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    One of the biggest and most confusing questions you’d ask a New Yorker is what they’re looking for between the Yankees and the Mets. Both are hometown New York teams in their capacities, and each has their way into the hearts of New Yorkers. When it comes to their fan bases, Mets fans are outnumbered by Yankees fans nearly two to one, despite the former still being considered one of the two dominant baseball teams in the league. new york city.

    So what really makes the difference between the two teams? Apart from their names, are there identifying characteristics that establish that much-needed distinction? well, the question can be answered through a deeper analysis of any underlying traits for each.

    who are the new york yankees?

    Yankees is the name given to one of the best professional baseball teams in the United States. The team, the New York Yankees, is based in the Bronx, one of the boroughs of New York City. The team competes in the United States Major League Baseball (MLB) and is a member of the American League (AL), Eastern Division.

    who are the new york mets?

    the new york mets are one of the main professional baseball teams in the united states. The team is based in Queens, one of the New York City boroughs, and competes as a member club of the National League (NL), Eastern Division of Major League Baseball (MLB).

    difference between yankees and mets

    Striking differences between the two teams include:

    1. property

      The Yankees team is owned by Yankee Global Enterprises, while the Mets are owned by Fred Wilpon with a 52 percent stake, while other shareholders own 48 percent.

      1. active years

        the yankees team began play in 1901, while the new york mets team was founded in 1962. the mets were founded to replace the new york giants and brooklyn dodgers after they left the national league.

        1. Yankees fans vs. Mets

          the yankees fan base uses the name bleach creatures, while the mets fans have a fan base known as the 7 line army.

          1. Yankees vs. Mets fan demographics

            new york city independent budget office once published fan demographics for the two teams. The report stated that the majority of Mets fans are located primarily in New York’s five boroughs and the tri-state area. Areas include Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Long Island, and Staten Island.

            Yankees fans, on the other hand, are found primarily in the Bronx, Manhattan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rockland, the Upper Hudson Valley, and Westchester.

            1. team colors

              The Yankees side has the team colors navy blue, gray and white, while the Mets side has blue, orange and white as the team colors.

              1. nicknames

                the new york yankees are also nicknamed the bronx bombers, the pinstripers, the evil empire, the yanks, the bronx zoo and the murderers row, while the new york mets have had nicknames that include the incredibles, the metropolitans, the bad guys (1986), the metsies, the amazing mets (1969) and the miracle mets.

                1. league affiliation

                  The Yankees play as a member club of the American League (AL) while the Mets are a member of the National League (NL) club.

                  yankees vs. mets: comparison table

                  yankees vs mets summary

                  The Yankees and Mets are teams with a deep-seated rivalry. The fact that they are in the same state and both are named after New York City aggravates the rivalry. although they play in the same league, it is clear that they are nothing alike. As of the dates they were established, ownership, fan bases, and league affiliations, each team has a stake in its capacity as an independent team.

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