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    The 2022-23 college basketball season kicks off in just one month, on November 7. You probably haven’t forgotten about last season, but in case you have, Kansas won the NCAA college basketball title with a one-behind 72-69 victory over North Carolina.

    so now, with the new season just days away, the focus is on this season and who the early favorites are. that honor goes to gonzaga at +800 odds. houston ranks second on the odds board at +850.

    If you’re new to the sport, check out our page on how to bet on college basketball. If you’re more interested in where everyone gets drafted, odds shark nba news is where you can find all those answers.

    2022-23 college basketball championship odds

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    2023 college basketball championship odds

    can this be the year gonzaga finally wins a national title? The Bulldogs have gone to the National Championship twice in the last six years, losing to North Carolina in 2017 and to Baylor in 2021. They also made one appearance in the Elite Eight and reached the Sweet 16 twice in that span. this is a solid program that generally works very well in the regular season and carries that success into the postseason with deep runs.

    but then again, they’ve never picked a title. this year, the bulldogs are the favorites to finally do it. With the return of Drew Timme and Julian Strawther, they have maintained much of their quality. they also added malachi smith from ut-chattanooga.

    During the 2021-22 season, the six-foot-four shooting guard averaged 19.9 points, 6.7 rebounds and three assists. getting smith is a great addition for zags, who were deep and talented before getting him. now they are much more talented and deep.

    this is going to be the year of gonzaga, in my opinion. and at +800, enter now before you lose anything of value.

    best value bets on college basketball

    creighton (+2500)

    Looking to build on a strong 2021-22 season, Creighton retains most of that strong team and adds Baylor Scheierman, who was a top league player of the year. he joins a unit that had three players named to the big east freshman team in 2021-22.

    That’s why your odds increased from +10,000 to +2,500 between the conclusion of the 2022 tournament and today. Creighton reached the Sweet 16 in 2022, falling to Gonzaga 83-65. With the additions they’ve made and the maturation of their young players, it’s a real possibility they’ll go further in 2023.

    a winning bet of $100 would give you a nice profit of $2,500.

    indian (+3500)

    Another team that made a big jump up the odds board is Indiana, going from +10,000 to +3,500. why? Well, the Hoosiers were able to retain their star talent in Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson. They then went with Malik Reneau and were able to recruit five-star prospect Jalen Hood-Schifino.

    and look, this time of year, with no games played, odds are based on team confidence. and indiana was able to keep the best guys of hers and supplement them with a strong transfer/draft window.

    His odds of winning the championship are still pretty high at +3500, but there’s a lot more confidence in Indiana than there was when the odds opened and you might want to do the same.

    understand the odds of winning the ncaa championship

    If this is your first time betting on ncaa basketball odds to win the championship, the way the odds are listed can be confusing to new bettors who are not used to American betting odds.

    after signing up with an online sports book that offers odds to win the ncaa tournament, you will see the ncaa championship odds listed like this:

    Odds indicate what you would pay if one of these teams won six straight games in the ncaa tournament and won the national championship. Unlike a straight bet, or a money line bet, where there is a clear favorite represented by the minus sign (-), the team with the lowest odds would be the favourite. in this case, it’s gonzaga, and the rest are losers even though each team has a plus sign (+) before their odds. for American odds, all potential payouts are based on $100 bets.

    using american odds, if you were to bet $100 on the gonzaga bulldogs at the ncaa tournament odds and they win, your bookmaker would return your original investment of $100 and reward you with $200 in winnings for your winning pick, which is $300 in total return to the bettor.

    Join a college basketball sportsbook now

    College basketball is known for long shots and underdogs who go deep in the ncaa tournament or even win it all. Therefore, a team like North Carolina may tempt a bettor to consider the Tar Heels at +7,500 odds of winning the tournament (1.3 percent implied probability). if north carolina were to defy the odds and win the ncaa tournament with punters placing a $100 bet on the tar heels, they would be rewarded with a return of $7,600 – the original $100 is returned along with $7,500 in winnings. /p >

    To see how much you would earn from futures odds, check out our odds calculator. will show you what your payout would be based on the odds and the amount wagered.

    what is a future bet for college basketball?

    When it comes to college basketball betting, considering a school’s lines and odds to win the championship is a future bet. this is a bet you can make weeks or even months before a big event. Punters set NCAA basketball odds in advance and look at a team’s past performance, injuries, and coach/roster moves.

    The odds of winning the NCAA Basketball Championship are not set in stone and will change as the tournament progresses. if you see odds you like, take them as soon as possible to avoid losing potential profits/values.

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