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    the little jungle cup is an exciting cup in the pokemon go battle league. puts a twist on the already restrictive rules of the Small Cup, making finding the best gear for battle more important than ever.

    Each pokemon go battle league season brings with it a variety of cups with special rules to give dedicated trainers a new challenge to take on alongside the standard grand league, ultra league, master league and their remixes.

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    In the current go battle league mid-season, it’s time for the little jungle cup. Just like the standard small cup, there’s a maximum cp of 500, so you’ll probably be severely restricted in what you can take, especially if you’ve powered up all of your best fighters.

    what makes it different is that only normal, grass-type, electric, poison, ground, flying, bug, and shadow pokémon are allowed to enter, and they don’t need to be able to evolve. other than that, shuckle and smeargle can’t participate.


    • best team for the small jungle cup in pokemon go
    • best pokemon for the small jungle cup
    • start date and start date of the small jungle cup; time

    best team for little jungle cup in pokemon go

    For the best chance of success in the small jungle cup, we recommend a team consisting of cottonee, skarmory, and wigglytuff as they are three of the strongest options and offer decent coverage. all over the board.

    As always in the go battle league, it’s almost impossible to tell which is the absolute ‘best team’, as it will change depending on the pokemon you’re up against, and you’ll never know what they are until you’re in a battle.

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    Having said that, there are some big contenders for the little jungle cup that will put up a good fight in almost any situation. We’ve listed the best options to focus on below, but first make sure they’re all under 500 cp.

    best pokemon for jungle cup


    • Fast Move: Charm
    • Charged Moves: Grass Knot and Seed Bomb
    • Resistances: Water, Grass, Fighting, Electricity, Earth, Dark, and Dragon
    • Weaknesses: Fire, Poison, Steel, Flying, and Ice

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    cottonee is going to be the star of the show in the little jungle cup. Its unique Grass/Fairy dual typing gives it an advantage over many popular types, including Water and Fighting, and many trainers will have one left over from the Element Cup.

    with fast moves likely to play a big part in the little jungle cup, having the powerful charm is a big plus. You won’t get many chances to use charged moves in this cp-restricted cup, but go with Grass Knot or Seed Bomb anyway.

    galarian stunner fisk

    • fast move: mud shot
    • charged moves: rock slide and earthquake
    • resistances: poison, rock, electric, fairy, flying, insect, steel, normal, psychic and dragon
    • weaknesses: fire, water, earth and fighting

    galarian stunfisk has become an unexpected standout in many cups and leagues in pokemon go, and is also great for the little jungle cup. It won’t be easy to find, but if you can get one that’s under the 500 cp restriction, you’ll be a winner.

    Choose the mud shot as your quick move, as its quick energy gain could give you access to some powerful charged moves if you can survive long enough – rockfall provides extra cover while earthquake deals some damage amazing.


    • Fast Move: Air Slash
    • Charged Moves: Brave Bird and Air Strike
    • resistances: earth, dragon, psychic, normal, steel, flying, fairy, grass, insect and poison
    • weaknesses: fire and electric

    skarmory is a brilliant choice in both the big league and ultra league, and has the ability to perform just as well in the small jungle cup thanks to its high volume and unique flying/steel style that offers a impressive amount of stamina.

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    Opting for a flying-type moveset consisting of an aerial slash as your quick move and a brave bird as your charged move is smart, as this will help skarmory take down popular options, including cottonee, who are likely it will be everywhere in this cup.


    • fast move: charm
    • charged moves: ice beam and rough play
    • resistances: dragon, insect, dark and ghost
    • weaknesses: steel and poison

    Being able to use wigglytuff in the small jungle cup will be a game changer for some trainers. This popular pokemon from the kanto region is known for being incredibly tanky, and that should be a big plus when max cp is so low.

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    charm is wigglytuff’s fast move, dealing impressive stab damage. you most likely won’t be able to use charged moves here, but having ice beam is good for extra coverage, while playing rough is a solid secondary option.


    • fast move: wing attack
    • charged move: bubble beam and brave bird
    • resistances: earth, steel, fire, insect, water and fighting
    • weaknesses: electricity and rock

    ducklett is another cup highlight that transfers well to the little jungle cup meta. being a dual water/flying type means it can take down fire and grass opponents and has very few weaknesses to exploit.

    Ducklett’s primary use is to take down Cottonee, but it can also be used against Abomasnow, Chikorita, Swinub, and many others. Just be careful when you’re up against Galarain Stunfisk, Wigglytuff, and Skarmory, who won’t have a problem taking down Ducklett.


    • Fast Move: Fire Fang
    • Charged Move: Flame Charge and Dark Pulse
    • resistances: insect, fairy, fire, ghost, grass, ice and steel
    • weaknesses: fighting, ground, rock and water

    A standout surprise in the Little Jungle Cup is Pyroar. while it traditionally has no viability in the go battle league, it is the best fire type to use in this special cup, as long as you have one below 500 cp. its pre-evolution, litleo, can also work reasonably well.

    The best fast move to pyro is Fire Fang, as it will deal decent Fire-type stab damage to Steel- and Cotton-types. Flame Charge is the optimal charged move, as it has backstab and a guaranteed attack buff, while Dark Pulse offers some additional cover.

    pokemon go little jungle cup start date & time

    The pokemon go battle league small jungle cup will start on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 1 p.m. m. pst and will last until Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 1 p.m. /strong>.

    This means you only have one week to dominate this battle league cup and come out on top! It will certainly be interesting to see which pokemon reigns supreme.

    You can check the current and next schedule for the Go Battle League Intermediate Season here.

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