national champions of the 1930s

    1939 texas a&m1938 tcu1937 pittsburgh1936 minnesota1935 minnesota1934 minnesota1933 michigan1932 usc1931 usc1930 alabama, notre dame

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    bama and nd were perfect in ’30, but the irish got a nod thanks to a tough schedule, including a win over a usc team that outscored their opponents, 382-66… usc destroyed everything in sight in 1931 and ’32, winning 19 games in a row…minnesota was the dynasty of college football during the great depression years…gophers win three straight titles, including first in era of the app surveys.

    national champions of the 1920s

    1929 notre dame1928 georgia tech1927 illinois, yale1926 alabama, stanford1925 alabama1924 notre dame1923 illinois, michigan1922 cal, cornell, princeton1921 cal, cornell1920 lime

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    the decade of college football left the ivy league and went national…notre dame and alabama emerge as national powerhouses…and beat stanford in the rose bowl on ’25, their last bowl game of the season of 1969….crimson tide wins the rose on 26 in a game that propels the south to national respect…cal is the consensus champion of 1921 and princeton on 22.

    national champions of the 1910s

    1919 illinois1918 michigan, pittsburgh1917 georgia tech1916 pittsburgh1915 cornell1914 army1913 harvard1912 harvard, penn state1911 penn state, princeton1910 harvard, pittsburgh

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    harvard, notre dame and texas a&m also have claims in 1919, but illinois remains the consensus… john heisman’s georgia tech killed teams in 2017, outscoring them, 491-17, helping put southern football in top map…carlisle gets into an argument in 1911 when hall of famer jim thorpe helped beat harvard in what remains one of the biggest upsets in college football history.

    national champions of 1900

    1909 yale1908 lsu, penn1907 yale1906 princeton1905 chicago 1904 michigan, penn1903 michigan, princeton1902 michigan1901 michigan1900 yale

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    michigan stands firmly in the ranks of college football’s elite, in 1901 outscoring opponents, 550-0, and beating stanford in the first rose bowl in history…lsu’s 1908 claim is mired in controversy ever since grantland rice accused the team of paying players… investigations cleared lsu of wrongdoing, but voters made their decision before it became clear

    national champions of the 1890s

    1899 harvard1898 harvard1897 penn1896 lafayette, princeton1895 penn 1894 yale1893 princeton1892 yale1891 yale1890 harvard

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    harvard is the consensus winner in 1899, but sewanee has a claim after beating texas a&m, texas, tulane, lsu and ole miss in six straight days. that might be the greatest achievement in college football history… walter camp, the father of football, wins his last degree at yale in 1892… penn’s team in ’97 was the only one to go 15- 0 until Clemson did 110 years later.

    national champions of 1880

    1889 princeton1888 yale1887 yale1886 yale1885 princeton1884 yale1883 yale1882 yale1881 yale1880 princeton, yale

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    yale is the 1980s college football dynasty…becomes the first 10-win team in 1888, going 13-0 and not allowing a single point…yale averaged 60 points per game in the ’83 season with walter camp thanks to the fact that he revolutionized the rules of the game.

    national champions of the 1870s

    1879 princeton1878 princeton1877 yale1876 yale1875 harvard1874 yale1873 princeton1872 princeton1871 no champion1870 princeton

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    Football is still trying to become a sport during the 1970’s, but it builds on the foundation laid by Princeton, which claims to be the first dynasty of college football.

    national champions of 1860

    1869 princeton, rutgers

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    where college football began…there were only two teams and two games between them. the teams split the series, 1-1, in what was a cross between a football game and a fistfight…co-championship retroactively rewarded.

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