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    the goal of most athletes in the olympic games is to win a gold medal, although winning any medal, even participating in the olympic games, is a great achievement for most of them. There are two lists here, ranking athletes by who has won the most medals (any color), and also by gold medals won (up to and including Tokyo 2020 results).

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    The clear champion is Michael Phelps, with the most Olympic gold medals and the most total medals. Are you not satisfied with the ranking of these athletes using this criteria? check out a similar list with alternative ranking systems: Olympic Games Athlete Performance Ranking.

    It is clear that athletes in certain sports have an advantage, for example there are many more medals at stake in gymnastics and swimming than for a team sport such as hockey, rugby or volleyball. additionally, the number of events in which medals are available has generally changed over time. Since some sports don’t have an equal opportunity to win multiple medals, check out the top-ranked athletes in each sport so great athletes in other sports can get their due credit.

    phelps has the most total medals

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    here is the list of the top 10 athletes (male and female) with the most medals in total (includes all gold, silver and bronze medals won), from all summer olympic games (including 2021) . American swimmer Michael Phelps is the clear winner, with gymnast Larisa Latynina being the highest ranked woman. Although not on this list, a significant achievement was that of Hungary’s Aladar Gerevich, who won medals at six consecutive Olympic Games in fencing.

    first men and women (total medals)

    phelps also has the most gold medals

    here are lists of the top 10 gold medal winners, from all summer olympics (including 2021). As with the total medal list, the undisputed leader here is Michael Phelps, with top-ranked women Larisa Latynina sharing nine gold medals with Paavo Nurmi, Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz.

    best male and female athletes (total gold medals)

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    • michael phelps is a… super man….he makes americans so proud…..god bless him…..bert fernandez (2016)
    • where is the credit for amy van dyken? she won 6 Olympic gold medals in swimming. marjosh (2014)
      • she is there, in the top 10 women list (gold medals)
      • that’s very impressive. Redgrave is the most successful male rower in the Olympics.
      • rob admin simone biles has only 4 olympic gold medals, from the 2016 olympics.
      • that’s wrong. larisa latynina has won 18 olympic medals, in total, 9 of them are gold. Michael Phelps has won 16 Olympic medals, 14 of which are gold. now, that’s a wow! (from kat, Aug 10, 2012)

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