2022 – 2023 NFL Playoff Odds Tracked for All 32 Teams

    • Get the latest odds on all 32 teams to make it to the 2022-23 nfl playoffs
    • four of the afc teams that made the playoffs last year are not favorites to re-enter this year, while the seven teams that made the nfc playoffs last year are favorites again this year
    • see how each team’s nfl playoff odds change throughout the 2022 nfl season

    the 2022 nfl regular season concludes on january 8, 2023 with the top seven teams from each conference advancing to the 2022-23 nfl playoffs, which will begin on january 14, 2023. we will follow the odds of the 32 teams in the nfl to make it to and miss the playoffs from the time the odds open, through week 18.

    The charts below were generated by averaging the odds from our most trusted sports betting apps and sites, including caesars sportsbook, barstool sportsbook, betmgm, draftkings sportsbook, and fanduel sportsbook.

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    odds of reaching the nfl playoffs for afc teams

    The Bills currently have the best odds among AFC teams to make the playoffs, while the Texans have the worst odds to be a playoff team in the AFC. The current odds of getting to and missing the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs for all AFC teams are below.

    afc playoff odds

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    odds as of september 13 at caesars bookmaker; get the best caesars sports betting promotion before you sign up

    as the season progresses, and some teams are eliminated from playoff contention or achieve a playoff spot, they will no longer be given odds of making or losing to the nfl playoffs. You can watch the playoff picture slowly reveal itself in our NFL playoffs bracket.

    here are some notes on the nfl playoff odds movement:

    • [September 7] once the -150 favorite to make the nfl playoffs, the browns are now listed at +178 odds. This puts them behind the Raiders, Dolphins and Patriots on the odds board.
    • [July 27] With Deshaun Watson potentially suspended, the Cleveland Browns playoff odds they’ve been wiped off the board.
    • [april 11] the browns opened with -150 odds to make the 2022-23 nfl playoffs. they have better odds than cincinnati, baltimore and tennessee.
    • [March 28] the odds of reaching the nfl playoffs have been opened, as well as the odds of missing the nfl playoffs The following AFC teams opened as favorites to make the playoffs: Buffalo, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Denver, Los Angeles (Chargers), Cincinnati and Baltimore. the browns had no chance in the opening.

    odds of reaching the playoffs for nfc teams

    the nfc team with the best odds to make the 2022-23 nfl playoffs are the tampa bay buccaneers at -625 odds. That’s largely thanks to three-time NFL MVP quarterback Tom Brady announcing his return to the Bucs during the offseason. Surprisingly, the Lions don’t have the worst odds among NFC teams to make the postseason, as the Falcons sit at the bottom of the odds board at +750 odds.

    nfc playoff odds

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    *fees as of September 13.

    here are some notes on the nfl playoff odds movement:

    • [july 27] the eagles’ chances of making the playoffs have been steadily improving since they acquired aj brown from the titans on day 1 of the nfl draft. philadelphia now has the sixth best odds to make the playoffs in the nfc.
    • [March 28] odds have been opened to make the nfl playoffs in the NFC The following NFC teams are favorites to make it to the playoffs: Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Dallas, Los Angeles (Rams), San Francisco and Arizona. the team with the seventh best odds is minnesota.

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