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    Does the hall of fame nominate people?

    the hall of fame receives nominations but does not make them. Anyone, including the 49 elite members of the selection committee, can nominate any eligible player, coach or supporter.

    what happens after someone is nominated for modern era player?

    A nomination is not a vote for election. The Hall of Fame selection process includes multiple steps in which nominees are vetted. the room facilitates the procedure of three successive revisions of increasing scrutiny with the selection committee of 49 people. the first is a vote to narrow down the modern era’s long list of nominated players (normally around 120) to 25 semi-finalists, followed by a subsequent vote to narrow it down to 15 finalists. At the annual meeting shortly before the Super Bowl, the finalists are further vetted by the selectors, who after exhaustive discussion of each finalist, narrow the list from 15 to 10 and then from 10 to 5. At that point, the five Remaining finalists are voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on a yes or no basis. a minimum positive vote of 80% is needed for the election.

    who selects the new members of the hall of fame?

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 49-person Selection Committee is tasked with the vital task of continuing to ensure that the newly enshrined are the best the game has ever produced. [pro football hall of fame selection process/selection committee member list]

    the committee is made up of one media representative from each professional soccer city, two from new york and two from los angeles, since each of those cities has two teams in the national soccer league. there are 17 general selectors, who are either active members of the media or people heavily involved in professional football, including a representative from the professional football writers. All appointments are open and approved annually by a majority vote of the Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors.

    the selection committee meets annually shortly before the super bowl to elect inductees into the hall of fame. there is no set number of new consecrated, but the current basic rules of the committee stipulate that between four and eight new members will be selected each year. each candidate is thoroughly reviewed and must receive the approval of at least 80% of the full committee to be elected.

    How are the newly consecrated selected?

    Any fan may nominate any player, coach, or supporter who has been connected to professional football by simply writing to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at 2121 George Halas Drive NW, Canton, OH 44702. The only restriction is that a player and coach must have retired at least five years before they can be considered. There is no mandatory retirement period for a taxpayer before he can be considered. each nomination received from an eligible candidate will be processed and forwarded to the hall of fame selection committee.

    Each year, the selection committee will be polled three times before the final list of Modern Era nominees is determined. That initial preliminary list of nominations is compiled and submitted to the Hall of Fame selection committee by March 1. the list is provided so that selectors can review the nominees and then request the addition of any other missed candidates. Included on this list are first-time eligible candidates who have credentials strong enough to give them even a remote chance of eventual election to the hall of fame. all other eligible candidates nominated by any person are also included. additionally, Modern Era nominees from the previous year’s Final Preliminary List who received at least four votes in the vote to determine the Modern Era Finalist Players are automatically included in this preliminary list.

    The second preliminary list is sent to selectors during the month of July and includes all nominees named on the initial list plus any additional nominations received from any source since the first list was compiled.

    The third preliminary list of eligible candidates is sent to the selection committee during the month of September for the purpose of selecting the Modern Era semi-finalists for election. From the third preliminary list, the selection committee is asked to vote for 25 modern-era player nominees to become semi-finalists for the election.

    the final preliminary list of 25 modern era player nominees plus all ties (if any) for 25th place will be distributed to the selection committee during the month of November for the purpose of selecting the 15 players for the modern era finishers. . Finalists 16, 17, 18, and 19 are the candidates recommended by the Coaches/Assist and Senior Committees.

    Before the hall of fame selection meeting, selectors receive detailed biographies of each of the 18 finalists. at the annual meeting, each finalist is thoroughly discussed by the committee before a series of downvotes are taken. First, the coach, collaborator, and senior finalists are discussed and voted on for election. they must receive the same 80% yes vote as modern-era finalist players. next, there is a vote narrowing the list of modern era player finalists from 15 to 10. next, a vote is held to narrow the list from 10 to 5 names. the remaining five Modern Era finalist players for the Hall of Fame election are individually voted (yes or no) for membership.

    To be selected, a finalist must receive a minimum of 80% of the votes. all ballots are collected and counted by an accounting firm. vote totals are not announced; only the winners of the various reduction ballots are revealed to the selectors and the representatives of the salon.

    how are the candidates for coach/contributor and senior chosen?

    to ensure that older players, whose active careers have completed at least 25 years, as well as coaches, who have not trained in at least five years, and those individuals who contributed to the game in ways other than playing and coaching, will be considered along with modern-era player candidates, a coach/assist committee and a senior committee have been established. each of these committees is made up of 12 members of the general selection committee.

    Like the full committee, members of the Coaches/Assistant Committee and the Seniors Committee receive a preliminary list of eligible nominees. The list, which is compiled and mailed to selectors, includes carryover nominations from the previous year, first-time eligible candidates, and nominations from any outside sources.

    Using a mail-in ballot, members of the coaching committee/supporters are polled once before the final lists of nominees are determined. the contributors committee will follow the same protocol to narrow down their list of nominees. A list of 25 semi-finalists will be released in early July, and after a reduced vote, a list of 12 finalists will be announced in late July. In late August, the Coaches/Supporters Committee will hold its annual meeting to submit a name for consideration as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Senior Committee follows the same procedures and deadlines as the Coaches/Assistant Committee, but may recommend up to 3 candidates for election to the hall each year.

    Prior to both meetings, each recruiter receives detailed biographical information about the candidates.

    Coaching/Contributor Committee members and Senior Committee members are assisted during their annual meetings by two consultants, chosen by the Hall President, who were contemporaries of the majority of the nominees. consultants offer only their opinions and do not have the right to vote. After each candidate has been thoroughly discussed, the consultants leave the meeting. further discussion is held followed by a series of downvotes resulting in the naming of one coach/contributor finalist and up to 3 senior finalists.

    Although the nominees for coach/contributor and seniors will be presented to the full selection committee as finalists, their election to the hall of fame is not automatic. Coach/Assistant and Senior Nominees must receive the same minimum 80% vote as Modern Era Player Finalists to be selected.

    is a new member of the hall of fame enshrined as a member of a team?

    Clearly, teams take pride in the accomplishments of the people who have been a part of their organization. Often individual teams and even the hall of fame will list enshrinees based on the team or teams they spent a significant amount of time on. however, an enshrinee is not asked to “declare”, nor does the hall of fame “pick” a team under which a new member is enshrined. When elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a person is recognized for his or her accomplishments as a player, coach, or contributor.

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