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    Finally, it’s time to look into the crystal ball and learn now what heralds the unique season ahead. one that started late, has fewer games and zero fans. but let’s hope you have the same interest and anticipation.

    and when we looked into our crystal ball, we were shown these 10 prophecies:

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    10. Michigan will have at least one game canceled this season due to covid. looking at you rutgers. They can’t play football. its president did not want to play football. and let’s face it, if any school is going to go to the tennessee titans this covid-infected season, we all know it’s the scarlet knights (with letters).

    9. Joe Milton will surpass Shea Patterson’s 56.2% completion percentage last season. Given the fact that a 56.2% completion percentage in college football today is pretty low, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

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    8. cade mcnamara will play significant plays at quarterback this season. we’ve been sleeping on this young man all offseason. he watches his high school movie and looks at his prep resume. he is ideal for this offense. With effectively missing half the season just one positive Covid test away, every fan base needs to know and be confident in who the backup quarterback is.

    7. michigan’s running game will be better than it was last season. Offensive line run-blocking efficiency was pretty lackluster considering how many of those guys were drafted in the nfl. so I don’t expect a big drop there, if any, despite the youth movement. And this year’s runners are as deep as any Michigan has had in recent memory.

    6. Michigan will play more zone defense than ever under Don Brown. This is the first time Michigan hasn’t entered a season with a final closing corner. but he probably has his most athletic duo in security. Due to that and the influx of new defensive trainers, expect to see more zone coverage than ever before as well.

    5. Michigan will beat Michigan State by two or more touchdowns for the third straight season for the first time since 1981-83. The only thing that can prevent this from happening is sparty having to skip the game due to too many positive covid tests. Which, on second thought, is totally something I could see happen now that I think about it.

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    4. Either aidan hutchinson or kwity paye will be the first wolverines since brandon graham a decade ago to reach double figures in sacks. The numbers Graham put up on some historically poor Michigan defenses when it was him against the world still amaze. however, this year you will choose your poison for the opponents. You really can’t afford to double-team either of these guys, because that just frees up the other. but you also can’t afford not to.

    3. indiana will end the nation’s longest consecutive losing streak when the hoosiers beat michigan for the first time since 1987.with so many moving parts on offense, i expect michigan to get off to a slow start this season. in fact, I could see the wolverines dropping two of their first three to start just 1-2. That would include this early ambush in Bloomington. Despite last year, Michigan has been playing with fire in this series under Harbaugh. Sure, last year was a success, but the Hoosiers were also without Michael Penix, their rising star at quarterback.

    2. michigan will not beat ohio state, again. obvious truth here that requires no further explanation.

    1. Michigan will lose at least 3 games as it has every season under Jim Harbaugh. I see the wolverines starting 1-2, and then running a bit to the perennial boat race that was once a rivalry to close out at 5-3.

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