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    If you have consistent wide receivers in fantasy football, then you have a good chance of winning every week. but how do you account for “consistency” in rankings, sleeper picks, or start-sit decisions? It’s not easy in wr, but if you don’t try to build wr consistency into your draft strategy, then you’re risking a few weeks of major flops to go along with the booms.

    every fantasy owner has experienced being the second leading scorer in a given week and still losing. even more frustrating is ranking in the top four in total points but missing out on the playoffs. “bad luck?” sure, up to a point. We can’t control inevitable injuries, weird coaching decisions, or other variables, but we do have some control over how risky our receivers are.

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    Master Your Draft: 2022 Ultimate Fantasy Cheat Sheet

    At, we have a “clutch report” that calculates the “clutch factor” a receiver must beat each week to win a “clutch game.” the clutch factor is tailored to the number of teams in your league and the scoring format. For example, in a 12-team PPR league, a wide receiver must earn more than 11 fantasy points each week to win a “clutch game.”

    2022 consistency ratings: QB | running backwards | tight end

    Finding consistent players is easier with’s “clutch rating.” A highly consistent player will have a CR north of 70 percent. elite fantasy stallions will be in the 80 to 90 percent range.

    2022 standard ratings:qbs | rbs | wrs | tests | d/points | kickers | top 200 | superflex

    Going into each season, we look for potentially underrated players who offer consistent, consistent production. additionally, we cast potentially overrated players based on their, say, consistency issues.

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    This is how we rank/rank wrs based on projected consistency and overall potential.

    ppr classification 2022:qbs | rbs | wrs | tests | d/points | kickers | top 200 | superflex

    Consistency Rankings 2022: Rankings, Tiers for the Most Consistent Fantasy Games

    A wr1a rating means I expect them to earn a clutch rate of 80 percent or more in 2022. I currently only have three qualifiers at that level. Cooper Kupp, Justin Jefferson and Davante Adams have the potential to even top 85 percent, which all three did last season. Adams is obviously the riskiest because he’s on a new team, but at least he has a high-volume QB that he’s familiar with. the remaining nine wide receivers are rated wr1b. this means that I expect them to exceed 70 percent or more. obviously, higher-ranked wide receivers like ja’marr chase and stefon diggs are expected to earn well over 70 percent, but probably not to exceed 80 percent. lower-rated wide receivers could certainly exceed the 70 percent clutch rating, but lower rating means less probability.

    wr2a receivers have shown consistency in the past and should continue to be between 65 and 70 percent this season. The WR2B tier is a collection of wide receivers who have the potential to earn over 60 percent CR. There are still some great values, like Chris Godwin, Courtland Sutton, and Brandin Cooks.

    wr3as and wr3bs are consistent enough to expect to get 50-60 percent cr. some are young receivers who came up from last year, like darnell mooney, devonta smith and allen lazard. others, like robert woods and juju smith-schuster, are declining veterans who were more consistent and held higher levels in the past.

    2022 ranking levels & draft strategy:qbs | rbs | wrs | tests | p/d

    Let’s look at a couple of these wide receivers and see which ones are undervalued or overvalued based on their current listings.

    2022 auction values ​​(std and ppr):qbs | rbs | wrs | tests | d/points | kickers | in general

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    underrated: allen lazard, packers

    lazard isn’t getting much love from the fantasy community considering he’s technically the no. 1 catcher for the packers. Green Bay added Sammy Watkins in free agency and Christian Watson in the draft, but Aaron Rodgers inevitably trusts Lazard more than anyone else. In Lazard’s last five games in 2022, he had a CR of 80 percent. his current adp is wr50 in round 12. holy cow! if he can draft lazard like his wr4 or wr5, he’s getting good value.

    overrated: jaylen waddle, dolphins

    waddle had a tremendous rookie season. he finished the year no. 13 in ppr points between fantasy wrs. However, his consistency was 63 percent, which put him at No. 22. Now, Tyreek Hill is coming to town and he will be No. 1 receiver in miami. this means quite a bit of regression for waddle both in targets, points and consistency. his current adp is wr16 which is too rich for my blood in 2022.

    fantasy sleepers 2022:qbs | rbs | wrs | tests | d/points | one from each team

    Look, it’s good to draft players who score a lot of points, but if they don’t put up a decent number every week, then you could easily lose your matchups. if you don’t make the playoffs, you can’t win a title.

    If you’d like to see more of our clutch reports and consistency ratings ahead of your fantasy draft, check out our award-winning fantasy football consistency guide for 2022. You can also follow me on twitter @bob_lung.

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