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    Which team has the longest NFL winning streak? The NFL is one of the hardest leagues to have a long winning streak in. It is simply because there are not that many games in a season and injuries to star players can easily cost a team a game.

    the longest winning streak in the nfl

    Most of the longest winning streaks in the NFL occur over multiple seasons. With the number of upsets that happen in the NFL on a weekly basis, it’s nearly impossible to go undefeated in a single season.

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    Some of the teams on this list won the super bowl during their streak, while others got all of their wins in the regular season. Only post-AFL-NFL merger teams (1966 and later) are included in the rankings, while winning streaks will also include playoff wins. therefore, if a team loses in the playoffs, their streak is considered over.

    10. Panthers: 14 Games (2015)

    The Carolina Panthers took a huge turn from season to season in 2015. Finishing the 2014 season with a record of 7-8-1, the Panthers would start the next season on a 14-game winning streak.

    cam newton helped keep the panthers perfect through the first 15 weeks of the season. It was in Week 16 that the Panthers’ streak would finally end, falling 20-13 to the Atlanta Falcons.

    9. colts: 14 games (2009)

    There are actually four teams on this list that didn’t have their longest winning streaks for multiple seasons. indianapolis is one of them, as they went 14 games without losing in the 2009 season.

    The Colts survived a few close games during their streak, winning three games by one or two points. The longest NFL winning streak in Colts history would end on December 17, as they would lose to the Jets by two touchdowns.

    8. steelers: 15 games (2004)

    After losing in the second week of the 2004 season, the Steelers went on a 14-game winning streak to end the regular season. they would win one more in the divisional playoffs before falling to the patriots in the afc championship game.

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    The most notable part of the streak was that it came in Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season in the NFL. he broke the record for the longest winning streak by a rookie quarterback, going 14 games without losing (since he did not play the last regular season game of the season).

    7. Raiders: 17 games (1976-77)

    The Oakland Raiders went 364 days without a loss when they went on a 17-game winning streak from 1976-77.

    Oakland would go on to win its final 13 games of the 1976 season, which included a victory in Super Bowl XI. The Raiders would start the next season 4-0 before eventually losing to the Denver Broncos.

    6. Patriots: 18 games (2007)

    The Patriots’ 18-game winning streak in 2007 is one of the best of all time in the NFL. unfortunately for them, it ended in the worst possible way.

    after going 16-0 in the regular season, the patriots would go on to win two more games in the postseason to book their place in the super bowl. They were heavy favorites to win that game, but the New York Giants pulled off the unlikely upset. the 17-14 loss ended the Patriots’ chances of a perfect season.

    5. Broncos: 18 games (1997-98)

    The Denver Broncos began their 18-game winning streak at the end of the 1997 season. After two straight losses, the winning streak began in Week 17.

    denver won four more games in a row that season to capture super bowl xxxii. The streak continued until Week 15 of the following season, where they fell to the New York Giants 20-16.

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    4. 49ers: 18 games (1989-90)

    After ending a six-game winning streak the previous week, the 49ers began their longest NFL winning streak in San Francisco history in Week 12 of the 1989 season.

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    the 49ers won the super bowl that season and defeated the broncos 55-10 in the championship. They carried an eight-game winning streak through 1990, where they started 10-0 before finally losing in Week 12 to the Rams.

    3. Dolphins: 18 games (1972-73)

    While not the longest streak in NFL history, the Dolphins’ 1972-73 winning streak has yet to be repeated.

    miami is the only team that has been undefeated in a season. They finished the regular season 14-0 in 1972 and won three straight playoff games to win Super Bowl VII. The streak lasted one more game the following season before the Dolphins finally fell to the Oakland Raiders.

    2. Packers: 19 games (2010-11)

    The Green Bay Packers won their last two games of the 2010 regular season to move into a wild card spot with a 10-6 record.

    green bay ended up winning three straight road games in the postseason to book its ticket to the super bowl. In the Super Bowl, the Packers won 31-25 against the Steelers to take the streak to six. The streak would last 13 more games to start the 2011 season, before losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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    1. Patriots: 21 games (2003-04)

    The longest winning streak in NFL history was for the New England Patriots in 2003-04.

    The Patriots finished the 2003 season on a 15-game winning streak, which included a victory in Super Bowl 38.

    To start the 2004 season, New England won six straight games, taking the streak to a record 21 games. Although the streak ended the following week in Pittsburgh, the Patriots would go on to win their second consecutive Super Bowl later that year.

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