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    nebraska enters his fourth year under coach scott frost looking to take a big step up in the win column. The Cornhuskers are just 12-20 over the past three seasons and have yet to earn a trip to the bowls under the frost. the four-year postseason drought is the program’s longest streak without a bowl since 1955-61. Frost was considered a home run signing, but he’s still looking to get his alma mater on track to enter a critical 2021 season. Nebraska’s defense looks poised to improve this fall with a veteran core in place, while reaching a bowl could depending on whether or not Frost can push the right buttons in an offense that averaged just 23.1 points per game in 2020.

    will nebraska have a bowling game in 2021? Or will the Cornhuskers fall short of six wins on a tough schedule? Those were the questions posed to college football contributors and athlete editors.

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    nebraska football: will the cornhuskers bowl in 2021?

    steven lassan (@athlonsteven)

    If Nebraska is going to bowl, they don’t have much room for error and need to get a good number of wins in the first half of the season. The Cornhuskers are expected to be underdogs in games against Oklahoma, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Iowa, while matchups against Northwest and Michigan State are no guarantee. However, despite the rocky road to bowling eligibility, I will take Nebraska to find my way to six wins. The defense showed improvement last fall and should continue down that path with eight starters returning for 2021. Offensively, getting quarterback Adrian Martinez back to his freshman level of performance would significantly boost a group that has regressed after averaging 30 points per game in 2018. Martinez isn’t the only question mark on offense, as the Cornhuskers need to get more out of their receivers and need to solidify the ground and line game. Getting to six wins isn’t going to be easy, but the guess here is that Martinez and the defense step up to find their way to a bowl.

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    ross mark (@athlonmarkr)

    i want scott frost to succeed at his alma mater, but 12-20 after three seasons is hard to swallow. I’m not saying he’s on the bench, but a spot in the bowl, at the very least, would be a welcome sight for everyone associated with the Nebraska program. so will it happen in 2021? maybe. There are enough winnable games on the schedule to make it to bowl eligibility, but there are also so many tough matchups that make life difficult for the Cornhuskers. A good opening month is critical and outside of a mid-September trip to Norman to face Oklahoma, Nebraska has a decent chance to start 4-1. however, that doesn’t mean the rest of the show is a piece of cake. October’s home games against Northwestern and Purdue could determine the Huskers’ postseason fate, especially since Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota are five of the last six opponents. The margin of error between a .500 campaign, which should be good enough to earn a bowl invitation, and another losing season is slim, and it’s not like Frost has had many layoffs since he came home. /p>

    ben weinrib (@benweinrib)

    kudos to nebraska for scheduling (and then continuing to play) oklahoma in a non-conference game. Many teams will try to load up the schedule with easy wins to get to the magical number six, but the Hukers will give fans a fun game of rivalry. Unfortunately, that near-locked loss may cost them a bowl offer, as their schedule looks pretty unforgiving in the second half of the season. Nebraska will have to find wins early on as they figure out who the main skill position players will be after the departures of Wan’dale Robinson and Dedrick Mills. The question also remains if Adrian Martinez is the answer at quarterback. If everything starts to fall into place early on, it’s possible this team could win seven or eight games. But if they don’t find those answers quickly, they’ll miss out on the games they stand to win, and this could be a long season that ends with fans begging for Scott Frost’s job. the latter feels more likely at this point.

    kevin mcguire (@kevinoncfb)

    It has been four consecutive seasons without a bowl game played by Nebraska, a streak not seen in Lincoln since the late 1950s through the 1960s. If Nebraska is going to get to a bowl game in 2021, the cornhuskers will certainly have to earn it. Nebraska faces two potential college football playoff teams in Oklahoma (September 18) and Ohio State (November 6) and the Huskers make potentially tricky trips to Minnesota and Michigan State. With the November schedule consisting of games against the Buckeyes, Wisconsin and Iowa, Nebraska may have to wait for their bowl eligibility to be ready by Halloween. that doesn’t leave much time to rack up six wins. As much as I think it has to happen soon for Scott Frost, I’m inclined to believe Nebraska falls short once again.

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    j.p. scott (@thejpscott)

    Let’s look at it this way: At best, Nebraska ends September with a 4-1 record. After that, they would need to find two wins against these teams: Northwest, Michigan, Minnesota, Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin or Iowa. if the shellers can do that, they’re going bowling. Realistically, though, Scott Frost and his Nebraska club are looking at a schedule where they can be the best team from a combined coaching and talent standpoint in just five of their 12 games. they could be favorites in all five contests, meaning they would have to win all five games and pull off an upset. I just think it’s a tall order for a show with a 12-20 record the last three seasons. i think nebraska shows improvement but they will be home again for the holidays in 2021.

    nicholas ian allen (@nicholasiallen)

    It feels like we’ve been saying this for a few years, but this really should be the year Nebraska gets back to a bowling game. In fact, my early projections have the Cornhuskers favored in eight games (all but against Oklahoma, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Iowa), with a more talented roster in nine. That said, it will be tough to get to six wins because the Huskers are only favored for more than one touchdown in a contest and will need to avoid upsets and win a few coin tosses along the way to be eligible for the bowl.

    Specifically, I project Nebraska as a less than two-point favorite in Michigan State, at home against Michigan, and in Minnesota, giving the Cornhuskers no more than a 53 percent chance of winning in each of the three . If Nebraska takes care of business in the five games it’s “supposed” to win, and beats one of the three Spartans, Wolverines, and Gophers, it’ll go bowling. But if the Cornhuskers suffer another round of close losses defending the Big Ten West champions of the Northwest and Minnesota, for example, there would be no room for error the rest of the way. Due to the complicated schedule with so many evenly matched opponents, Nebraska is a difficult team to predict. eight – or even nine – wins are possible. but a 5-7 record is too.

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